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May 7 Region Meeting and Other Information

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  • Pacific Merchant Marine Council
    Ahoy All, The Pacific Merchant Marine Council led the region for membership growth and retention in 2010. No so for 2011. But there is no reason we can t again
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 10, 2011

    Ahoy All,
    The Pacific Merchant Marine Council led the region for membership growth and retention in 2010. No so for 2011. But there is no reason we can't again get out in front of the other 24 region councils. LET'S DO IT AGAIN!
    If there is anything I can do to assist let me know. Most important is our 2011 membership incentive and retention program. We offer it if an individual needs financial assistance. Naturally it reduces our treasury funds and makes it more challenging to carry out mission.  
    • For 2011 the council will offer a three year membership for the cost of two years. A one year membership is $50, two years $90, and three $125. For individuals who care to take advantage of it, the council will reduce the cost to $90. Sure we would rather have the full $125 from the individual but if it takes a kicker to close, this is it. The $50 savings over a one year membership with two renewals also applies to life memberships.
    • The 2011 incentive for one and two year memberships is a $25 voucher for any council luncheon or other council sponsored event. Yes, in 2011 we will be doing other things like field trips near and far, hosting meetings with other councils, and engaging in NLUS Community Service Organization Presentations. For one year memberships the voucher is good for a year. For two year memberships, it is good for two years. Can only use it once. This is actually a continuation, with a slight modification, of our complementary council lunch for anyone who joins the NLUS and council. A new NLUS community affiliate membership at $400 comes with a wall plaque and four individual memberships. Each of those four individuals would receive a $25 council voucher. Corporate memberships also possible with a host of additional benefits.
    • For more on Navy League membership see www.navyleague.org/membership. It is best that new memberships and discount three year renewals be handled through me by E-mail and telephone. For renewals please contact me before your membership expires. All handled directly with NLUS HQ pay full fare.
    Please join us at the Pacific Central Region meeting Saturday, May 7. Plan to stay afterwards, we hope to visit with some of the seafarers residing at the Yountville Veterans Home. Show them we care.
    Beyond that special event is the 25th National Convention of American Merchant Marine Veterans in nearby Reno, Nevada May 15 - 19 at the Silver Legacy Hotel and Convention Center, http://www.ammv.info/2011-Convention.html. Sure, there is some business session but also there will be interesting and fun events and activities. Check in with council members Frank Mendez (925) 689-2986 and Ken Blue (530) 477-1908 if you have any doubts; they are both convention contacts. Rear Admiral Mark Buzby, a 1979 graduate of the Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, is the featurered guest of honor and speaker, www.msc.navy.mil/N00P/command.htm. I am looking forward to chatting with him again - we met at the NLUS 2010 Convention in Jacksonville last November.  
    Then there is National Maritime Day and our adopted S.S. JEREMIAH O'BRIEN Seafarers Memorial Cruise, Sunday May 22. We will share a remembrance wreath to place on the waters outside the Golden Gate with the Sacramento Valley Chapter, American Merchant Marine Veterans.
    Then on Tuesday, May 24 we will co-host a luncheon with the San Francisco Propeller Club at Scott's Seafood Restaurant, Jack London Square. The President's proclamation will be read and an important subject to mariners will be presented. More when the official announcement is promulgated. It will be special.
    And further out John Chow announced that on June 10th there will be a tribute to the US Merchant Marine at Oakland Senior Center - Veterans Memorial Building, 200 Grand Avenue, at noontime.  Reservations are necessary and John wants RSVP (510) 238-3284.
    Heave Ho,
    Phelps Hobart, President
    Pacific Merchant Marine Council, NLUS
    The Maritime Logistics Council

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    Subject: May 7 Region Meeting Information

    Good Evening Council Presidents,
    I hope you are all enjoying the nice weather. I know I spent most of the weekend working outside.
    Attached is the flyer for the Pacific Central Region Navy League Meeting which will be held at the Veterans Home in Yountville on Saturday May 7th. I really hope to have good attendance at this meeting because we have some very important issues to discuss.
    One of the important topics that we will address in some detail is membership and retention. Most of the Councils in our Region appear to be having a tough time getting new members and retaining current members, and our membership is dropping!! We can't continue to do all of the good things we are doing in the Region without members!! And from my review of the Annual Reports, it is clear that we are providing great support for many ships and stations, Sea Cadet and JROTC Units, and I know we all want to see this great support to continue.
    Please distribute the attached information to your Board of Directors and to the members of your Council. We won't get good attendance unless you get the word out!!
    If you have any questions or suggestions for the meeting, please let me know. I will have a more detailed agenda soon.
    Cheers, Bonnie
    Bonnie B. Potter, MD
    President, Pacific Central Region
    Navy League of the United States

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