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USS SAN FRANCISCO (CA-38) Annual Memorial Service 24 May

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  • Phelps Hobart
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    Message 1 of 1 , May 12, 2009


            Annual Memorial Service

               24 May 2009      1200 to 1330 pm.

            Lands End, Ft. Miley, San Francisco

                         Over looking the Famous Cliff House 

      This Memorial Service is dedicated to the 100 Sailors & 7 Marines killed in action during the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, November 12/13 - 1942. The “Frisco” saw action from 7 December 1941 at Pearl Harbor - A Date which will live in Infamy – to the final battle of World War ll.

      President Franklin D. Roosevelt awarded the Presidential Unit Citation to the USS San Francisco (CA-38), for this Guadalcanal action, This battle is recognized as a turning point of the War with Japan. It saved Australia from an invasion, and put Japan on the defense for the remainder of the war in the Pacific, and this action shortened the war by at least a year.

      This day is also dedicated to the men who serve and have served aboard the nuclear submarine USS San Francisco (SSN-711) during three decades of duty protecting and defending America.

      Chair of Honor

      Dedicated this special day to     

      an American Hero, our shipmate:

      CAPT John “Jack” Bennett USN

              9 April 1918 to 9 October 2008

                    USS San Francisco (CA-38)


      USS San Francisco (CA-38)

      Memorial Service

      First Call          CAPT Timothy C. Cogan, USNR-R

                                  QM1     Vidal Estrada, USN (Ret)  

      Master of            CAPT Stanley E. Ellexson Jr. USN (Ret)


      Parade Colors    Color Guards

      Pledge of             Shipmate Eugene A. Tarrant USN


      Invocation          Chaplain Ed Fulwider, USMC

      Post Colors         Color Guards

      Welcome            CAPT   Ellexson         

      Chair of Honor   

      For:  Shipmate Jack Bennett

      9 April 1918 to 9 October 2008

      CAPT John Jack Bennett USN


      Introduction          Chief Johnny

      of Speaker            Capt J.D. Wetterling, USAF


      Remarks           Shipmate Eugene A. Tarrant

                               Shipmate Chief Johnny Johnson

                               CDR Kevin G. Mooney USN (Ret)

                               Senator Leland Y. Yee Ph.D.


      ODE                  “When A Good Man Dies”

      Roll Call   &       CAPT Ellexson

      Bell Ceremony   John D. Ward & QM1 Estrada

      Benediction       Chaplain Fulwider

      Taps                    CAPT Timothy C. Cogan, USNR-R

      Echo                    Po2 Daniel H. Freitas, NSCC

      Amazing Grace   Lt Richard M. Charette RHC/CF


      Announcements   Shipmate Johnny Johnson 

                                    Shipmates, Gather for Historic Photos   


      Closing Remarks     CAPT Ellexson

      Retire Colors          Color Guards


      Participants & Honored Guest


      Senator Leland Y. Yee, Ph.D.

              Assistant President Pro Tempore,

              California State Assemble

      Assemblywomen Fiona Ma

              California State Assembly   

      The Honorable Gavin Newsom

              Mayor San Francisco California

      Supervisor Eric Mar

              San Francisco Board of Supervisors

      Shipmate Donald Gritz, Secretary,

              USS San Francisco (CA-38) Association

      Shipmate Chief Johnny Johnson, President

              USS San Francisco Memorial Foundation

      Maj. Gen J. Michael Myatt, USMC (Ret),

              President/CEO Marines Memorial Association

      CAPT H. N. “Sandy” Lockwood USN (Ret). CDR

               Naval Order of San Francisco Commandery,

      Charles H. Shea, President, SF Council

               Navy League of the United States

      LtCol John R. Stevens, USMC (Ret) Director,

               First Marine Division Association

       Sgt. Donald F. Reid, USMC President

               The Marine Corps Coordinating Council

      Glenn Adams, USMC Commandant

                Gen, J.C. Breckenridge Detachment

      Dale Cook, USMC Commandant 

                Delta Diablo Detachment, Marine Corps League

      CAPT Michael Gerald, US Army

                  Chairman S.F.  War Memorial Commission

      Jeff Dunning,         --   GGNP Field Service

      Sally A. Wialtrolik, -- GGNP Conservancy 

      Golden Gate National Park Ocean Division

      Buck Kamphausen - Nautilus Society       

      Leon Rader              - Art in Stone


       Lt. Richard M. Charette,  RH/CF- (Black Forest).

                 Royal Highland Regiment/Canadian Forces


      Capt Timothy C. Cogan USMC. USNR-R-C.O.

                  US Naval Sea Cadet Corps, Arkansas Division

      CWO Caesar Bataloa, USMCR

                  Young Marines, Golden Gate Regiment

      Francis McVey, Commander

                   Scottish-American Military Society

                   RADM William Moffett Post 1921

      Knights of Columbus --- St. Francis Assembly #43  


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