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Fw: Pacific Transportation Association President's Message 12-17-2010

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  • Phelps Hobart
    Ahoy Members and Friends, If the Pacific Merchant Marine Council has five individuals interested in joining, may I suggest the council get a Corporate
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 17, 2010
    Ahoy Members and Friends,

    If the Pacific Merchant Marine Council has five individuals interested in
    joining, may I suggest the council get a "Corporate Membership?"

    Please contact me stating you will be willing to pay your share, $25, to
    join the Pacific Transportation Association, http://www.pacifictrans.org, as
    a member of the Navy League's Pacific Merchant Marine Council.

    From Michael Nerney's message below and the website you can see what the
    Association does during the year. Actually I would prefer $50 for two years
    so I won't have to come after you a year from now for the next $25.

    I will be collecting the $50, or $25 if you absolutely can't spring for the
    2 years at $50, at our December 20 luncheon.

    Heave Ho Aboard the Pacific Transportatiohn Association!


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    Subject: Pacific Transportation Association President's Message 12-17-2010

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    > To: Members and Friends of the Pacific Transportation Association
    > From: Michael Nerney
    > President, Pacific Transportation Association (2010)
    > Date: December 17, 2010
    > = = =
    > Season's Greetings to all members and friends of the Pacific
    > Transportation
    > Association!
    > This was a memorable year for the PTA, as our organization celebrated our
    > 90th anniversary as a leading shipping, trade, and transportation
    > networking association in the San Francisco Bay Area.
    > Highlights of the year included:
    > Sports Luncheon
    > February 18, 2010, Marines' Memorial Club, San Francisco
    > Guest Speaker: Bill Neukom, San Francisco Giants Managing General
    > Partner and CEO
    > http://www.pacifictrans.org/sportsluncheon2010.htm
    > Port and Terminals Luncheon
    > June 3, 2010, Scott's Seafood Restaurant, Jack London Square, Oakland
    > Guest Speaker: John Hummer, Gateway Director for Northern California
    > and Mid Pacific, Maritime Administration (MARAD)
    > http://www.pacifictrans.org/portsterminals2010.htm
    > Golf Tournament
    > August 5, 2010, San Geronimo Golf Course, Marin County
    > http://www.pacifictrans.org/golf2010.htm
    > Steamship Night
    > September 30, 2010, San Francisco Marriott Marquis
    > http://www.pacifictrans.org/steamshipnight2010.htm
    > San Francisco Giants World Series Championship
    > One of the benefits of membership in the PTA is the opportunity to
    > purchase tickets to San Francisco Giants games at AT&T Park.
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    > Past Presidents Luncheon
    > December 9, 2010, Caesar's Italian Restaurant, San Francisco
    > (Embedded image moved to file: pic15014.jpg)
    > Executive Secretary Bill Diggs presents plaque to outgoing President
    > Michael Nerney.
    > (Embedded image moved to file: pic22624.jpg)
    > Incoming President Robin McEntee receives gavel from Michael Nerney.
    > (Embedded image moved to file: pic10144.jpg)
    > Pacific Transportation Association Board of Directors 2010
    > Seated (L-R): Jennifer Klein, Jean Banker, Jane Wisdom.
    > Standing (L-R): Patrick Ryan, Dennis Bohm, Brandon McDonnell, Michael
    > Nerney, Robin McEntee, Dave Enberg, Monte Boscovich.
    > Not Pictured: Joe Cutrera, Bill Diggs, Josh Gruen, Barbara O'Neill ,
    > Jill Rodby.
    > (Embedded image moved to file: pic27980.jpg)
    > Pacific Transportation Association Past Presidents
    > Seated (L-R): Patrick Burnson, Patrick Pollock, Ruth Lubow, Jane
    > Wisdom, Michael Nerney.
    > Standing (L-R): Bill Diggs, Jim Fitzgerald, Patrick Ryan, Dennis
    > Bohm, John Neudecker, Steve Muir, Robert Donner, Bill Wagstaff, Jim
    > Wiltshire, Gary Hallin, Dave Enberg.
    > Officers
    > Michael Nerney, Port of San Francisco, Chairman
    > Robin McEntee, Roanoke Trade Services, President
    > Brandon McDonnell, PCC Logistics, First Vice President
    > Josh Gruen, CMI, Second Vice President
    > Joe Cutrera, Damco, Third Vice President
    > Bill Diggs, Roanoke Trade Services, Executive Secretary
    > Monte Boscovich, BNSF Railway (Retired), Treasurer
    > Directors
    > Dennis Bohm, Florens Container Services
    > Jahan Byrne, Port of Oakland
    > Dave Enberg, EFI Logistics, Inc.
    > Kyra Kindon, American President Lines
    > Jennifer Klein, BNSF Railway
    > Barbara O’Neill, Levin-Richmond Terminal
    > Wesley Reeves, JB Hunt
    > Patrick Ryan, MOL America, Inc.
    > James Wilson,Yang Ming (America) Corp.
    > Jane Wisdom, Hyundai Merchant Marine
    > Attached is the 2011 PTA membership application form.
    > Dues: Individual $50; Retired $15; Now available: Corporate Membership
    > $125
    > (up to five members)
    > Please complete this form and submit as soon as possible.
    > (See attached file: PTA Membership Form 2011.doc)
    > Attached are the PTA By Laws for 2011, including the proposed amendment to
    > allow for Corporate Membership (highlighted in red). This amendment will
    > be
    > considered and voted on at the next scheduled PTA board meeting on
    > 1/18/2011.
    > (See attached file: PTA By Laws 2011.doc)
    > Best wishes,
    > Michael Nerney
    > President, Pacific Transportation Association (2010)
    > 415-274-0416
    > Michael.Nerney at sfport dot com
    > PTA website: http://www.pacifictrans.org/
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