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  • Pacific Merchant Marine Council
    Ahoy Everyone. I sent out a relatively rare postal mailing to members Monday, December 13. It included a page on the council, the luncheon invitation, a NLUS
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 14, 2010
    Ahoy Everyone.
    I sent out a relatively rare postal mailing to members Monday, December 13. It included a page on the council, the luncheon invitation, a NLUS membership application, and a chance to win a short cruise to Mexico and help the Sea Cadets at the same time.
    You know what the invitation states. You will have to wait for the drawing opportunity; reply immediately if interested. As for the letter, you are welcome to look at it here or after it arrives in your postal mail box.
    In the letter is the list of nominees for 2011 council officers and directors. They are elected annually though the term can be multiple years. We are seeking additional officers and directors; please talk to me if you too would like to serve or serve in a different capacity.
    Also listed are the members of our outstanding council advisory board. These individuals are appointed by the president.
    Then it lays out our primary council focus for 2011. We will always be aware of seafarers and seafaring but in 2011 we will step out promoting maritime shipping of goods on coastal sea ways and inland water ways - our "marine highways."
    Check out the attached letter or wait till it arrives. Discussion and conversation on the council's future always welcome.
    Hope to see many of you the 20th. It's going to be more than a luncheon - might even rate as a party. Whatever, if you attend anticipate having a delightful time among friends old and new! If you have them, bring your business cards or ask me to make you some NLUS cards.
    Wife Teddy and I will be arriving in San Francisco Sunday and would enjoy meeting with you. Catch us the 19th at Grace Cathedral for the 1100 service and the evening Christmas program. In addition we have a limo reserved for a two hour afternoon tour of the city highlighted by stopping and viewing many of Grandfather Lewis P. Hobart's architectural commissions. You are welcome to come along. 
    Members, thanks for staying aboard the council. New members, thank you too for coming aboard. We anticipate gaining additional members in 2011 and expanding council activities. You are key to making it happen.
    Heave Ho,
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