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    From: Senior Director for Regional Affairs Sent: Thursday, February 17, 2011 7:51 AM To: PCR-NLUS@yahoogroups.com Subject: [PCR-NLUS] NLUS Council Alert
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      Sent: Thursday, February 17, 2011 7:51 AM
      Subject: [PCR-NLUS] NLUS Council Alert February 17, 2011

      February 17, 2011
      Hello Navy Leaguers!   Hopefully, the end of the severe weather is in sight and your council has finished planning your 2011 Annual Plan.  Your Region President is working to organize the required Annual Region Meeting, which is being planned for the benefit of council leaders.  Training is normally available at Region and Area Meetings, or can be scheduled before or after an Area or Region meeting for your council.  Please plan to attend your Region Meeting with as many council officers as can attend.  Call me if you want to schedule additional training at your location before or after the meeting! Don’t forget the 2011 Centennial of Naval Aviation is underway and the upcoming War of 1812 Bicentennial events are being planned and should be incorporated in your program planning.   If you have questions or comments about the information below, please contact the Member Service Center at service@... or 800.356.5760.  Thanks!  Bill Waylett  
      Featured Sections:
      I.     Best Practices
      II.    Legislative Affairs
      III.   Membership
      IV.  Public Relations
      V.   Development
      VI.  Announcements
      I.  Best Practices
      One of the characteristics of council leaders who initiate best practice initiatives is they see an opportunity and seize it!   Here are recent examples:
      The US Navy’s Green Initiative: The Great Green Fleet
      Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus and Admiral Gary Roughhead, Chief of Naval Operations, have announced that the Navy and Marine Corps will reduce carbon-based fuel consumption to 50 per cent of the energy used in the Department of the Navy by the year 2020.  The reduction will apply to ships, aircraft, vehicles and shore installations.  Ethanol will not be counted since it doesn’t have adequate energy density.  For example:
      •        On Earth Day, 2010, the Navy flew an F/A-18 Super Hornet at Mach 1.2
                      powered by a 50-50 blend of jet fuel and biofuel (made from pressed
                      mustard seeds); subsequently, the modified fighter flew at Mach 1.7 on the
                      fuel mix.·         The Navy has tested the RCB-X combat boat and the SH-60
                      helicopter on a 50-50 blend of algae and diesel fuel.
      •        "The Few, The Proud, The Green” Marines have established a green
                      forward operating base in Helmland Province in Afghanistan using alternate
                      energy for lighting, refrigeration and equipment, saving $400 for every
                      gallon of gasoline not required….and saving the lives of Marines who do not
                      have to transport the gasoline through dangerous territory.
      •        In 2012, the Navy will put to sea “The Great Green Fleet”, a 13-ship carrier
                      battle group using nuclear and 50-50 blends of biofuels for all power.
      In order to support Secretary Mabus and Admiral Roughhead, the Santa Barbara Council joined with local business leaders to form the California Green Coast Initiative which will focus on evaluating and promoting sustainable energy technologies that support the Navy’s Green Initiative.  On April 21st this year, the 4th Annual Military, Business and Community Expo in Ventura County will feature “Sustainable Opportunities” as the theme for their event.  Doug Crawford of Santa Barbara Council is the driving force for this effort to support Secretary Mabus and the Navy/Marine Corps effort.  Doug has stated that he will mentor other Navy League councils willing to set-up similar consortia of interested business and community leaders.
      Green Bay Hosts “The Other Super Bowl”
      No. it isn’t a football game in Dallas Texas with the Pittsburgh Steelers, it’s the Fifth Annual Geography Bowl between the Lombardi Spartans (fifth grade students at Lombardi Middle School) and sailors aboard the USS Green Bay (LPD 20).  Initiated by the Fox Valley Council and the Green Bay community, this Educational Partnership was conducted on January 28, 2011 via videoconference.  Mrs. Rose Mary Magnus, ship sponsor and wife of General Robert Magnus, USMC, Ret. was the “celebrity host”.  The event was first held in 2007 and tries to answer that perennial question “Are you smarter than a fifth grader?”   The sailors won and fun was had by all.  By the way, over 50 students and their chaperones attended the commissioning ceremony for the USS Green Bay in Long Beach, California at the invitation of the Commanding Officer.  The “trophy” is a Vince Lombardi Bobble head doll.
