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    NLUS Council Alert for January 30, 2009Ahoy Members and Friends, As you can tell I am back. Tuesday I returned from Orlando Florida to Sacramento. Early
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    NLUS Council Alert for January 30, 2009
    Ahoy Members and Friends,
    As you can tell I am back. Tuesday I returned from Orlando Florida to Sacramento. Early Wednesday, I was again out the door to attend the CALMITSAC meeting in San Francisco. The city was full of Giants fans. Great weather and everyone delighted that the team won the World Series.
    I have a number of items in the council hopper - a few new initiatives among them.
    I will be working with our board on our 2011 calendar. Your suggestions always appreciated.
    The NLUS National Convention was multi-facited and I will report further on a few items related to our council.
    Our 20 December luncheon invitations were available for pick-up on the NLUS information table and I distributed quite a few personally. Hope you have been doing so as well. Thanks to those of you who have sent in your reservation checks. Let's pack the ship! Remember your guests who join eat for free.
    Here is some council news. Not yet announced is the fact that we have a new NLUS National President. I will wait for the official announcement and forward it on to you. Looks like the Executive Committee made a wise choice.
    We are going to go for every possible NLUS award there is - including the Outstanding Council Award. Your involvement and attendance at our events will insure we get the recognition we deserve. Let others know about the council and our lucheon.
    More later.
    Heave Ho,
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    November 3, 2010
    Hello Navy Leaguers!   We just completed a great National Convention in Jacksonville, Florida!  Our program included many workshops and presentations for council officers, as well as information about the 2011 Centennial of Naval Aviation and the War of 1812 Bicentennial events.   If you have questions or comments about the information below, please contact the Member Service Center at service@... or 800.356.5760.  Thanks!  Bill Waylett  
    Featured Sections:
    I.    National Convention Report
    II.   Membership
    III.  Public Relations
    IV. Development
    V.  Announcements 
    I.  National Convention Report
    Our 2010 Navy League National Convention was held in Jacksonville, Florida from October 18-24, 2010.  There were over 30 Council Presidents in attendance!   
    Convention Highlights.
            •   National Elections
                Officers for the 2010-2011 Year are
                        National President – Daniel B. Branch, Jr.
                        National Vice Presidents with Portfolio:
                        Pamela K. Ammerman – Youth
                        Karen L. Crawford – Public Affairs & Education
                        Patricia DuMont – Legislative Affairs
                        Philip L. Dunmire – Corporate Affairs & Development
                        Thomas E. Jaffa – Membership, Marketing & Information Technology
                        William R. Keller – Region, Area & Council Presidents Liaison
                        Richard H. Kennedy – Finance
                        William A. Kopper – International Affairs
                        Robert Sutton – Sea Services Liaison
                        David N. Todd – Strategic Planning
            National Corporate Secretary – Al J. Bernard
            National Treasurer – Alan Kaplan
            National Judge Advocate – Rockwell O’Sheill
            Chairman, National Advisory Committee – J. Michael McGrath
            Region Presidents:
                        Caribbean/Mexico – Thomas W. Hoffman
                        Empire – William J. Evanzia
                        European – Betty Reese
                        Florida – William E. Dudley
                        Great Lakes – Bobby V. Ferguson
                        Liberty – Patrick E. Pang
                        Lone Star – R. Glenn Looney
                        Midwest – Doyle Wilhite
                        New England – George A. Wardwell
                        Northwest – James M. Lasher
                        Pacific – Nora Ruebrook
                        Pacific Central – Bonnie B. Potter
                        Pacific Southwest – Lisa K. Macklin
                        Rocky Mountain – Stephen W. Kelly
                        South Atlantic Coast – David J. Reilly
                        Southern – Thomas J. McGuire
            • Distinguished Visitors/Speakers:
                        John Peyton, Mayor, Jacksonville, Florida
                        Ander Crenshaw, US Representative, FL-4th District
                        James Caponiti, Assistant Administrator, Maritime Administration
                        ADM Gary Roughead, USN, Chief of Naval Operations
                        RADM Mark H. Buzby, USN, Commander, Military Sealift Command
                        RADM Matthew Klunder, USN, Director, Intelligence, Surveillance &  
                            Reconnaissance (ISR) Capabilities Division
                        RADM William D. Baumgartner, USCG, Commander, Seventh Coast
                            Guard District
                        RDML James A. Watson, USCG, Deputy Commander, Atlantic Area
                        RDML Keith Taylor, USCG, Asst. Commandant for Resources & CFO
                        Captain Anthony Cooper, USN, Deputy Chief of Information
                        Major Victor M. Ruble, USMC, Inspector-Instructor Company B, 4th
                            Assault Amphibian Battalion
            •   Awards:
                        Secretary of the Navy Distinguished Public Service Award – J. William
                            Middendorf II
                        Secretary of the Navy Superior Public Service Award – Donald A. Giles
                        Secretary of the Navy Meritorious Public Service Award – Keith F. Post
                        Coast Guard Distinguished Public Service Award – Keith F. Post
                        NLUS Distinguished Service Award – Jack F. Ritter, Jr. and Richard M.
