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Fw: From Dan Branch, Recent trips reports and information for leaders

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    Ahoy Members and Friends, Simply a heads-up on what our NLUS National President has been doing recently. Not mentioned is a continuing changing of the guard at
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 25, 2010
      Ahoy Members and Friends,
      Simply a heads-up on what our NLUS National President has been doing recently. Not mentioned is a continuing changing of the guard at NLUS Headquarters in Arlington Virginia.
      It would be wonderful to have him aboard the O'BRIEN for lunch. Stand by - if he and his wife make a San Francisco port call we will schedule a reception aboard. Others on our invitation list include the Administrator of the Maritime Administration (Nominee), David T. Matsuda, and the new Commander of the Military Sea Lift Command. Rear Admiral Mark Buzby, http://www.navy.mil/navydata/bios/navybio.asp?bioID=63.
      PS Let me know if you would like to receive Pacific Central Region Online Newsletter posts. Not everything I post there, I believe applicable to our council posts.
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      Subject: Fw: From Dan Branch, Recent trips reports and information for leaders
      Any councils or individuals interested in hosting our NLUS National President Dan Branch and his wife Kathleen? Possible 2010 dates are the USCG Cutter WAESCHE commissioning May 7, http://www.uscgcwaesche.com, our next Pacific Central Region (date, time, place to be announced), or San Francisco Fleet Week, October 7 - 12, http://fleetweek.us.*
      Phelps Hobart
      Web Yeoman
      Pacific Central Region, NLUS
      * That's a new URL for the event; the 2010 San Francisco Fleet Week has Major General Michael Myatt USMC (Ret) as Chairman. He with the Marines' Memorial Club and Hotel in San Francisco, http://www.marineclub.com, is a Community Affiliate member of the San Franicisco Council
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      From: Daniel Branch Jr.
      Sent: Monday, January 25, 2010 8:09 AM
      Subject: From Dan Branch, Recent trips reports and information for leaders

      Trip reports for the National President, January 2010, and information for leadership


      In addition to being in HQ in early January, Kathleen and I visited Pacific Northwest and the Puget Sound area during the week of January 11, 2010.  Hosting were Carol Meteney, Ken Sparks, and Beth Munns.  During the week we visited and toured Naval Station Everett, Submarine Base Bangor, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Naval Undersea Warfare Center Keyport, Naval Air Station Whitbey Island, Todd Shipyard in Seattle, Coast Guard Base Seattle, Naval Hospitals Bangor and Whidbey Island, Captain of the Port Seattle, Ice Breaker Polar Star, USCG Cutter Midgett, drydocks, submarines, and surface ships, aircraft in Whitbey including the new Growler, and Naval Base Kitsap.  We had wonderful interface with the Navy and Coast Guard commands in the area, and individuals from the Councils in Lake Washington, Seattle , Oak Harbor , Bellingham , Bremerton , and Everett .  Each major command Commanding Officer or Commander (the area Admirals) briefed me in detail.  All had close contact with our Navy Leaguers. Major events were held by Lake Washington Council (celebrating their 10th anniversary), Bremerton and Oak Harbor Councils, and two large receptions hosted by Rear Admiral James Symonds, USN, Commander Navy Region Northwest. One very informative visit was to the Fleet and Family Support Center at Naval Base Kitsap.  The centers are an invaluable resource for our service members and families, and I highly encourage all Navy Leaguers near a base to visit and interface with them for IA  support, wounded warriors, family support and the like.  They have wonderful programs in place that our members can very easily actively support at the local level.  It is a pleasure to report that all of the Navy Leaguers and the military leadership were enthusiastic, engaged together, and extremely supportive of what we are trying to accomplish.  In addition we were able to hold a Navy League business meeting of local leaders for three hours to discuss our major items of emphasis and our plans for moving forward in the Navy League.  All were conversant with our thrust to influence stopping the decline of the fleet and to start to build to the levels the Navy needs.  Many thanks to Carol Meterney, Ken Sparks. and Beth Munns for making the 5 day trip productive and informative, and very fun and enjoyable.


      On January 20, Kathleen and I visited the Santa Barbara Council.  They hosted CNO Admiral Gary Roughead, USN and us for the annual meeting of their membership for turnover of Council leadership.  Karen Crawford completed her five years as Council President, and CNO presented her with the Navy's Superior Service Medal in recognition of all that she and her council have done for the Navy.  Thanks to Ken and Karen Crawford for making our visit so worthwhile and productive.


      On January 21, Kathleen and I attended the Denver Council dinner meeting where Rear Admiral Phil Wisecup, USN, President of the Naval War College gave an informative and interesting presentation on the Naval War College located in Newport , RI .  In the case of Denver and all of the Councils I visited in January, there were many Sea Cadets, active duty military, and reservists in attendance.  Thanks to Council President Jamie Arrison, Region President Bill Marshall, and Area President Steve Kelly.    


      On the horizon is a trip to the Fort Lauderdale Council January 30 for their Gala event.  CNO will be present for that event.  For information, I am holding a several hours Navy League business meeting to review our important issue areas and to receive feebdback from the field.  So far they have been productive and they are the routine in all of my trips. 


      For information, we have received a lot of good mileage from the January Seapower President's Message and the article in the Jan 18 Navy Times.  In all of my trips, I emphasize that we want as many Navy Leaguers as possible to engage in speaking engagements, sending letters to the editor, sending our Op-Ed piece to newspapers, and contacting their congressmen.  We need a lot of volunteers to expand our programs.  Anyone desiring to participate, just contact me when convenient.  We can provide all the material needed and will make it easy for any volunteer.  




      Daniel B. Branch, Jr.
      National President 
      Navy League of the United States



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