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San Francisco Bar Pilots Support the California Maritime Academy

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  • Pacific Merchant Marine Council
    We commend SFBPA, http://www.sfbarpilots.com, for their renewed support for CMA. Anyone care to take the initiative to get the SFBPA as a community affiliate
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 16 12:23 PM
      We commend SFBPA, http://www.sfbarpilots.com, for their renewed support for CMA.
      Anyone care to take the initiative to get the SFBPA as a community affiliate member of our council?

      San Francisco Bar Pilots Support Cal Maritime
      Wednesday, December 16, 2009, 1:25 AM  

      The San Francisco Bar Pilots Association (SFBPA) is renewing and strengthening its long-standing support for The California Maritime Academy through a combination of scholarships and support for enhanced recruitment efforts totaling over $75,000 over the next five years.

      SFBPA President, Capt. Peter McIsaac said his organization has formalized a five-year commitment to the Academy to underwrite four annually-renewable $2,500 scholarships for cadets pursuing a Bachelor’s degree and licensure as a qualified deck officer.  The organization also made a five-year commitment to assist Cal Maritime’s Center for Excellence and Learning in its efforts to recruit educationally and economically disadvantaged students.

      “A majority of our pilots are graduates of the California Maritime Academy and we appreciate the Academy’s contribution and service to the maritime industry,” said Captain Peter McIsaac, President of the San Francisco Bar Pilots. “The Academy’s curriculum and training help prepare students for a lifetime at the helm, on the bridge and at sea. We are proud to do our part and support the Academy’s mission in creating the next generation of global mariners.”

      Cal Maritime President William B. Eisenhardt expressed his deep thanks to the Pilots for their ongoing support of the Academy, one of seven U.S. maritime academies and the only one on the West Coast.  “Our ties to the piloting profession are long and deep along the Pacific Rim,” he noted.  “Nearly one-third of all the pilots currently guiding ships in and out of ports from southern California to Seattle, Alaska and Hawaii, are Cal Maritime graduates.  For the San Francisco Bar Pilots organization, it’s almost two-thirds.  Many of today’s pilots were able to complete their educations only because of the scholarship help they got when they were in school.”

      “They understand how important and valuable it is to have assistance like this which allows students to concentrate on their studies and not worry how they will pay for them.  The piloting profession is critical to the economy of California and the nation, as over half of all the international trade goods moving in and out of the country transit West Coast ports.  The pilot’s skills and knowledge of local ports and harbors are vital to the safe passage of these vessels and their cargoes.  We are pleased to see our ties with SFBPA extended and strengthened through their generous support and commitment to the school and to our students.”

      San Francisco Bar Pilots Information

      San Francisco Bar Pilots is a private company categorized under Associations and located in San Francisco, CA. Records show it was established in 1835* and incorporated in California. It is also the San Francisco Bar Pilots Benevolent and Protective Association.

      Telephone: 415-362-5436
      Fax: 415-982-4721

      Postal Address:  

      Pier 9 East End 
      San Francisco, Ca. 94111

      From the website: http://www.sfbarpilots.com

      For more than a century and a half, the San Francisco Bar Pilots have ensured the safe and efficient movement of the largest vessels that traverse the San Francisco Bay, adjacent bays and tributaries, and Monterey Bay.  

      Our services are essential to the flow of goods between the bay and the world.  We move more than 9,000 vessels a year, working closely with shipping agencies, tug companies, and the U.S. Coast Guard to deliver cargo and passengers safely and on time. 

      Sixty pilots are members of the San Francisco Bar Pilots Association.  Our scope of services is unique in that it includes bar, river and bay pilotage.  In addition, we have a far-reaching service area that encompasses the entire San Francisco Bay Area, and Stockton, Sacramento, and Monterey Bay.  The pilotage grounds map demonstrates the vast area we service.
      Despite narrow channels and rivers, shallow shoals and sand bars, shifting currents and tides, the San Francisco Bar Pilots expertly and efficiently navigate them, along with thick fog, high winds and winter storms.  We possess the experience, shiphandling skills and local knowledge that enable us to move seagoing vessels in one of the most dangerous pilotage areas in the country.
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