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Re: D-Day Remembered Aboard The S.S. Jeremiah O'Brien June 6

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  • Phelps Hobart
    ... From: Roger Bazeley To: Pacific Merchant Marine Council, NLUS
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      From: Roger Bazeley < Bazeley at comcast dot net >
      Sent: Friday, June 19, 2009 5:11 AM
      Subject: D-Day Remembered Aboard The SS Jeremiah O'Brien

      Phelps and Fellow Sailors of the Seven Seas,

      We owe so much to those that have fought for our liberties and freedoms to sustain the light of Liberty as it shins forth from the shores of America. The day aboard the SS Jeremiah O'Brien was not only memorable for those who attended and participated, but a tribute to those participants and heroes of the D-Day Invasion and eventually liberation of Europe from the grips of war and terrorism of the Axis Powers. There ceremony started with patriotic music played by the San Mateo marching Band and welcoming remarks by Carl Nolte Chairman & CEO, National Liberty Ship Memorial. The moving invocation was given by Father Jim Wade, Chaplain of the Jeremiah O'Brien and a Director of the PMMC. A 20 mm Machine Gun 21 Salute was accomplished by the SS Jeremiah O'Brien's crew manned starboard side turret. The colors presentation was by the U.S. Army Color Guard, Parks RFTA from Dublin, California. Speaker introductions were made by Carl Nolte for the incredible Ms. Oudette LePendu, Captain Walter Jafee, and Captain Frank Medeiros who spoke of not only the June D-Day experience on a personal level but of the activities of the participating SS Jeremiah O'Brien which made 8 documented sailings to delivery vital equipment to Normandy and Omaha Beach.

      A personal letter with poetry sent to Oudette LePendu from her husband was read detailing D-Day events and the Jeremiah O'Brien's D-Day participation with additional comments about the 1994 return voyage to Normandy in celebration of the 50th D-Day Anniversary. The speakers added a sense of reality and an experience for those that attended the ceremony a sense of reliving the D-Day experience and significance. As an added touch of San Francisco celebration and participation there was a water display and salute presented by the San Francisco Fireboat, The Phoenix as it came along the port side a beam of the speaker podium positioned on top of the cargo hold cover. We extend our thanks to the SFFD Phoenix Crew members as everyone waved and were awed by the display.

      The British Consul General, the honorable Julian Evans was in attendance at the ceremony representing Britain's key participation in the preparation and participation in the D-Day, Operation Overlord. Following the close of the ceremony's proceedings a wonderful box lunch and refreshments were made available by the SS O'Brien's crew and staff, with open tours of the ship. I personally had a terrific time visiting the amazing engine room with explanations about the workings and engineering by knowledgeable crew volunteers. Simply amazing and a must see for anyone visiting a true living Icon of the Merchant Marine, Liberty shipbuilding, and of World War II D-Day history.

      I have pictures of the Day's Memorial Service I can E-mail to those interested.

      Roger Bazeley


      Thanks Roger and thanks for coming on board as a Director.



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      Dear Members and Friends,

      June 6 come join the officers and crew of the SS JEREMIAH O'BRIEN in a special ceremony aboard the ship to celebrate D-Day, and to honor the heroism and sacrifices of the soldiers, sailors, airmen and seamen who made possible the successful invasion of Normandy and the eventual liberation of Europe.

      Phelps Hobart, President
      Pacific Merchant Marine Council, NLUS

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