      Grants to support Sea Cadet Unit growth
      The Colorado Springs Council participates on a committee to raise funds to honor World War II Medal of Honor recipient Master Sergeant William J. Crawford, USA, who was born in Pueblo, Colorado and is buried on the grounds of the US Air Force Academy.  As fundraising progressed, committee members realized that many businesses in the community had discretionary funds to support community service organizations, particularly those supporting youth leadership activities (i.e. Sea Cadets).  Council President Dick Cooper reports that the following local businesses (generally each store) had Community Grant funding: Walmart, The Home Depot, Target and USAA.  Other businesses reported that they could provide “in-kind” support of materials, food, etc.  There may be paperwork necessary, but the key is “Ask, or the answer will always be NO!”   The Council Grant Writing Workshop is available to teach interested members how to write successful grant applications.  Contact Bill Waylett, wwaylett@..., to schedule a workshop.
      Congratulations to these council members for their support of the Navy League’s mission.  Well done!
      II.  Legislative Affairs
      Grassroots Legislative Initiative Update
      We have completed a review and update of our Grassroots Legislative presentations to reflect recent changes in the 112th Congress.  Legislative Affairs (LA) training will restart in March, with Presentation One scheduled for March 1st and Presentation Two scheduled for March 8th.  All presentations are at 3 p.m. Eastern; you must register with your Region Vice President, LA and Bill Waylett, wwaylett@..., to participate in this training…For subsequent months, we will continue to offer LA training on the first (P1) and second (P2) Tuesdays every month at 3 p.m. Eastern.
      Maritime Industry Congressional Sail-In
      The U.S. Maritime Coalition, supported by the Navy League, will host the Second Annual Congressional “Sail-in” on Capitol Hill on May 4th.  This effort is led by Vice Admiral Albert Herberger, USN (Ret.), former U.S. Maritime Administrator, and  Chairman of the Navy League’s Merchant Marine Affairs Committee.  The purpose of the event is to raise Congressional awareness of the importance of the maritime industry to the economic and national security of the United States, and to generate support for the policies and programs that will grow and sustain the US-flag merchant marine.  Councils should encourage their members to support this important educational effort.  More information is available at http://www.maritimeindustrysailin.com, or by contacting the Navy League’s Director of Legislative Affairs, Liz Drummond, ldrummond@....
      III.  Membership
      4th Quarter 2010 Membership Contest Winner
      The 4th quarter member get a member contest helped us bring in over 900 new members between October 1st and December 31st, 2010. A huge thanks you to everyone that participated. The winner of the $500 gift card is Charles “Bill” Wyld from the Sun Coast Council. Congratulations!
      Membership Campaign Launching Soon
      The Navy League needs a multi-faceted approach to its declining membership, to include:
      –        addressing recruiting, retention, communications, programs, and how it all
                relates to accomplishing the core mission and goals of the Navy League; and
      –        an approach that resonates with our next generation of members and the sea
                services we support.
      Our results in recent years demonstrates that we can’t keep doing what we’ve always done! 
                  Retention: Since at least 2005, our retention numbers have been between
                  50 and 60%, but we had been declining or stagnant since 1990 with few
                  Membership: the Navy League reached over 77,000 members in recent
                  memory, but considerable money was spent on direct mail in this recruiting
                  effort to raise our membership to that number.
