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Re: Fw: WARNING Bay Area vessel operators to watch for Whales

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    Anyone for a whale watching trip out to the Farallons? Phelps ... From: NOAA Gulf of the Farallones Media-Public Outreach To:
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 12, 2010
      Anyone for a whale watching trip out to the Farallons?


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      Sent: Tuesday, October 12, 2010 11:18 AM
      Subject: Mariners Warn about Whale Shipstrike

      Hello all mariners

      The cause of death of the female blue whale and her fetus found earlier this week at Pescadero has been tentatively identified by the California Academy of Sciences as shipstrike related. Three broken vertebrae on the mother, plus hemorrhaging on other tissues, are indicative, if not conclusive.

      Bay Area warning for vessel operators to watch out for whales that are persisting here in high numbers, mostly feeding aggregations of humpbacks, and blue whales.

      Biologists on the Farallon Islands continue to see as many as 50 at a time, and many of them are in shipping lanes to the south, southwest and southeast of the Farallon Islands.

      When whales are feeding, they may be so focused on feeding, they are especially vulnerable to shipstrike. They may also not be able to detect the direction or speed of an oncoming vessel, the very bulk of the bow of a ship may \"mask\" the sound of the engines at the stern, or the whale may need to surface for air after a prolonged dive and not detect danger overhead.

      Please Contact,

      Mary Jane Schramm
      Media-Public Outreach
      (415) 561-6622 x205
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