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    From: Wayne McCormick [mailto:wmccormick@...]
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    Subject:America 's Marine Highways E-Newsletter


    Dear friends ofAmerica ’s Marine Highways,


    Welcome to the new "AmericasMarineHighways.com (AMH) E-Newsletter" (see attached). 


    This is the first edition of a new E-newsletter that aims to keep the viewership of AMH.com and other interested parties apprised of recent news and developments that relate to 'Marine Highways' and 'Short Sea Shipping' here in the U.S. The newsletters will be brief, informative, current, and will be sent about once a month.


    I invite input from the stakeholder community and am interested in fostering a collaborative effort if you or your organization wants to contribute, has something that is newsworthy, or will help with this effort.


    Please feel free to “spread the word” and forward this email to anybody you feel would be interested in subscribing as well.


    The link for the E-Newsletter can also be found on the website here:




    Best regards,


    Wayne McCormick, Webmaster


    Website     http://www.americasmarinehighways.com/


    Twitter      http://twitter.com/wmccormick_AMH


    Email        mailto:wmccormick@...


    Cell           619-992-0501


    AMH logo



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