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FW: Confronting the mighty seas for 35 years

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  • Sam Sause
    ; Yo PMMC Council and any other navy leaguers on this yahoo list - For all of you that have sailed the high seas, or have wanted to, will enjoy the article
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 21, 2010
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      Yo PMMC Council Navy Leaguers and others – For all of you that have sailed the high seas,  or have wanted to, I hope you will enjoy the article below about a tugboat skipper’s reflections on a 35 year career for Sause Bros Ocean Towing.  I sent it to Phelps and he recommended I share it with you – It is a great read and was especially interesting to me.  Although I have only  met the skipper once or twice  (and that was many years ago ) I  actually knew the others Moe mentions in his remarks.  My Father, Henry Sause Jr., was one of the founding brothers of Sause Bros back in 1948   I spent summers working for the company through high school and college.  





      Confronting the mighty seas for 35 years: Tugboat engineer and captain Moe Johnson relives his life at sea

      Published: February 18, 2010

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