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Re: [PMMC-NLUS] California Maritime Academy Propeller

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    All Hands, I saw a T-2 Tanker on the board at the Sailors Union of the Pacific in 1967..SS Arizona Standard (Formerly Trans Pacific)...In Richmond....I threw
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      All Hands,

      I saw a T-2 Tanker on the board at the Sailors' Union of the Pacific in 1967..SS Arizona Standard (Formerly Trans Pacific)...In Richmond....I threw in for the job (AB) because I believed my friend Flynn was aboard...I arrived at the ship via a tug, as she was on the hook....made one pass, then on the next pass I threw my sea bag at a large man on deck and jumped...The man turned out to be the Chief Mate, Jack Tetard, the best CM I ever sailed with...Flynn had signed off, but I stayed for about 9 months....the Captain was Capt Roark, a real good ship handler and skipper( all the Chevron officers were excellent ship handlers, the Masters and some of the Mates had pilotage for all ports they sailed to)....Ernest Gann (the author)son was a CM with Standard oil)...the crew were wonderful, and taught me a lot...we were a black oil tanker running to Alaska, Hawaii and California...the triangle...the T-2 is the largest number of a  class of ship ever built (some 567) except for the Liberty (EC-2) many were built at Marinship in Marin County, by Kaiser......we would sail out of Richmond with a "bone in her teeth" straight thru the Racoon Straits (seperating Tiburon from Angle Island)....North to Alaska (Kenai penninsula), sometimes stopping at Prince Rupert, Canada in the Pricess Charolette Sound,where Mr "Tea-turd" (Tetard) as he was affectionately called and the crew would load up on Canadan peanut butter(super rich)..when the CM went on vacation he always gave us his peanut butter, because he couldn't take it home (his wife, concerned with his chubbiness forbid him to eat it)...Later I sailed under another  great skipper, Angus Mac Phereson...he knew I was outstanding with a palm and needle, and asked me to make him a seabag (for 8 hours O/T)I sailed into Richmond Long Wharf and called home to say hi to my Mom, Dad, and two brothers....My  mother told me that my dad had died and needed me home to bury him and take care of other matters....I went up to the old man's cabin and told him what had happened....he told me to say nothing to anyone......go home and take care of my mom and little bros.  and rejoin the ship in 10 days on her return from El Sugundo/LA/etc...I followed his advice and was waiting on the Long Wharf a day early when a terrible tradgedy occurred...I was hauling stores and stowing them aboard another T-2 when a yard bird fell off the ship between the pier and the ship...someone hollered "man overboard, and we all rushed to the side...the man didn't surface(he was wearing carpenter's overalls with tools..all we could se was bubbles..I took off my shoes and jumped...the water was freezing!...I dived down and felt the man with my foot....the next time I managed to snag him and bring him up...a boat was waiting and took him off my hands..his head was bashed in and his arm was horribly broken......... the ambulance came and gave him o2 for the longest time,but he died..I was told he had 10 children...T-2's were a great ship..after the war some were "Jumboized"...they cut 'em in half and added a section to make them larger...true, the Navy had some, but later came the T-3's which were refered to as "Navy Tankers"
        Capatin KC O'Brien, MMP ret

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      Ahoy Members and Friends,
      I know some of you served on T-2 tankers...

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