                        Elected to the Navy League Hall of Fame were Glen J. Huber and Lou
            •   Staff Announcement.
            The Navy League’s newest Department Head was introduced at the Convention:
            Kevin J. Traver, Senior Director of Corporate Affairs & Development -
                        Kevin joined the United States Marine Corp in 1985 and served for 10
                        years, then returned to Connecticut to complete his BA and MA at the
                        University of Connecticut.  Kevin served as Campaign Director for
                        Congressman Rob Simmonds, CT-2nd District in 2002, followed by
                        positions as Senior Director, Corporate Relations of the U.S. Chamber of
                        Commerce, and Executive Director of the National Maritime Heritage
                        Foundation before joining the Navy League this month.
    Additional information will be published soon at the NLUS Convention Web Site:  Navy League National Convention 2010 
    Council Activities at the Convention
    Listed below are some of the events and workshops conducted at the Convention for council attendees: 
                    • Council President’s Breakfast with the National President
                    • Recruiting and retention best practices forum and workshop
                    • Council Tax-Exempt Status Workshop
                    • Community Service Organization Presentation (CSOP) Workshop
                    • Council Financial Audits Workshop
                    • New Council President Workshop
                    • Strategic Planning – Introduction of the Navy League’s 2010-2012 Plan
                    • Centennial of Naval Aviation Presentation
                    • Bicentennial War of 1812 Commemoration
    In addition, we again shared the best ideas from the field in our 3rd annual Innovations Expo.
    II.  Membership
    4th Quarter 2010 Membership Contest!
    Sponsor or give a Navy League membership to a friend or family member this Holiday Season, and be entered into a drawing for $500! Each membership you submit between 10/01/2010 and 12/31/2010 using the special membership form on our website’s membership page, or online using PRIORITY CODE 4Q2010, will count as one contest entry. You could even use an application that you currently have and just write the code along the top! The winner will be announced in February 2011’s Council Alert and President’s message. (P.S. Word on the street is that there may be more prizes added to this contest to sweeten the pot – we’ll let you know soon!) Good luck!
    To be eligible for the contest you must:
            1.  Be a member of the Navy League
            2.  Use the official contest form or write the Priority code 4Q2010 on an
                 application you already have; or
            3.  Submit an online application and fill in the Priority Code field with 4Q2010
            4.  Complete the sponsor information section
            5.  Submit the application after October 1, 2010, and on or before December
                 31, 2010. Applications must be postmarked or received electronically by
    Good luck!
    3rd Quarter Rebates
    Third quarter rebates were slightly delayed due to the timing of the Annual Meeting this year, but will be in the mail shortly.  The rebates have been processed for new members and renewals received between July 1 and September 30, 2010.  ONLY COUNCILS IN GOOD STANDING ARE ELIGIBLE FOR REBATES, and submission of an Annual Report is one of the conditions that place a council in good standing.  If your council’s report has not yet been submitted, please submit the report before December 31st to receive Fourth Quarter rebates.