      We need to get to the core of the issue of declining membership. The national HQ staff and individual council leaders need to work in tandem to take a hard and critically introspective look at the Navy League to determine whether or not we resonate with current and future members and the service members we support. We know we have many programs that we perform well, but all councils do not participate uniformly, so we can do better.  Poor participation may indicate that we should drop a program to implement better-aligned efforts that are synched with the needs of the sea services, and resonate on a meaningful level with our current and next generation of members.
      Recruiting, retention, and programming for councils must be integrated based upon the individual success of our most innovative councils – the best practices. The goal of our new membership campaign is to create a well-branded and communicated organization that is in synch with both the sea services and our membership base. We have a very strong and appealing mission that can be promoted to resonate on a wider scale with younger, tech-savvy, and socially responsible generations that want to actively serve their communities and the service members therein.  This approach is critical to our future growth and survival.
      Membership Campaign Goals
      1.     The retention goal is for each council to raise retention to a minimum of
               80%. If we are recruiting the right members – the ones that share a passion for
               serving the sea service members – there really is no reason that 80% cannot be
               attained or surpassed.  Each council should also develop a retention plan to
               attain this goal ASAP.  If you would like a copy of the lapsed member calling
               campaign template to tailor to your council’s needs, please request it from
               Salvador Chairez (schairez@...).
      2.     The recruiting goal for each council is to recruit at least double the
               number of members they lose/month. Setting a monthly goal for recruiting
               based on the prior month’s numbers will be easier to manage and not seem as
               insurmountable as evaluating the entire year and trying to catch up.
      3.     The National goal for 2011-2013 is an annual increase of 4000 members
                and to achieve 70K members by year end 2013. Moving beyond 2013 will
                largely depend on the success of this campaign, but we should set a goal to
                steadily climb to 80K members by 2016.
      Annual Reports
      The Annual Report has been revised and can be downloaded at http://www.navyleague.org/councils/annual_report.php.  Since the report is due March 1st, your council should be finalizing the data for your Council Annual Report.  Remember, council rebates are tied to the timely receipt of your report (quarterly rebates are based upon the council having filed their report before the end of the quarter; once filed, the rebates will continue for the remainder of the year)   We use your new officer information to update the Leadership Directory, the website, the membership database and the Online Community.  Don’t forget to send you Council Annual Report to your Region and Area Presidents.
      New Membership Directory
      Our vendor, Harris Connect, is calling members to ask them to purchase the new Membership Directory. The last directory was produced and released in 2007.  The 2011 directory is scheduled to be delivered in the first quarter this year.  Members have received fliers and post cards from Harris Connect asking them to call and verify their contact information.  Subsequently, representatives of the company are calling members to ask them to purchase the directory.
      This new edition will be a full-color version with eye-catching cover graphics. Members will be able to submit a photograph electronically to be included in the front section of the directory. It promises to be a great coffee table book that you can proudly display. Members will also get an electronic copy of the Directory on CD. Please encourage your fellow members to update their information when they receive their notifications and encourage them to consider submitting a photo of themselves.
      IV.  Public Relations
      New Senior Director of Communications.  Thomas P. Van Leunen, Jr. has joined the Navy League staff as the Senior Director of Communications.  Tom recently retired from the Navy as a Captain (Public Affairs) and last served as Deputy Chief of Navy Information at the Pentagon.  Tom will be responsible for Public Relations and all Navy League Public Affairs activities.  Please welcome Tom to our Navy League staff.
