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PMMC Who's Who 2010

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  • Pacific Merchant Marine Council
    Ahoy Members and Friends, Thank you to our council s 2009 board of directors. Special thanks to five who will be coming off at the end of 2009: R. Adm. Frank
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2010

      Ahoy Members and Friends,


      Thank you to our council's 2009 board of directors. Special thanks to five who will be coming off at the end of 2009: R. Adm. Frank Johnston, Captain Shirley Kohlwes, Art Rogers (Treasurer) and Al and Sally Raanes. We appreciate your participation!


      Thank you too to those serving this year. Election and installation of officers and directors took place at our luncheon December 21.


      We welcome more members willing to serve on the board. We have openings for more officers and directors. A willingness to further the council, attend meetings and board meetings, and recruit new members is all we ask. We are also on the lookout for chairmen and committee members. Our guide is the 2009 Navy League Operations Manual, http://www.navyleague.org/councils/operations_manual.php. I have a hard copy and the NLUS Ship's Store, http://www.navyleagueshipsstore.com, will soon have copies for sale.


      2010 Officers and Directors



      Phelps Hobart, President

      Sam Sause, Senior Vice President – Industrial Relations

      Don Hale, Vice President – Region & National Navy League Affairs

      Karen Freitas, Vice President – Youth Affairs

      John Garvey, Secretary & Historian

      Roger Bazley, Treasurer

      Edward Dangler, Judge Advocate

      James Wade – Chaplain



      John Denham – Industrial Relations

      Marc Deglinnocenti – Youth Affairs, Sea Scouts

      Davis Freitas - Youth Affairs

      Guilherme Freitas - Youth Affairs 

      Michael Nerney – Port of San Francisco Relations

      Mark Shaffer – Ancient Mariners, MOAA, S.S. JEREMIAH O'BRIEN

      Alexey  Sobolev – Youth Affairs


      Council Advisory Board 2010
      Mr. Evan Baker

      Capt. Raymond Blanchet
      Mr. Joe Giambrone
      V.Adm. Albert Herberger
      R. Adm. Frank Johnston
      Capt. William Kelly, Jr.
      Capt. Shirley Kohlwes
      V.Adm. Dick Macke
      Capt. Alexander Mackenzie
      Mr. John Panneton - Chairman
      Capt. Al Woods


      Let me know if you need to contact one or more of the above individuals and I can supply what you desire.


      I though you might like to read the text (slightlty edited/updated) of a message I sent out to our council Advisory Board members. They are not elected but appointed by the president. Again suggestions for advisory board members are welcome; being a member of the council is optional.


      Half dozen messages to follow.


      Heave Ho!



      Phelps Hobart, 2010 President

      Pacific Merchant Marine Council, NLUS



      ----- Original Message -----
      Subject: Pacific Merchant Marine Council Advisory Board 2010
      Season's Greetings!
      You have served this past year and for some of you two years on our Pacific Merchant Marine Council Advisory Board and we appreciate that. Thank you. I believe you all have received our correspondence via our Yahoo group website. Let me know if you haven't.
      I invite you all to remain on board as advisors for the coming year. Unless I receive a message or telephone call to the contrary, I will assume you accept the invitation.
      Joining the Advisory Board for 2010 is Mr. Joe Giambrone and Capt. Shirley Kohlwes, two of our council members. He is active within the Navy League as an Area President in Southern Florida. She formerly was with the California Maritime Academy - Industrial Relations. Also R. Adm. Frank Johnston transfers from being a director to being a member of the Advisory Board. I am always on the lookout for additional advisory board members and welcome your suggestions.
      Mr. Panneton has accepted the invitation to be the 2010 Chairman of the Advisory Board and we thank him for that.
      I assume I would hear from you if you saw that I as president or our council made an improper move. The council has always been in alignment with the NLUS Maritime Policy Statement and does not deviate from it.
      We as a council have the potential to do a lot more but we have to work with the members we have. They reside, for the most part, within the San Francisco Bay area so our activities are primarily there - San Francisco and Oakland.
      Chances are you come across our council's presence on various internet networks.
      We are now associated with three maritime industry networks:
          1. Maritime Cabotage Task Force, www.mctf.com
          2. California Marine & Intermodal Transportation System Advisory Council, www.calmitsac.org
          3. Marine Exchange of the San Francisco Bay Region, www.sfmx.org
      We are now supporting an outstanding Sea Cadet Division, the Arkansas Division, www.arkansasdivision.org. It has a Merchant Marine orientation and is headquartered in San Francisco.  
      Our newsletter Captain's Call earned a 2008 Mackie Award and our website earned one for 2007 and 2008. It also earned a PatriotFiles.com award in 2008.
      We were the only NLUS council with 100% retention in 2008 and received a NLUS award for that. We are holding our own membership wise - not with the growth desired but we remain #1 for growth within the Pacific Central Region.
      All in all, in three years we have made considerable strides and the council's potential for the future is definitely positive. Your advise as individual advisory board members is always welcome and appreciated. If anything we haven't heard from you as often as anticipated.
      That's about it. Our 3rd Anniversary Luncheon on the O'BRIEN 21 December was a major event for us. Wish you could have attended but we know you were there in spirit.
      I like to use the Merchant Marine phrase Heave Ho! to close correspondence with members and council friends.
      Heave Ho!
      Phelps Hobart, President
      Pacific Merchant Marine Council
      Navy League of the United States

      The Navy League is the foremost citizens' organization to serve, support, and stand with the U.S. sea services - the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and the U.S. flag Merchant Marine. The Navy League has a network of 270 councils and 53,000 members. This council, chartered December 11, 2006 is one of the newest! Membership is climbing and retention is high - 100% in 2008.

      The council hosts quarterly luncheon meetings with noted guest speakers aboard the National Liberty Ship Memorial S.S. JEREMIAH O'BRIEN, Pier 45, San Francisco the third Monday of March, June, September, and December; 1130 for the social and noon for the luncheon. 21 December VAdm. Jody Breckenridge, Commander USCG PacArea, is guest of honor.

      15 June we initiated support for the Arkansas Division Sea Cadets based in San Francisco. It has a Merchant Marine orientation.

      We enthusiastically welcome new members and invite participation as "Citizens in Support of the Sea Services." Being a sailor or veteran is not a prerequisite. This council supports the U. S. flag Merchant Marine, U. S. citizen crews, the nation's maritime industry and the maritime trade organizations.

      Online visit the League's website, http://navyleague.org. For the council this award winning website (NLUS #1 2007, #2 2008) is a primary means of communications. New are our Facebook and Linkedin pages http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sacramento-CA/Pacific-Merchant-Marine-Council-NLUS/159519498336?ref=ts and http://www.linkedin.com/e/vgh/2544631.

      Phelps Hobart, President PO Box 191403 Sacramento CA 95819-1403 (916) 739-6949 | PMMC@...          


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