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Navy League Grassroots Legislative Initiative Training Session 1200 Noon PDT, Tuesday, 6 May 2010

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  • Pacific Merchant Marine Council
    Ahoy Navy Leaguers! I know you have heard of this program; A noon conference call with William Waylett Tuesday May 6 will be a first step to become involved at
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 5, 2010
      Ahoy Navy Leaguers!
      I know you have heard of this program; A noon conference call with William Waylett Tuesday May 6 will be a first step to become involved at our council level. The Pacific Central Region needs you and our council's involvement! Let's shine on this; we have Representatives throughout the Bay Area and elsewhere so there is plenty of opportunity to visit a number of field offices.
      I invite you and other Pacific Merchant Marine Council members to participate but first, if willing, please reply back right away by E-mail, PMMC at cwo dot com, and I will provide a half dozen attachments to be read prior to the noon conference call.
      Thank you for those willing.
      There will be more conference calls with Bill on this program and the new NLUS Community Service Organization Program. CSOP is a NLUS plan for public speakers before service clubs and such groups to educate their members about the Navy League and the needs of the sea services.
      Anchors Aweigh for the Training.
      Heave Ho,
      Phelps Hobart
      President, Pacific Merchant Marine Council, NLUS
      Vice President, Pacific Central Region, NLUS
      PMMC at cwo dot com
      (916) 739-6949
      Navy League Grassroots Legislative Initiative Training Session 1200 Noon, Tuesday, 6 May 2010
      A Workshop
      Purpose:  To present the Navy League’s Grassroots Legislative Initiative and discuss the duties and responsibilities of various field leaders in implementing and managing this program.
      Learning Objectives:
      1.              Discuss the purpose of organizing the grassroots of the Navy League to present legislative issues.
      2.              Understand the organization of the NLUS Grassroots Legislative Initiative.
      3.              Understand the process for calling on a member of congress.
      4.              Discuss issues related to calling on members of congress – Q & A, do’s and don’ts.
      5.              Practice a presentation to a member of congress.
      6.              Understand the reporting and administrative duties from calling on a member of congress.
      1.              Brainstorm the question: “Why does the Navy League want to have an effective local legislative program?”
      2.              Present the NLUS Grassroots Legislative Initiative – purpose, goals, organization and schedule.
      3.              Present and discuss the steps to prepare for a call on a member of congress.
      4.              Practice a presentation to a member of congress.
      5.              Present and discuss the reporting and administrative duties after a call.
      6.              Present current status of the program.
      7.              Plan next steps.
      Time Limit:    1-1/4 hour during the Workshop
      Additional Details:
      The Navy League’s legislative activities have traditionally been organized and delivered in Washington, DC under the direction of the National President and the National Vice President of Legislative Affairs.  As noted previously, headquarters staff members have been responsible for most of the activity.  However, the major challenges facing our Sea Services today warrant an initiative to expand our efforts to the field.  Furthermore, local contact can be highly effective because the person making the call on a congressional member is a constituent.  Some major challenges that can be addressed locally include:
      • The size and makeup of our naval forces – are we configured to win the current war and continue to plan for future potential conflicts?
      • Expansion of the duties of the Coast Guard after 9/11 and the need for adequate resources.
      • The continuing decline in the US-flagged merchant fleet.
      • Encroachment on existing military installations and its negative effect on training and readiness.
       Compounding the challenges above is the fact that fewer members of congress have served in the military and many don’t understand the difficulties facing our young people serving today.
      The Navy League has been working to expand the involvement of local councils in legislative affairs. Council members are constituents of their elected representatives and thus can provide voter feedback to these representatives.  The council member’s concern is perceived as an independent view, not the output of a lobbying effort from a Washington association inside the Beltway.  The calls are made locally, thus enabling the council member to get to know the representative’s local staff, who can be helpful in any legislative effort. 
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      From: Waylett Jr, William J.
      To: Phelps Hobart
      Sent: Monday, April 05, 2010 8:48 AM
      Subject: Grassroots Legislative Presentation One Training Tuesday 4-6-10, 3 p.m. EDT

      Good afternoon, all.  Attached are the materials for the subject P1 training session tomorrow.  Please call 1-800-914-8405, then enter access code 4528101# when prompted.  I'll open the line before 3 p.m.  Note: All documents open in MS Word.  Warm regards, Bill

      Bill Waylett
      Senior Director of Regional Activities
      Navy League of the United States
      wwaylett at navyleague dot org
      1-800-356-5760, X1593
      1-703-312-1593 (direct)
      1-703-731-5907 (cell)
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