    New Membership Directory
    We are in the early stages of producing a new Membership Directory. The last one was produced and released in 2007.  This directory is scheduled to be delivered in the first quarter or so of 2011.  Members will soon be receiving fliers and post cards from Harris Connect asking them to call and verify their contact information, and we will keep you posted on the progress and when you can expect calls from representatives of the company that is producing the directory. 
    This new edition will be a full-color version with eye-catching cover graphics. Members will be able to submit a photograph electronically to be included in the front section of the directory. It promises to be a great coffee table book that you can proudly display. Members will also get an electronic copy of the Directory on CD. Please encourage your fellow members to update their information when they receive their notifications and encourage them to consider submitting a photo of themselves. 
    Recruiting and Retention Update
    In 2008, we had 8 Councils with 80% or higher retention. In 2009, we had 13. So far this year, we have 111 Councils with 80% or higher retention and six Regions (Empire, Liberty, Midwest, New England, Pacific Central, and South Atlantic Coast) with 79% or higher retention! This is an amazing feat!  We need more of the large Councils to ramp up their retention, and everyone needs to help the recruiting to match the intensity of the retention.  Seriously – if you’re reading this, go out and get a member. With a massive recruiting push (use the contest above!), we would be growing again as an organization by the end of the year. I know we can do it.
    III.  Public Relations
    Centennial of Naval Aviation Events
    The birth of Naval Aviation is recognized on May 1, 1911, the date of the contract for purchase of the Navy’s first aircraft.  An aggressive schedule of appearances by Naval Aircraft are scheduled throughout the year (see the schedule at
    http://www.public.navy.mil/airfor/centennial/Pages/Events.aspx).  Council leaders who want to participate in any of these events can contact the Centennial History Director, Captain Rich Dann, USN, Richard.dann@..., or call (619) 545-1899.  The Centennial Office is sponsored by Commander, Naval Air Forces, and is located at Naval Air Station North Island, San Diego, CA.
    War of 1812 Bicentennial Events
    On June 18th, 1812, President James Madison and the United States Congress declared war on Great Britain.  The ensuing conflict involved many battles throughout the continent over the next two years before peace was negotiated.  The Navy History & Heritage Command will be sponsoring events at key battle sites over the two-year bicentennial period.  Stay alert for announcements of these bicentennial events at http://www.visit1812.com/.
    Social Networking
    Social Networking has become a force for communications in America today.  Social networks with Navy League participation include Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.
    Councils considering a Facebook or Twitter account should consider the following guidelines for these postings:
            - Postings should relate to the mission and goals of the Navy League;
            - Users are responsible for the content of the posting;
            - Personal, commercial and political postings are prohibited;
            - Administrators must monitor and delete postings that are abusive, defamatory,
              obscene, violate copyright or trademark laws, or posting that violate local, state
              or federal law; and
            - All postings should be relevant, timely and informative.
    Since postings are potentially available to anyone on the internet and remain indefinitely, discretion is clearly warranted.  Personal information should be protected by privacy settings and “friends” should be people you know.
    The Navy League’s “Guidelines for Facebook and Twitter Submissions” can be requested from Bill Waylett, wwaylett@....
    IV.  Development
    Please help Navy League Meet 2010 President’s Circle Membership Goal
    The President’s Circle is made up of Navy League’s most loyal and consistent donors.  Not only are you active in your local Councils, but your generosity also extends to supporting critical national programs of the Navy League.  
    We presently have 80 President’s Circle members.  Our year-end goal is 100 members.  Please consider making a $1,000 contribution if you have not already done so.  If you wish,you may pay on an installment plan and have your gift deducted directly out of your account. 
    Check: Payable to Navy League of the United States; 2300 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 200, Arlington, VA  22201.
    Phone: Call Navy League Development Office at (800) 356-5760 or (703) 312-1585
    Thank you to our current President’s Circle members.  And, thank you to Navy League  members who respond to this request.  We are so grateful for your support.
    Mike Carter, Director of Development - (703) 312-1585 or mcarter@....
