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California Marine and Intermodal Transportation System Advisory Council (CALMITSAC) Meeting Nov. 3

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  • Pacific Merchant Marine Council
    The California Marine and Intermodal Transportation System Advisory Council had another good meeting yesterday. A growing number, currently about 25%, of
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2010
    The California Marine and Intermodal Transportation System Advisory Council had another good meeting yesterday. A growing number, currently about 25%, of CALMITSAC members in attendance at this meeting are members of our Pacific Merchant Marine Council. In attendance were:
    • Bob Dockendorff, Chair
    • John Amos, President, Propeller Club President & Amos Logistics President and CEO
    • Peter Dailey, Port of San Francisco
    • Phelps Hobart, Council Representative
    • John Hummer, MARAD Northern California Gateway Director
    • Lynn Korwatch, San Francisco Marine Exchange Executive Director

    • Michael Nerney, Port of San Francisco

    Interest was expressed by other to join. Anticipate seeing the above and others at our 20 December luncheon.

    I didn't take minutes of the meeting but I wrote down a few comments as we progressed through the agenda. I will make a few notations on the agenda below. More transpired than I can possibly report on.
    Telephone me if you care to discuss any particular item further.
    (916) 739-6949

    California Marine and Intermodal Transportation System Advisory Council
    The Ferry Building – One Ferry Building, San Francisco, CA 94111
    Port Commission Hearing Room – Second Floor
    November 3, 2010, 10:00 A.M. – 3:30 P.M.
    Wonderful large space for the meeting. Large picture windows overlooking the Bay and the ferries coming and going with commuters and Giants fans in the city for the 1100 parade. The meeting was hosted by the Port of San Francisco, plenty of coffee, bottled water, and cookies. Later Michael distributed coveted Port of San Francisco ball caps.

    Opening Comments – Bob Dockendorff, Chair
    Port of San Francisco Executive Director Monique Moyer welcomed us and briefly talked about the port's history. Seems she was instrumental in the transfer of the port from the State of California to San Francisco and afterwards putting the port on a firm financial footing. Marine Highway/Short Sea Shipping came up; San Francisco anticipates using trucks and trains to haul its garbage north to a dump near Wheatland. Maybe barges could be used for part of the journey - like New York City.

    MARAD update
    Recent big event was the Green Trade Corridor Ceremony in Stockton 26 October. See http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PMMC-NLUS/message/834.
    Port of Oakland is proceeding with going "Cold Iron."
    Development and MARAD support for "M-5" corridor paralleling I-5. Expanded uses of barges up and down the Pacific Coast. More infrastructure needed to get containers, etc. off highways. Compete with railroads? See: West Coast Corridor Coalition, http://www.marad.dot.gov/documents/MarineHighwayPPTConversionWicker.pdf.
    Mare Island dry-dock approved to break-up retired ships residing in Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet. Potential effect on the BAE shipyard in San Francisco since ships to be scrapped won't have to be prepared for towing to Texas. See: http://www.baycrossings.com/dispnews.asp?id=2423.

    Green Corridor Update
    Strategic Planning Task Force Report
    Dick Coyle and Tom O’Brien
    Work continues on revising the CALMITSAC mission. Special roll to communicate to state elected officials, especially incoming ones, the roll of maritime commerce in the intermodal transportation matrix.  

    CALMITSAC Application for Seat on MTSNAC
    Maritime Administration National Advisory Council (MTSNAC) being reestablished. Nomination for membership deadline 17 November. CALMITSAC will apply for membership. NLUS should as well - I will attend to that. See http://mtsnac.org. Reprehensive can't be a registered lobbyist.

    Long Beach Prop. D Outcome and Aftermath
    The City of Long Beach has some sizable debts due to the Queen Mary and the aquarium and questionable city management. The Port of Long Beach is well run. The city now as authority to transfer funds from the port to the city. Oil and revenue from pumping it is also involved on port property. For the most part the business community opposed local Prop D; it was approved by the voters. Outcome does not look favorable in the long run for the port to remain completive. A financial audit may be appropriate in the analysis of the situation.
    California State Lands Commission staff report and action (if any)
    There have been and continue to be retirements in the upper echelons of the commission. Staff cuts too. More work for those remaining on board. Commission is involved with port real estate.

    Election analysis
                Discussion on state and national results – implications
                Strategy for a collaborative briefing effort
                            State-Federal electeds and agencies
                Joint Briefing for members of legislature and staffs.
                Proposed Sub-committee representing
                                        Vessel and Terminal operators
    CALTRANS Goods Movement Division
    Control and leasing of container chassis
    California Air Resources Board
                Rob Oglesby
    Maritime Transportation System Leadership Seminar
    National Freight and Maritime initiatives
                Importance and strategy for action
    SPOTLIGHT ON MEMBER -- Port of San Francisco
    Next meetings 
    January 19- Sacramento
    April. 6 - Long Beach
    June 29 – Oakland

    Dear colleagues:
    Our next CALMITSAC meeting is to be held on Wednesday November 3, 2010 in San Francisco at:
    The Ferry Building
    One Ferry Building
    Port Commission Hearing Room, 2nd Floor
    San Francisco, CA 94111
    10:00 A.M. until 3:30 P.M.
    As an exciting bonus, Autodesk, Inc. an international giant in the fields of engineering and architectural software has graciously offered to host lunch for this meeting and offer us a tour of their well-recognized Gallery.  Among the projects for which their software is used is the new eastern Bay Bridge construction project.  They also manage a contract with CalTrans for design software. 
    You may read more about this gallery by going to:  www.autodesk.com/gallery  
    It is critical we have an accurate count for the lunch and tour.  Please RSVP no later than NOON on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 29 to:
    We have, as you will see from the attached agenda, a full and important day of work ahead of us.
    I look forward to being with you,
    Bob Dockendorff, Chair

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    Dear Colleagues:  Attached you will find a letter from Chair Bob Dockendorff giving you important and timely details of our meeting.  Additionally, we are enclosing a preliminary agenda for our meeting.  It promises to be a productive day.



    "No one is exempt from the call to find common ground"

    Norman Fassler-Katz, Sr. Consultant
    Senate Transportation
    Sub-Committee on California Ports and Goods Movement
    Legislative Office Building-Room 554
    1020 N Street
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    916-651-1893 (direct)
    916-651-1894 (committee office)
    916-324-7081 (fax)
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