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First Female Air Wing CO Reports This Fall CVW 14, NAS Lemoore

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  • Phelps Hobart
    Mervyn Silberberg, Hal, life member of the San Francisco Council since 1986, consistently finds interesting items related to our nation and national defense
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      Mervyn Silberberg, Hal, life member of the San Francisco Council since 1986, consistently finds interesting items related to our nation and national defense which he forwards on to a growing list of appreciative readers. BRAVO ZULU Hal.
      Here is one with an impact right here within the Pacific Central Region. Contact him if you care to be added to his distribution list.
      Remember, the region is always interested in news, announcements, and invitations to events to pass along to others in our 25 councils. For invitations, earlier is better than later, if you desire to see it promulgated in council newsletters and on council websites.
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      Subj: First Female Air Wing CO Reports This Fall
      Very few people were around to remember that during WWII, women flew all kinds of aircraft all over the world.  Most were ferrying them to overseas bases, but they flew thousands of missions. There was the WAAC, the Womens Army Air Corps, and the WAC, the Womens Army Corps.  When I was in the Army in the 'fifties, the services had not yet been combined.  That would not happen until 1978 or thereabouts.  Now there is no longer a demarcation between combat and non-combat jobs for women. While they are not included in "combat arms", such as armored, artillery, EOD, and Infantry, they are in Transportation and are shot at all the time.  In fact, you might remember a female Army National guard sergeant whose convoy was ambushed and she grabbed her M-16 and charged killing a bunch.  She ran them down and shot them.  Also, as I recall she was awarded the Silver Star which is only a combat medal.  Oh, yes, she was from Kentucky.

      First Female Air Wing CO Reports This Fall

      Cmdr. Sara Joyner, the first woman selected to head a carrier air wing, will report to Carrier Air Wing 14 later this year, Navy Times has learned.

      “Commander Joyner will be promoted to captain in September and is scheduled to report to Carrier Air Wing 14 very soon after,” said Navy spokesman Lt. Nate Christensen. “Of course, those things are always subject to change, but that is the plan right now.”

      Joyner will become the air wing’s deputy commander, and “fleet up” to become its commander 12 to 18 months after arriving.

      Joyner, through the spokesman, said she did not want to give interviews until she arrives at the command, out of respect to the current leadership.

      CVW 14 is based at Naval Air Station Lemoore, Calif. Its eight squadrons have been attached to the carrier Ronald Reagan since February 2005. Since that time, the wing deployed aboard the carrier four times in as many years.

      The three-time Battle “E” award-winning carrier is concluding a six-month planned incremental availability, a scheduled maintenance period designed to upgrade ship systems and quality of life for its sailors.

      Joyner, a Naval Academy graduate, joined naval aviation in 1991 — two years before Congress changed the rules to allow women in combat roles.

      Being one of the first women warriors who served amid the change was difficult, Joyner said in a 2008 Navy release.

      “Recognition and respect grew each year as we proved that women could be valuable members of the Navy. ... We didn’t attempt to lessen the Navy’s demands, but instead worked as part of the team to excel as equals,” she said.

      Today, there are 317 female pilots, representing 4.2 percent of the Navy’s total, and 228 naval flight officers, which is 6.9 percent of that field.

      Joyner has more than 3,300 flight hours and 600 traps. She has flown the A-4 Skyhawk with two composite squadrons and the F/A-18 Hornet with three fighter squadrons.

      Notably, she was the first woman to command an operational fighter squadron, Strike Fighter Squadron 105, the Gunslingers. She took the stick in March 2007 and led the Gunslingers during a seven-month combat deployment aboard the carrier Harry S. Truman. The squadron flew more than 1,880 combat missions and delivered more than 35,000 pounds of ordnance in support of coalition ground troops in Iraq, according to Navy records.


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