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Arkansas Division Sea Cadets news

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  • Pacific Merchant Marine Council, NLUS
    Ahoy Members and Friends, I must share with you recent messages from the Arkansas Division Sea Cadets, the unit we support. The bottom one is a reminder of the
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 25, 2009
      Ahoy Members and Friends,
      I must share with you recent messages from the Arkansas Division Sea Cadets, the unit we support. 
      The bottom one is a reminder of the Battalion Pass in Review at Camp Parks, Dublin the morning of Sunday, September 13. Let me encourage you along with Gil Freitas to take your family, especially children and grandchildren, to this free event. Please wear your Navy League lapel pin but then I hope you wear it frequently wherever you go.
      I thank all the volunteers devoted to the S. S. JEREMIAH O'BRIEN including the Sea Cadets. Lunch for the crew working aboard the ship the day of our luncheon, Monday, September 21, is complements of the council.
      Keep in touch,
      Phelps Hobart
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      Sent: Monday, August 24, 2009 11:16 PM
      Subject: ARKDIV cadets aboard ship

      All Hands,

      Arkansas Division is working on its third week of augmenting the ship's force of the SS Jeremiah O'Brien National Liberty Ship Memorial by working the admission booth, museum, pier and ship's store.

      We started 11AUG09, working weekdays between 1500-1800.

      The SSJOB NLSM has been able to stay open to visitors with extended hours and the ship's store has done more business.

      Saturday, 22AUG09, ARKDIV got underway aboard the SSJOB for its Barbary Coast Cruise.

      ARKDIV League Cadets and Sea Cadets are working with SSJOB Ship's Force. The crew has been great.

      Thank you for your work and time.

      Fair Winds and Following Seas!

           Warrant Officer Guilherme Freitas, USNSCC

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      Sent: Monday, August 24, 2009 7:39 PM
      Subject: 29AUG09 Drill Plan of the Day

      All Hands,

      Attached is the Plan of the Day for the 29AUG09 drill in doc and pdf formats.

      Please review and study all Pass-In-Review material.

      Even if you are not attending PIR, please come to drill to help prepare your fellow ARKDIV cadets.

      See you all on Saturday.

           Warrant Officer Guilherme Freitas, USNSCC
           By direction




      Commanding Officer

      CAPT Timothy Cogan, USN

      (650) 728-3504

      Executive Officer

      ENS Matthew Truesdell, USNSCC

      (510) 653-3028

      Division Chief

      CPO Davis Freitas, USNSCC



      Yerba Buena Island

      29 August 2009


      Officers/Instructors: Khakis or Alternate Uniform

      Sea Cadets/League Cadets: Service Dress Whites; Dungarees


      WO Guilherme Freitas

      , USNSCC


      INST Alexey Sobolev

      , USNSCC


      PO2 Kelsey Freitas

      , USNSCC


      SN Spencer Tapia, USNSCC


      0730-0745 Quarters at Building 2 in Service Dress White Uniform; complete muster report; collect chow money; review POD

      0745-0755 March to Flagpole

      0755-0800 First Call to Colors

      0800-0805 Morning Colors

      0805-0815 March to Building 2

      0815-0900 Personnel Inspection

      0900-0915 Change to PT Gear

      0915-1030 Physical Training

      1030-1045 Change to Dungarees

      1045-1120 Advanced Summer Training debrief

      1120-1130 March to Chow Hall

      1130-1215 Lunch

      1215-1225 March to Training Room, Building 2

      1225-1425 Pass-In-Review modules: Marching, Knots, Personnel Inspection, Written Test

      1425-1500 GMT; PIR modules: BoatswainsÂ’ Pipe, Color Guard; Rifle Team; Semaphore

      1500-1515 Sweepers

      1515-1530 Awards Ceremony

      1530 Liberty Call

      Please Bring:

      1. $4.25 for dinner (Navy talk for lunch), exact change preferred

      2. PT (exercise clothes) gear


      1. Next drill on 05SEP09, Pass-In-Review preparation and ARKDIV swim party

      2. Pass-In-Review, Parks Reserve Forces Training Area, 11-13SEP09

      3. Warrant Officer Guilherme Freitas contact telephone number: (209) 277-9375

      Captain Timothy Cogan, United States Navy

      Commanding Officer, Arkansas Division


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      Sent: Sunday, August 23, 2009 8:38 PM
      Subject: Chief Truesdell

      Cadets and Parents,

      For those of you who have not heard yet, I am happy to report that (former) Chief Truesdell made it through Swab Summer at the Coast Guard Academy.  She is now a regular cadet--and even has email!  I am sure she would love to hear from any and all of you at:  caroline.a.truesdell@....

      Her Sea Cadet experience also seems to have served her well.  Her company  was Honor Company for Swab Summer, and she herself did so well on the PT Test that she earned the privilege of an extra long weekend.  So keep on doing those push-ups and sit-ups!

      Hope everyone has had a wonderful summer,
      ENS Truesdell


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      Sent: Thursday, August 13, 2009 7:26 PM
      Subject: Pass-In-Review ceremony information

      All Hands,
      Information for those wanting to attend the Pass-In-Review ceremony at Parks Reserve Forces Training Area, on 13SEP09:
      1115  Pass-In-Review Battalion forms up for march
      1130  PIR Battalion marches to Parade Ground
      1145  PIR ceremony begins
      - you must have registration, insurance and license for your vehicle to enter Parks RFTA 
      - if you are not Armed Forces or Sea Cadet personnel have another proof of identification
      - Parks RFTA is located next to Dublin, California, off of Interstate 580 and Dublin
      - you can walk to the Base/Post from the BART station.
      I encourage you to arrive early enough to watch the march. It is quite a site with cadets in their Whites and flags blowing in the wind.
           Warrant Officer Guilherme Freitas, USNSCC
           Arkansas Division, Pacific Central Region

    • Pacific Merchant Marine Council
      Gil, It was good to spend some time with you and the Arkansas Division staff and cadets Saturday! In meeting with RADM. Castillo, USCG, Commander 11th District
      Message 2 of 2 , Dec 5, 2010
        It was good to spend some time with you and the Arkansas Division staff and cadets Saturday!
        In meeting with RADM. Castillo, USCG, Commander 11th District that afternoon, I expresses your division's gratitude for being able to use USCG Sector San Francisco's facilities on Yerba Buena Island. He said he would do what he could to get the cadets aboard the cutters Pike, Trout, and Aspen. He really didn't know what the current policy is but agreed it made sense since they are homeported right there. He seemed most interested and agreeable.
        I will keep in touch with him on this matter. Meanwhile, if possible, meet with the skippers about it.
        St. Nick at the tiller,
        PS Thanks for your willingness to bring two or three wreaths over to the O'BRIEN and the pierside Merchant Marine monuments the afternoon of the 11th.
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        Sent: Friday, December 03, 2010 10:20 AM
        Subject: 18NOV10 drill date change

        All Hands,
        Arkansas Division will participate in Wreaths Across America on 11DEC10 at San Francisco National Cemetary.
        - 04DEC10 drill at Coast Guard Sector San Francisco
        - 04DEC10 League Cadet Party aboard USS Hornet Museum
        - 11DEC10 Wreaths Across America
        - 18DEC10 no drill
        - 19DEC10 Sea Cadet Ball
        - 20DEC10 Navy League of the United States Pacific Merchant Marine Council membership meeting aboard the SS Jeremiah O'Brien with Coast Guard Admiral, Pacific Area Commander. PO3 Spencer Tapia and PO3 Clare Ritchie will be receiving their awards.
             WO Freitas

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