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43Saltmakers Return 2010

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  • DeWayne
    Sep 1, 2010
      I just want to thank everyone involved with the Saltmakers Return this year. It seemed we were busy with "visitors" to the camp continually. I do not have a tally of the number of visitors handled by the contextuals, but we always seemed to have visitors in camp. However, keeping track of after hours visitors Saturday night / Sunday morning exceeded 60 people.
      I think all the interpreters did a fine job and the contextuals prepared the crowds well as evidenced by their willingness to participate in the program and the way visitors engaged the interpreters.
      I know if I start naming people to thank them for their diligence and dedication to the success of this year's program, I will leave someone out. Just let me say again to all involved, Thank You for your time, talents, and dedication to the Lewis and Clark story. As a first time event coordinator, I had a near vertical learning curve, but I did learn a lot about the coordination of a program such as Saltmakers. I would like to thank Tom Wilson and John McAndrews who made my job much easier by gathering, stacking, and pre-loading much of what we would need from the fort and Living History room. Sean Johnson and Aaron Webster were vital to the program as the only 2 members of the "interpreting cast" with Saltmakers experience. The rest of us learned from watching and listening.
      Again, many thanks to all who were involved. Your job, done well, made the program a success once again. Wintering Over, anyone?