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CALMITSAC Meeting in Sacramento January 26

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  • Pacific Merchant Marine Council
    It was a great turnout of CALMITSAC members and one of the most interesting of meetings. Made my heart glad that several Pacific Merchant Marine Council
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 27, 2011
    It was a great turnout of CALMITSAC members and one of the most interesting of meetings. Made my heart glad that several Pacific Merchant Marine Council members are also involved with CALMITSAC. Using the agenda I will make some personal comments.
    Heave Ho,

    California Marine and Intermodal Transportation System Advisory Council
    1001 I Street  ­ Sacramento, CA
    Conference Room 620 - 6th floor
    January 26, 2011  10:30 A.M. – 3:00 P.M.
    Opening Comments – Bob Dockendorff, Chair  As noted previously, Bob is a Navy League life member and a member of our council. He retired from Pacific Maritime Association, www.pmanet.org, and is extremely knowledgeable on a wide range of industry matters, especially labor relations.
    MARAD update – John Hummer John is the Maritime Administration (MARAD) Northern California Gateway Director. Formerly with CalTrans, he is definitely savvy on moving freight and industry matters. He came aboard the Navy League and our council last year.
    • Green Corridor Update This is one more term for Short Sea Shipping/Marine Highways. Here on the West Coast another term is the M-5 along the West Coast and the M-580 inland from Oakland. It has been studied time and again but in a couple of weeks MARAD will go out with a Request For Proposal, RFP, to develop a business plan to implement the movement of goods over Green Corridor water. You recall MARAD granted $30 million to be shared between the ports of Oakland, Stockton, and Sacramento to get cargo flowing on the M-580 - cranes and port improvements will be obtained. Among the groups promoting the M-5 is the West Coast Corridor Coalition with its Marine Committee
    • MTSNAC The Maritime Administration National Advisory Council is being reconstituted. CALMITSAC will likely have a seat on it. I suggested last year that NLUS apply for membership but wiser heads than me chose otherwise. All hope the new group will provide better advice than the old council.
    Strategic Planning Task Force Report – Dick Coyle and Tom O’Brien Dick, Dick is President and CEO of Devine Intermodal and within CALMITSAC represents the American Trucking Association. He gave the report. Essentially this is a look at CALMITSAC' s future. The report was accepted and now the heavy lifting begins to rebrand the organization and get a business plan. There are legal nuisances between the words advocacy and education. For example NLUS is educational - no more than 10% of its budget is used for lobbying. Please examine the attachment for more on this. The revised mission statement now reads:
    CALMITSAC' s mission is to foster the development of a marine and intermodal transportation system inCalifornia that is safe, secure, efficient, competitive, environmentally sound, and capable of expanding to meet the needs of the global economy
    The word competitive has been added; I would like to think it was my repeated suggestion that it is essential for California ports to remain competitive that the word was added to the statement. With an increased roll in the industry a staff person looks likely; funding is not currently available.
    American Marine Highway – Rick Thorpe, Vice-President Herbert Engineering Rick came out to Sacramento for the meeting from Annapolis. He is with a firm called HEC, Herbert Engineering Corporation, www.herbert.com. He is a Senior Principal with the naval architect/marine engineering and marine transportation consulting firm. He knows ship design! HEC has none numerous studies for MARAD and the Navy over the years by working with Center for the Commercial Development of Transportation Technologies at California State University Long Beach. His MS Power Point presentation on marine highways was authoritative. He was once a member of the Navy League; I will be endeavoring to get him back on board as a member of our council. HEC would be a wonderful community affiliate member. I will endeavor to get a copy of his report for you to read.  
    Report to Legislature – Bob Dockendorff
    • Proposal for every organization to submit a one page on primary issues facing their constituents over the next two year and long term which require action I will need help on this one. Navy Leaguers within CALMITSAC and others interested, I call for your suggestions. A couple of items... I would like to see a joint Senate Assembly resolution saluting the state's maritime industry and a Governor's proclamation establishing a State Maritime Day patterned after National Maritime Day. 
    Impact on Shipping during America’s Cup Port of San Francisco Maritime Director and council member Peter Daily gave the presentation. The 34th Americas Cup will be the summer of 2013 with the course looping between the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges around Alcatraz Island. Several piers will be improved to provide services for the boats and public. Expenses for the city and income for the region will be in the billion dollar neighborhood. Besides the race boats there will be countless pleasure boats out on the Bay. Somehow the effect on commercial ship traffic will be mitigated. America's Cup will be seeking over one hundred employees - interviews will start in 2011.
    Federal Funding Issues
    -     Marnie O'Brien Primmer, Executive Director Mobility 21 Marnie came up from Orange County to brief us on her Organization Mobility 21,
    www.mobility21.com, the Southern California Transportation Coalition, "One Region, One Voice, One Future." She came on board the organization a couple of years ago. I would say she is a miracle worker, bringing together a diverse group to speak at the regional, state, and federal level with a concise message benefiting all supporters and the region. I will discuss Mobility21 in a separate message. Her three handouts were eye catching, informative, and to the point. As the council's growth continues beyond the Bay Area, we will become more active there. First FuturePorts and now Mobility21.