    Navy League Address Label Campaign
    Our popular address label campaign will begin at the end of October so you’ll have them for the Holidays.  Please support this campaign with a donation this year.  We appreciate your continued support.
    V. Announcements
    1. Military Family Appreciation Month
    The President has declared the month of November as Military Family Appreciation Month, stating:  “I call on all Americans to honor military families through private actions and public service for the tremendous contributions they make in the support of our service members and our Nation.”  Councils that want to honor Military Families should contact their local military facilities to coordinate with activities planned by these military facilities
    2. SEAPOWER Almanac Early Bird Special and 2010 Almanac sale
    The SEAPOWER Almanac makes a great gift and can serve as a fabulous marketing and membership recruiting tool.  Pre-order between now and Dec. 31 and receive the 2011 Almanac for $17.50 — that’s $5 off the cover price and FREE shipping!  To reserve your additional copies today, have your credit card handy and call SEAPOWER Director of Publications Kerri Carpenter at 703-312-1582, or e-mail her at kcarpenter@.... You still may order the 2010 SEAPOWER Almanac for $12 each using the form for mailing at:  http://www.navyleague.org/sea_power/documents/order_form.pdf 
    3. Council Website Maintenance
    A council website is most effective in reaching the public at large if it always includes current information.  Council webmasters should also provide links to the National website www.navyleague.org and perhaps some of our partner sites.  Council leaders should try to provide new information for the website at least weekly.  Materials can be extracted from the National website if your webmaster is having difficulty finding new information to post.  IT Committee members plan to contact individual council webmasters to discuss ideas for website improvements.
    4. November SEAPOWER  posted online
    The November digital edition of SEAPOWER is now posted on our website at www.seapower-digital.com/seapower/.   This edition features a Special Report on Defense Spending & Program Review, and an interview with David Matsuda, Maritime Administrator, U.S. Maritime Administration.  It also includes Sea Service news, the award of the National Capital Council’s  Sea Services Award to Senator Thad Cochran of Mississippi, and many articles about council support of the sea services and youth groups.
    5.  IRS Notices and Assistance
    a.   IRS Seeks Applicants for TE/GE Advisory Committee.  The IRS is seeking applications for vacancies on the Advisory Committee on Tax-Exempt and Government Entities (ACT). The ACT provides the IRS with regular input from representatives of the TE/GE community on IRS policies and procedures. Vacancies are currently available for representatives from the following customer segments: 
                    •     Exempt organizations (2)
                    •     Employee Plans (2)
                    •     Tax Exempt Bonds (1)
                    •     Indian Tribal Governments (2)
                    •     Federal, State, and Local Governments (3)
    A notice published in the October 28 Federal Register contains more information about the ACT and the application process.
    b.  The final 2010 Workshops for Small and Mid-Size 501.c.3 Organizations is scheduled December 7-8, 2010 in Phoenix, AZ at the Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Innovation, Arizona State University.
    This one-day workshop, presented by experienced Exempt Organizations specialists, will explain what 501(c)(3) organizations must do to keep their tax-exempt status and comply with tax obligations. This popular introductory workshop is designed especially for administrators or volunteers who are responsible for an organization's tax compliance as well as those interested in careers in the nonprofit sector.
    Go to the IRS Calendar of Events for more information about upcoming workshops.
    6. Upcoming Dates, Deadlines and Events
    Nov. 1-30 Military Family Appreciation Month
    Nov. 2   Election Day – your vote counts!
    Nov. 7   Daylight Savings Time ends
    Nov. 10  US Marine Corps’ 235th Birthday – fly the flag
    Nov. 11  Veteran’s Day – fly the flag
    Nov. 25  Thanksgiving Day
    The Navy League supports morale-enhancing efforts for service members and their families.  Celebrate Military Family Appreciation Month by showcasing our Sea Services in your council publications, programs and your website.  Celebrate the US Marine Corps’ Birthday.
    Member Services
    The NLUS Council Alert is prepared by Bill Waylett, Sr. Dir. for Regional Activities
    wwaylett@... or 703-528-1775

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