      Navy Week Calendar published.  Navy Public Affairs has published the 2011 Navy Week schedule at http://www.navyweek.org/.  Navy Week events are conducted to raise awareness and bring the Navy to communities across America.  Navy Week is also an excellent opportunity for your council to raise visibility in your community by getting involved with the planning and execution of a local Navy Week.  Each Navy Week has a coordinator who wants local council assistance and guidance.  Upcoming scheduled Navy Weeks include”
      –     Austin Navy Week & Rodeo Austin, Austin, TX, March 19-27
      –     Mississippi Navy Week & Meridian Airshow, Meridian, MS March 19-27
      –     Dallas-Fort Worth Navy Week & Air Power Expo, Joint Reserve Base, Ft. Worth,
             TX, April 10-17
      –     Denver Navy Week & Cinco de Mayo, Denver, CO, May 2-8
      Centennial of Naval Aviation Events
      The birth of Naval Aviation is recognized on May 1, 1911, the date of the contract for purchase of the Navy’s first aircraft.  An aggressive schedule of appearances by Naval Aircraft are scheduled throughout the year (see the schedule at
      http://www.public.navy.mil/airfor/centennial/Pages/Events.aspx).  Council leaders who want to participate in any of these events can contact the Centennial History Director, Captain Rich Dann, USN, Richard.dann@..., or call (619) 545-1899.  The Centennial Office is sponsored by Commander, Naval Air Forces, and is located at Naval Air Station North Island, San Diego, CA.  Upcoming events include:
      –    Mississippi Navy Week, March 19-27
      –    Naval Air Station Corpus Christi Salute to 100 Years of Naval Aviation, April 9-10
      –    Dallas-Fort Worth Navy Week, April 10-17
      –    Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort Air Show, April 30- May 1
      For your council events, there is a video now posted promoting the Centennial at http://www.filedropper.com/centennialnavalaviationfinalh264.
      War of 1812 Bicentennial Events
      On June 18th, 1812, President James Madison and the United States Congress declared war on Great Britain.  The ensuing conflict involved many battles throughout the continent over the next two years before peace was negotiated.  The Navy History & Heritage Command will be sponsoring events at key battle sites over the two-year bicentennial period.  Stay alert for announcements of these bicentennial events at http://www.visit1812.com/.
      Mackie Award Newsletter and Public Relations Award submission deadline
      The Mackie Award for Newsletters Nominations and the Public Relations Award Nominations are due March 31.  Instructions for submission are on our website at http://www.navyleague.org/public_relations/mackie_awards_instructions.php.
      V. Development
      Navy League Establishes Modern Development Program
      NLUS has partnered with the highly respected firm, IDC Fundraising (a division of Harris Connect), to assist with our Development efforts to enhance our Mission critical initiatives such as the Sea Cadets, Scholarship, communications and Congressional education programs.  These vital programs are supported outside of annual Membership dues.  The IDC team is being lead by Brad Carlson, Naval Academy graduate, and the NLUS team is under the direction of Kevin Traver, our Senior Director of Corporate Development.  IDC has been providing council to and executing fundraising campaigns for more than 35 years and their client list includes all the National Service Academies, USO, Marine Corps Heritage Foundation and the US Navy Memorial.  The current test program involves calling 5,000 NLUS active members by IDC’s team of communicators (who are all Navy League Members) and it ran through the end of January.  After all results are reported to National leadership, we will share the results with council members. If you have questions or comments about this initiative, please contact Mike Carter, Director of Development – mcarter@... - for more information.
      VI.  Announcements
      1.  Save the Date: 2011 Board of Directors’ Meeting.  We are excited to invite you to join us at our annual Board of Directors’ Meeting on June 23 – 26 at Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center at National Harbor, MD.  Located 15 minutes from Reagan National Airport, the National Harbor has almost everything you’ll need within walking distance of your room.  National Harbor boasts over twenty restaurants, with four in the Gaylord National Resort, as well as over 30 stores to meet your shopping desires. www.nationalharbor.com
      Registration will open (online) in March and will include a listing of each meeting date and time. Please plan to help us fill our room block by staying at the Gaylord National Resort. The Navy League’s $199.00 room rate includes:
      · local phone calls (first 20 min. of each)
      · toll-free and credit calls (first 20 min. of each)
      · high-speed Internet access in your room
      · access to hotel's state-of-the-art fitness center
      · bottled water (two per room, per day)
      · A daily newspaper.