    -     Federal Liaison – CalTrans This was an update on the funding for port and related improvements. A lot of the 1B bond issue projects remain unfunded since the state has not sold the authorized bonds. The California Freight Mobility Plan is on course but unfunded. It is linked to the Good Movement Action Plan, GMAC. Also SB 375 has an impact. SB 375 (Steinberg) is California state law that became effective January 1, 2009. This new law requires California's Air Resources Board (CARB) to develop regional reduction targets for greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), and prompts the creation of regional plans to reduce emissions from vehicle use throughout the state. 
    Joint Briefing for members of legislature and staffs. – Norman Fassler-Katz & Isaac Kos-Read This remains a work in progress. Central to this will be the 2011 Maritime Transportation System Leadership Seminar. 
    CALTRANS Goods Movement Division – Briefing on California Freight Mobility Program - Bruce De Terra
    More on funded and unfunded projects. California's Department of Transportation is the lead state agency allocating funds and monitoring projects. There has been several key personnel retirements; some positions have been filled with promotions and a few with new employees. Same for CARB.
    CTC Briefing – Maura Twomey
    Maura is the Deputy Director of the California Transportation Commission and brought the group current on funding and what may lie ahead what with the state in a financial crisis. CTC is the office that dispenses $$$. State franchise taxes vs. income taxes are a key here.
    California Air Resources Board Briefing – Rob Oglesby
    CARB is very involved in the state's air quality. For example ships have to burn cleaner/lighter fuels within 24 miles of the coast line. A recent modification extended it westward 24 milers of the Santa Barbara Channel Islands. Diesel trucks have tighter standards and ships if possible are to go cold iron dockside. The CALMITSAC meeting was held in CARB's board room within the CAL-EPA building. 
    Maritime Transportation System Leadership Seminar –  Jim Haussener and Norman Fassler-Katz The 2011 Symposium, www.maritimesymposium.com, will be held May 11 and 12 at the Sacramento Convention Center instead of the non-union Hyatt Regency. Seems some legislators and union representatives will not enter the Hyatt. Eleven topics have been proposed - speakers are being sought. Jim Haussener Executive Director. California Marine Affairs and Navigation Conference (CMANC) is one of our council's newest members. More on Jim and CMANC in another message. The Council has offered to sponsor but not host (i.e. fund) a luncheon during the Symposium. Norman Fassler-Katz is a council friend and Senior Consultant for the Senate Transportation Sub-Committee on California Ports and Goods Movement.  

    Next meetings 
    April. 6 - Long Beach
    The Council may have a meeting/social gathering in Long Beach to coincide with the CALMITSAC meeting.
    June 29 – Oakland The Council may have a meeting/social gathering in Oakland/Alameda to coincide with the CALMITSAC meeting.
    September 28 - Sacramento
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