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    Ahoy Members and Friends, The last three days I have added thirty Email addresses to our PMMC Yahoo Group Website (and invited others to sign-up). Yahoo calls
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      Ahoy Members and Friends,

      The last three days I have added thirty Email addresses to our PMMC Yahoo Group Website (and invited others to sign-up). Yahoo calls them members and that is fine with me. Most everyone on the distribution list is an active member of the Navy League and our council. Some are members of other councils and a few simply friends who desire to keep abreast of council news. All are appreciated and welcome. If by chance you are now receiving two of our Emails and only desire one, let me know and I will delete the second address.

      There is a choice of delivery settings. Virtually everyone is receiving Individual Emails. Other options are Daily Delivery whereby the member receives notice of the Emails sent once a day. Another option is Special Notices where nothing is delivered except Special Notices; no Emails have ever been sent out with this designation. The last option is No Email. These last two options require the member to visit the website, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PMMC-NLUS, to read the recent posts. If the member doesn't desire to be a member it is a simple move to be deleted from the members distribution list. All are set for a Fully Featured format. The Daily Digest is in plain text - no graphics.

      The Yahoo Group website has a lot a features. All posts back to the council's Yahoo Group startup date 22 December 2006 are there to reexamine. The Links page is very complete with a 135 merchant marine and USN links posted. We welcome captioned council related photos posted to the Photo page. Files and Database could be enhanced and the Calendar stands ready for postings of events, ours and others.


      As you know, during 2009 you have not received the council newsletter Captain's Call per-se. The last issues were the 2008 editions - they garnered a NLUS 2nd place small council "Mackie Award" at the 2009 national convention. The website also earned a 2nd place award for 2008; in 2007 it earned the 1st place award. If someone volunteers to be our council newsletter editor, we can return to publishing and distributing PDF and hard copy newsletters. This I know would be appreciated by our limited number of council members who are not on the internet. Post cards have been and will continue to be sent out  announcing our quarterly luncheon meetings.

      New are our Facebook, Linkedin and SeaFolks pages http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sacramento-CA/Pacific-Merchant-Marine-Council-NLUS/159519498336?ref=ts, http://www.linkedin.com/e/vgh/2544631 and http://www.seafolks.com/groups/entry/PACIFIC-MERCHANT-MARINE-COUNCIL-NAVY-LEAGUE-OF-UNITED-STATES. If you are on any of these social networks, please visit and join these groups. I have a Facebook, Linkedin and SeaFolks page myself and welcome you as a friend. The council will be in the near future on My Space, You Tube and Twitter. All of this web presence is simply to get the word out there that this council is active in the maritime community, has a message to convey and a mission to serve. We also are listed with our Yahoo Group website in a half-dozen maritime trade lists. Gaining more NLUS and council members is also a goal.

      If you have any questions or suggestions about the matters above, let me know.

      To follow is our December 21 luncheon invitation. We will be having a festive meeting with all sorts of things going on. I do hope you, your family members, and friends and associates will join us. The cost is $25, up $5, since we will be using the services of a highly recommended commercial caterer for a hot meal with all the trimmings. Please forward the invitation on to all you believe would be interested.

      Nominations remain open for various council officer and director positions. The more the better! Please volunteer; it will make for a stronger council.

      Heave Ho!


      Phelps Hobart, President

      (916) 739-6949



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