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Pacific Coast international trade will continue to grow

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  • Pacific Merchant Marine Council
    Ahoy Members and Friends, Occasionally it comes up, What are we, the Pacific Merchant Marine Council, all about? When you cut to the chase or for accountants
    Message 1 of 1 , May 17, 2011
    Ahoy Members and Friends,
    Occasionally it comes up, "What are we, the Pacific Merchant Marine Council, all about?"
    When you cut to the chase or for accountants the bottom line, it's prosperity - maritime growth. This unique council, recently rebranded as the maritime logistics council, supports - advocates for - our nation's maritime industry. Until similar councils crop up on the Gulf Coast or the East Coast, we're it for all the USA!
    We have a mission besides supporting the maritime industry to educate elected officials and the public at large on the importance of maritime commerce to our nation's well being and by extension, national defense.  Please read the most recent rendering of our "About Us." Reproduce the attached one page statement and use it as a council information handout, especially with Navy League membership applications. Most recently this was distributed with Navy League information and membership applications to select attendees at the California Maritime Leadership Symposium.
    Our emphasis is Pacific Coast activity. Below is good news.
    Heave Ho,
    Phelps Hobart, President
    Pacific Merchant Marine Council, NLUS


    "Pulse of the Ports" Predicts 2011 Peak Season Growth

    by Keith Higginbotham, California Contributing Editor

    Six supply chain and logistics experts speaking at the Port of Long Beach's 7th annual "Pulse of the Ports: Peak Season Forecast" on March 30 came to the same overall conclusion for the 2011 year ahead: international trade will continue to grow through the end of the year while structural changes will continue to transform the industry over the long run.

    More than 400 members of the shipping, logistics and transportation industries attended the event, hearing representatives from the various sectors of the supply chain talk about the outlook for the 2011 peak shipping season.

    This year's industry panel featured speakers representing the retail, ocean carrier, terminal operations, railroad, and logistics sectors. An additional speaker offered an economic projection of the upcoming peak season. While the event is geared toward stakeholders in the Southern California supply chain industry, nearly all the speakers offered a local, regional and national perspective....


    SoCal Ports Report Solid Growth In April
    by Keith Higginbotham

    Reversing tepid numbers in March, the Port of Long Beach swung sharply back into positive cargo growth territory last month and joined the neighboring Port of Los Angeles in reporting strong single digit percentage increases for April.

    Port of Long Beach officials report...
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    Oakland Port Up in April as Monthly Gains Slow by Keith Higginbotham

    California's number three port started the second quarter of the calendar year with a minor increase in total container volumes in April, the fourth straight month of shrinking monthly increases.

    The Port of Oakland reported handling a total of...
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    Seattle, Tacoma Ports Post Modest Gains in April by Keith Higginbotham

    Florida's loss is the Washington state Port of Vancouver's gain.

    The major Puget Sound ports continued to gain cargo volumes in April, though total box volume increases were moderate compared to the same period last year.

    The Port of Seattle reported handling a total of 170,666 TEUs in April, a modest 1.7 percent increase over April of 2010 and well off....
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