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2011 Maritime Industry Congressional Sail-In May 4th

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  • Pacific Merchant Marine Council
    Ahoy All, We again thank VADM Herberger for chairing this important task force! The council will again chip in some $$$ to support the Sail-In. Individuals may
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      Ahoy All,
      We again thank VADM Herberger for chairing this important task force! 
      The council will again chip in some $$$ to support the Sail-In. Individuals may do so as well:
      Sponsor checks payable to:
      U.S. Maritime Coalition
      Subject line: Sail-In
      Mail to:
      U.S. Maritime Coalition
      Attn: Tammy Sumner
      1601 K Street, N.W.
      Washington, D.C. 20006
      But this year let's participate. I suspect the California members of Congress will not have as many visits as those on the East Coast unless we do. Please keep me posted if you can personally get involved. Members in other states - you too can get involved.
      VADM Herberger doesn't desire to have his E-mail, phone number, and address out their on the net but I have it if you should desire to contact him. For more on him see: http://search.yahoo.com/search?fr=yhs-avg&type=yahoo_avg_hs2-tb-web_us&p=Albert+J.+Herberger.
      Registration for the 2011 Sail-In is now open.

      Last year, our industry’s first broad-scale advocacy day on Capitol Hill was a resounding success. “The Sail-In was widely supported by the American maritime industry including international and domestic ocean carriers, terminal operators and labor unions.  We had folks from 20 states, 48 congressional districts, 28 companies, 9 unions and labor organizations, and 10 related associations,” reported VADM Albert J. Herberger, a former U.S. Maritime Administrator and head of the volunteer organizing group.  “That’s a powerful message to Congress,” he added. And we plan to build on that success in 2011.

      But The Stakes Have Gone Up

      The 2010 mid-term elections brought significant changes to the congressional committees that oversee maritime issues. As a result, a tremendous amount of institutional knowledge and support has been lost. A few quick examples:
      • 3 of the 4 most important House committee chairmen for maritime issues did not return to the 112th Congress.
      • There are 20 freshmen members now on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.
      • More than a dozen members who were visited by our industry during last year’s Sail-In did not return to Congress.
      And The Climb Has Gotten Steeper
      The Sail-In is a powerful and direct way to protect and advocate for your job, your company or union, and the maritime industry as a whole. Participants will be actively engaged in the democratic process that the U.S. Constitution guarantees. It will be motivational and inspiring and attendees will leave Washington with a much better view of how government affects our industry and vice versa.

      Like all government programs, the legislative struts that support the US-Flag maritime industry are under intense pressure in the new Congress. While we welcome that scrutiny and feel confident that our industry brings tremendous value to our nation, the maritime industry’s story is a bit complex (as it relates to policy) and must be told repeatedly.

      So How Can You Help?

      Come join us on May 4th on Capitol Hill and let your voice of support be heard. Click here to register for the event. There is no cost other than your travel expenses. Breakfast and a closing reception will be provided. Lunch will probably be on your own in one of the congressional office building cafeterias. Most of your other questions can be answered by clicking on the frequently asked questions (FAQs). The sooner you can let us know that you’re coming the more helpful it will be. Thanks.


      If you can throw a few bucks into the pot to offset the group expenses it would be most appreciated. In 2010, the event was graciously supported by 25 organizations and we could not have had as successful an event without their assistance. Call Rick Hegg (202.344.4417), the sponsorship chairman, if your organization or company can help.


      A notice of commitment of interest from you and/or your organization by the date publicized closer to the event will be very helpful to the planners of the event. We will need a hard commitment and your name and address by that date. Elected officials care first and foremost about serving their home constituents and therefore the congressional appointments will be arranged for you based on where you live and who represents you in Congress. Call teams and assignments for the day will be distributed at the morning briefing. We will then be able to organize the call teams, schedule the congressional meetings and ensure the success of the event.
      Organizing Committee

      Our organizing committee of is made up of concerned maritime political advocates volunteering their time and resources to make the Sail-In happen:

      • Eric Ebeling, American Shipping & Logistics Group, 301.941.1855
      • Jim Patti, MIRAID, 202.463.6505
      • Matt Dwyer, American Maritime Congress, 202.347.8020 ext.301
      • Jim Henry, Transportation Institute, 202.347.2590
      • John DeCrosta, APL, 202.496.2495
      • Rob Whitney, ABS, 202.366.3076
      • Brenda Otterson, AMOS, 703.615.0948
      • Chris Johnsen, Jones Walker, 202.203.1012
      • Rick Hegg, Venable LLP, 202.344.4417
      • Lindsey Lassiter, Navy League, 703.312.1556
      • Clint Eisenhauer, Maersk, 703.351.0543

      For additional information please call
      Linda Arquette at (703) 351-0129 

      Click here to view a brief presentation on the Sail-In

      (once open, click to advance through the presentation)

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Please click on questions to display answers....

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