      2. February Seapower.
      The February edition of Seapower is posted at www.seapower-digital.com. This edition feature articles on the information challenges that military leaders face in the era of social media and the overload of intelligence data that is produced today. Council articles include recognition by the crew of USS Pittsburgh (SSN 720) of 25 years of support by the Pittsburgh Navy League and the Pittsburgh community, the eight 2010 Key Spouse Awards given to military spouses by the Honolulu Council, and a report of events at the Navy League National Convention in Jacksonville, Fla. The digital edition of the March issue of Seapower will be live soon.
      Additional copies of the 2011 Seapower Almanac are still available for $22.50, plus $5 for shipping. Contact Publications Director Kerri Carpenter for more details. Please note that the Almanac issue is not produced in digital form.
      3. 2011 Sea-Air-Space Online
      The largest Maritime Exposition in the world, the Sea-Air-Space Exposition, is once again hosted by the National Capital Council and the National Navy League. The three-day exposition will be held at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, Md. from April 11-13, 2011.  Visitors can register, book and manage room blocks, obtain exhibitor and sponsorship information, and watch 2010 Sea-Air-Space panels at www.seaairspace.org.  
      4.  IRS Notices and Assistance
      a. The IRS Form 990 filing thresholds are changed for 2010 returns (filed by May 15, 2011), as follows:
                      Gross Receipts equal to $50,000 or less         Form 990N (e-postcard)
                      Gross Receipts of $50,001 to $200,000         Form 990EZ (short form) AND
                      up to $500,000 total assets
                      Gross Receipts over $200,000 AND total      Form 990 (long form) assets
                      over $500,000
      b. Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs) from IRAs.  Congress has renewed the QCD provisions for 2010 and 2011.  Under these provisions, IRA owners, age 70-1/2 and up, may make tax-free distributions from their IRAs of up to $100,000 to qualified charities (such as the Navy League).  These distributions can be used to satisfy mandatory minimum distributions from individual IRAs for tax years 2010 and 2011.
      c. The IRS has announced the initial 2011 schedule for its’ Small and Mid-sized 501(c)(3) Organizations Workshop.  This one-day workshop, presented by experienced Exempt Organizations specialists, will explain what 501(c)(3) organizations must do to keep their tax-exempt status and comply with tax obligations. This popular one-day introductory workshop is designed especially for administrators or volunteers who are responsible for an organization's tax compliance as well as those interested in careers in the nonprofit sector.  Council treasurers are encouraged to attend a workshop.
                      March 1-3                    New Orleans, LA
                      March 29-31                Las Vegas, NV
                      April 13                       New York, NY
                      April 19-21                  Houston, TX
                      April 26 & 28              Billings, MT
                      May 24-26                   Denver, CO
      Go to the IRS Calendar of Events for more information about upcoming workshops.
      d. Paid Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) is now MANDATORY.  If your council uses a paid preparer for your tax return, the preparer must have a PTIN as of January 1, 2011.  A social security number is no longer acceptable on the paid preparer section of the Form 990.
      5. Upcoming Dates, Deadlines and Events
      Feb. 21 President’s Day Holiday (Fly the Flag)
      Feb. 22 Washington’s Birthday
      Mar. 9 Lent begins
      Mar. 13 Daylight Savings Time begins
      Mar. 17 St. Patrick’s Day
      Mar. 21 Spring begins
      Navy League councils have an important role in the Navy League’s legislative efforts: 
      1) Inform your members of maritime issues. 
      2) Support our Grassroots presentations to Members of Congress. 
      3) Join the Navy League’s Legislative Alert team. 
      4) Participate in Congressional Maritime Week in May each year.
      Each council should appoint a Council Vice President for Legislative Affairs, who is responsible for coordinating council participation in each of the legislative education efforts mentioned above.
      Member Services
      The NLUS Council Alert is prepared by Bill Waylett, Sr. Dir. for Regional Activities
      wwaylett@... or 703-528-1775

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