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321Dee's surgery

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  • deeandjohn87@comcast.net
    Jan 3, 2013

      Dear PNLH friends,


      As a few of you are already aware, my wife Dee was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  We apologize for communicating about this by way of an email, but we hope that you will understand that it is quicker, and far less stressfull, than making dozens of phone calls to explain all the details.  You might receive this more than once, as I am trying not to miss anyone, and might just double up here and there.


      Dee underwent successful single mastectomy surgery on Wed., January 2nd.  She is now at home and resting, and I will be at home with her for the next four weeks while she recuperates.  The medications seem to be doing a reasonable job of controlling her discomfort, and she felt much better today than yesterday.


      Numerous tests determined that the cancer was in an early stage, very small (6mm), and not an aggressive cancer.  The surgery revealed that there is no cancer present in her lymph nodes, and there is no indication of it anywhere else.


      I want to make it very clear that the prognosis for Dee's treatment and recovery is excellent, and that other than the discovery of this very small tumor, her health is generally good.  Since the initial shock and emotions of receiving the news that there was an indication of cancer, she has shown an exraordinary amount of poise and courage through all the doctor's appointments and tests.  With that inspiration, I am just trying to be strong for her as we work our way through this process together.


      As you may have guessed by now, these extraordinary events will mean that I will be unable to join all of you at Wintering Over this month.  But know that I will be with you in spirit, if not in person.  I will continue to join in on the email conversations about the event, and hope that I will be able to contribute few useful ideas.


      I expect that Wintering Over will be yet another interpretive triumph for PNLH, as it looks like there will again be a strong turnout of our best interpreters.  Enjoy your time in winter quarters, and speak well of Joseph Whitehouse if anybody asks!


      Best wishes and God bless you all,

      John O.