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Re: [PMMC-NLUS] Steady as She Goes

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  • edward dangler
    President Phelps--Sorrry I wont be able to join you all at this great event as I wont be back from our residence in Cannes until late January.  Howeverr I
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 10, 2009
      President Phelps--Sorrry I wont be able to join you all at this great event as I wont be back from our residence in Cannes until late January.  Howeverr I would like to contribute to the event, so if you could email me your address I will send a check.
      Tomorrow being Nov 11th is a big day in France for remembering the fallen of WW I and subsequent wars.  As I have been doing for past 20 years, I will represent the local American Legion Post # 5 at the ceremonies in Mougins ( a small town north of Cannes.) Our post sends reps to all the towns in the area for the ceremonies on this day.
      It is always a thrill for me to see and hear the children from the local elementary school at the ceremony, sing the national anthems of France and UK,  and the Star Spangled Banner when I present a wreath at the Monument aux Morts statue in the town square.  The mayor of the town then invites all the representatives of the various veterans organizations ( Frfench, British Legion, Canadians, Polish etc to a Dejeuner d'Honneur..  We will have some members of the Navy League Riviera Cannes Council as well.
      Best regards to PMMC and hope you have really good turnout for this event.
      Ed Dangler 

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      Subject: [PMMC-NLUS] Steady as She Goes
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      Ahoy Members and Friends,
      Good piece within the O'BRIEN's fine newsletter Steady as She Goes on the Arkansas Division Sea Cadets - the group the council began supporting in June and with which we are building a relationship.
      We will chip in with some $$$ to assist the Division decorate the O'BRIEN's hold #2 for the holidays, our luncheon location aboard Monday, 21 December. To try to cover expenses for this, complementary lunches for the Cadets, our speaker VAdm. Jody Breckenridge, ship volunteers and staff, and our $400 gift to the ship the cost of the professionally catered hot lunch has been raised from $20 pp to $25. Oh, yes, should your luncheon guests join our Navy League and our council, their lunches are complementary as well. Somehow we will make it work financially!
      A full page contrasting yellow insert in the newsletter told a little about what the council is doing aboard and invited readers to join us for lunch on the 21st. We thank the O'BRIEN editorial staff for including the notice!
      If you have news to share among our E-mail readers, send it on.
      Heave Ho!
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      Subject: Sea Cadet Public Affairs

      Good morning!
      Last week I submitted a copy of our write up in the Jeremiah O'Brien newsletter, Steady as She Goes. Compass has posted it in their Public Affairs section. If you would like to see the article click
      then scroll to Public Affairs  (on the left & scroll down), click

      Good job Cadets!

      Inst. Wojkowski

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