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Marc Deglinnocenti writes us

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  • Pacific Merchant Marine Council, NLUS
    Members and Friends, New council member Marc Deglinnocenti wrote the following message which I relay. We commend him for arranging for the donation of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 16, 2009
      Members and Friends,
      New council member Marc Deglinnocenti wrote the following message which I relay.
      We commend him for arranging for the donation of the three rescue vessels for the Sea Scouts and speaking out on the vacancy at MARAD.
      The Maritime Administration has been without an Administrator since the inauguration. Marc writes about this and has a candidate, Captain Art Sulzer of Sulzer Marine and the Ship Operations Cooperative Program, http://www.SOCP.US. You can view his piece at http://www.professionalmariner.com in the PM blog Mariners Speaks under the title Director wanted!
      Both of these websites are worth a visit as are the others on our links page http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PMMC-NLUS/links. Marc welcomes comments on his opinion-editorial. We note that on July 31, David T. Matsuda was sworn in as Deputy Maritime Administrator. A visit to http://www.marad.dot.gov is worth the time along with web searches for Captain Art Sulzer and Mr. Matsuda.
      I might mention that Marc suggested his friend Captain Tim Cogan for addressing our luncheon topic. Regretfully it looks like Captain Cogan now has another commitment; we hope to see him on a future occasion. You can catch Marc at the luncheon.
      Anchors Aweigh,

      Hello All,

      Three 2.8 meter SOLAS rescue vessels with working outboard engines have been donated to the Sea Scout fleet. All three vessels represent a $250,000 + donation. They are valued at $300,000 each for new replacement vessels. They all went to East Coast or Gulf Coast Sea Scout ships. The rescue vessels have been received and are now in their home ports in New York, Florida, and Georgia. I would like to get some new donations for the Sea Cadets too.
      I would ask you and all Navy League and Sea Cadet supporters to visit my latest online article and comment on it. How you comment on it is of course your own right. It has references to Ship Operations Cooperative Program (SOCP) in it. The SOCP wishes to remain anonymous and claims no credit for the vessel donations, but it was a contact through SOCP that the national Sea Scouts was able to obtain the donations.

      SOCP has been trying to get maritime industry professionals to visit the SOCP.US website. At the last SOCP meeting at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy it was my job to get professional Mariner magazine to acknowledge SOCP's existence.
      I have been successful in my endeavors to place a link to SOCP.US in the online version of Professional Mariner magazine. You may go there at www.professionalmariner.com and then click on the "Mariners Speak" tab in the left menu. The title of my article is "Director wanted!". Just click on it. All members of the public may comment on my article on the Professional Mariner website. You should too.
      If enough people respond I may be able to get a small editorial spot for SOCP.US in the actual publication. That hard copy publication reaches numerous industry professional mariners around the country. If that article appears in print, we can expect many more members to join SOCP and support the Sea Scouts and Sea Cadets. I of course will be mentioning the Sea Scouts in the article, but I would like to sneak in a plug for the Navy League and the Sea Cadets too.
      As you know, BSA is a non political organization as well as the Navy League and Sea Cadets, however BSA is chartered by congress to support our nation's youth. It is well within our charter to comment on supporting U.S. youth, and the article was written on that basis. Although I'm not an official representative of the Sea Cadets, I consider maritime youth to include the Sea Cadets as well. I am a life member of the Navy League and a past president of the San Mateo County Council. I am used to supporting the Sea Cadets, and I don't plan on stopping now. Support of youth was stated as the reason for my Sea Scout, BSA endorsement.

      Please try to get as many people as you can to visit the site and comment in their blog.


      Marc Deglinnocenti
      Nat'l Sea Scout, BSA Rep to SOCP and MARAD
      (209) 244-4409 Pacific Time
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