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    Navy League President s Message ... From: Dan B. Branch, Jr. Sent: Monday, December 06, 2010 Subject: National President s Message - December 6, 2010 If you
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      Navy League President's Message
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                                                                                                                            December 6, 2010 
      Dear Fellow Navy Leaguers,


      USS Jason Dunham (DDG 109) was commissioned in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with the Commissioning Committee chaired by Chuck Black of the Fort Lauderdale Council.  There were 5,000 in attendance for the event in Port Everglades, Fla., on Nov. 13.  A special treat was the Chairman’s Reception, held the night before on Cruise Ship Allure of the Seas, which is the largest cruise liner in the world.  It was a pleasure for me to present the Navy League Silver Tray to the Commanding Officer and crew at the reception.    
      On Nov. 16, it was my pleasure to attend the 108th Anniversary Dinner of the New York City Council.  The Council presented special awards that evening.  William Toti received the RADM John Bergen Industry Award; Sean Stackley, Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition received the Leadership Award; RADM Jay DeLoach was given the Heritage Award; Christopher Davino was honored with the Roosevelt’s Science Award; Jack Jacobs received the Meritorious Service Award; and Michael Kowalski was given the Spirit of Freedom Award.  I also had the pleasure of presenting the Navy League National Recognition Award to Michael Kowalski, who is Chairman and CEO of Tiffany and Company.  This grand black tie dinner to mark the New York City Council’s milestone and present awards to notable Americans was hosted by Bob Ravitz and Council President Bob Lunney.
      On Nov. 17, several of us from Navy League HQ attended the Canadian Embassy’s Partners in Defense reception to recognize all of the participants involved in defense of North America as well as those nations who have worked with Canada during 2010 to promote defense and security of that nation.
      The Navy League and the USO partnered on Nov. 18 to take wounded warriors on an evening cruise on the Potomac River with representatives from our Corporate Gold sponsors.  We had 49 on board the former Presidential Yacht Sequoia to recognize our wounded warriors.  This was a great event organized by Senior Director of Corporate Development and Marketing Kevin Traver and his staff members: Mandy Robertson, Mike Carter and Lindsey Lassiter. 
      Also on Nov. 18 I attended the War of 1812 Commemoration Advisory Board Meeting held in Washington, D.C.  The U.S. Navy is leading the commemoration of War of 1812 activities nationwide.  A large and important committee is leading the planning and many details will be coming out soon so all of our Councils can participate and partner with local Navy and civic organizations for events in their areas.  The Navy League is a very important part of the planning and coordination for the many events on the horizon.  Now is the time plan to get involved at the local level.  Contact your nearest Navy organization or city group that is involved.  Events will run through 2012 and 2013, as currently planned.  There are many 2012 celebration events in Canada and the United States.  Signature (major) Events are planned for New Orleans (April17-23); Fort Lauderdale Fleet Week (April 25-30); New York City (May 23-30); Norfolk, Va. (June 1-12); Baltimore, Md. (June 13-19); Boston, Mass. (June 29-July 6); New London, Conn. (July 6-9) for tall ships; Great Lakes events in Toledo, Ohio (August), Cleveland and Buffalo; and events in Chicago and Milwaukee.  The Blue Angels will perform in New Orleans (April 28-29), New York City (May 26-27), Norfolk (June 2-3), Baltimore (June 16-17), Chicago (August 18-19) and Cleveland (Sept 1-3).  Navy and Coast Guard ships will be in all of the above cities.  Tall ships will be in New Orleans, Fort Lauderdale, New York, Baltimore, Boston and New London.  For more information and for assistance in getting involved locally, contact your Region President or the President of the Navy League.
      I had a wonderful time at the Greater Columbus, Ohio Council dinner on Dec. 2.  Council President Udo Maroscher and Past President Jack Kennedy were the hosts.  The visit included a business meeting with local area officers and a wonderful dinner that evening.  The group in Columbus is doing a great job in support of the Navy League’s mission and goals.  They are partnering with several organizations and they had Sea Cadets at the dinner who were all asked to speak.  Much fun!.  I also had the pleasure of giving the oath of office to the new Board of Directors.  I flew back the next morning to attend the Navy League Holiday Party at HQ, which was a great event organized by Aubrey Collier and his committee. 
      Southern Region
      Southern Region leadership has dramatically increased the level of activity in our Community Service Organization Presentations (CSOP).  In November, Region President Tom McGuire gave three presentations, Region Vice President John Lynch gave two presentations and National Director Walt Reese delivered one presentation.  Audiences totaling more than 300 community leaders produced membership inquiries from at least 11 individual and 5 Community Affiliate candidates.  For November, the Southern Region led the Navy League in CSOP activity.  Congratulations Tom, John and Walt on your work and for the outstanding results!
      Nov. 18 marked another great day for Sailors at NAS/JAX.  The Navy League Councils of Northeast Florida held another of their Individual Augmentees (IAs) Appreciation Luncheons to honor Sailors who recently returned home from an IA tour in Iraq, Afghanistan, or Guantanamo, Cuba.  There were 130 IAs and 58 spouses honored by the Northeast Florida Councils, the largest luncheon to date. Keynote speaker was Juan Garcia, Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Manpower and Reserve Affairs.  Secretary Garcia also conducted a Purple Heart ceremony to honor HM3 Theddy Mukandwa, a hospital Corpsman assigned to the Jacksonville Naval Hospital.  He received injuries in a firefight with insurgents while attached to India Company, USMC, in Afghanistan.  The Northeast Florida Councils have honored more than 1,300 IAs and spouses since the inception of the program in April 2008.  Thank you Northeast Florida Councils and well done!  Contact Bill Dudley if you would like emulate his program for IAs in your area.
      National Headquarters News  
      The Executive Committee on Nov. 10 concurred on some changes on the staff and in the volunteer organization.  The appointment of Dale Lumme as Executive Director was approved and he started work Dec. 3.  Dale was a career Naval Aviator who has had significant experience on the Hill and in legislative affairs in the Pentagon, and on many senior staffs in addition to aviation command.  He comes to the Navy League after more than six years in the private sector.  Bill Kopper will be taking on an additional responsibility for retention, so his new title is Vice President International Affairs and Retention.  He will be assisting Vice President of Membership Tom Jaffa in the big membership campaign that will run most of 2011.  Kevin Traver (who recently relieved Doug Crawford) is now Senior Director of Corporate Development and Marketing.  His department is being renamed accordingly.  This will help us focus on all aspects of marketing as we work to grow the Navy League over the next decade.

      Linda Hoffman was feted to a celebration by the staff, led by Aubrey Collier, Andrea Manning, Amy Wittman and Sal Chairez on Nov. 23 to mark her retirement after 37 years at the Navy League.  There was not a dry eye in the house.  Mere words cannot begin to express our gratitude for her long and dedicated service to the Navy League of the United States.  We all wish her a great and happy future as she takes up residence in Texas.  Best Wishes Linda from all of the Navy League!

      Andrea Manning will be taking over as Senior Director of Executive Services. 
      Membership Note
      Here is some information about membership from Senior Director of Membership Sal Chairez:
      In 2008, we had 8 Councils with 80% or higher retention. In 2009, we had 13.  At the close of October 2010, we had more than 100 Councils with 80% or higher retention, and six Regions (Empire, Liberty, Midwest, New England, Pacific Central and South Atlantic Coast) with 78% or higher retention!  This is an amazing feat!  We just need more of the larger Councils to increase their retention, and everyone needs to help the recruiting match the intensity of the retention.  Make a goal to go out and recruit at least one new member. With a massive recruiting push, (use the Membership Contest ), we would be growing again as an organization by the end of the year. I know we can do it.  Thank you, Sal. 
      Other News of Note
      Rabbi Kloner update.  Rabbi Bill Kloner was recently moved from the VA hospital on 23rd street in New York City to the Cobble Hill Nursing Home in Brooklyn, which is near his home.  Liz Kloner will be letting us know when he can receive visitors.  We all continue to pray for continuing improvement.
      Do you want to get involved in future ship and submarine commissionings? If so, contact Bill Waylett, who is our staff point of contact in that area.
      Do you have a New Year’s resolution yet?  I do.  For 2011, we will keep intact our five year goals for the Navy League.  For the short term for 2011, the following are my New Year’s Resolutions:

      1.  Reverse the 10-year decline in membership.

      2.  Raise an additional $500,000 revenue over budget.

      3.  Cut overhead costs by $400,000.

      4.  Increase the President’s Circle membership to 150, from 82 presently.  We had 42 members this time last year.

      5.  Double our Legislative Affairs congressional briefings over 2010.
      The Navy League is now on Facebook and Twitter.  Keep up with the latest happenings and breaking news by clicking the “Like” button for the Navy League at www.facebook.com/NavyLeagueUS and follow us at www.twitter.com/NavyLeagueUS.
      Sea, Air, Space                                                                April 11-13, 2011

      Board of Directors in DC                                                June 22-26, 2011

      Chattanooga Convention                                                October 25-30, 2011

      Honolulu Convention                                                        June 18-24, 2012

      Long Beach Convention                                                  June 2013

      San Diego Convention                                                    June 2014
      I want to thank all of our dedicated and involved Navy Leaguers.  We have so many great events and activities in support of the Sea Services and their families that we can be justifiably proud of the Navy League of the United States.  As 2010 comes to a close, let’s all take stock and evaluate our efforts.  Let’s continue to make progress in membership, Legislative Affairs and in activities directly supporting the troops and families as we go into the New Year.  We can turn the corner on membership if we do as Sam Sorenson says: Every member get a member!  And progress will be great if each council will just recruit at least 3 to 5 new members each month.
      Kathleen, the staff and I wish all a wonderful holiday season.  Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah, and our best wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to all.
      Daniel B. Branch, Jr.
      National President
      Navy League of the United States

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