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Navy League support sail training for American Mariners?

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  • Pacific Merchant Marine Council, NLUS
    Sail training for our mariners? Our merchant marine cadets? Today s modern commercial passenger ships with sail power are so computer controlled. Are there
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      Sail training for our mariners? Our merchant marine cadets?
      Today's modern commercial passenger ships with sail power are so computer controlled. Are there sail powered cargo ships?
      Any strong personal endorsement of such a program at our nation's maritime academies? If so, we will weigh in on the subject.
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      Captain Steve Hertz was referred to me by way of the SUNY Maritime Academy in an effort to bring the Merchant Marine Sail Training Program to the attention of the proper officials within the Navy League.  As a member of the Merchant Marine/Maritime Industry Affairs Committee, I am taking the liberty of forwarding this proposal and suggested action item for your review and consideration prior to the NLUS Spring Meeting in June.  Perhaps it may warrant more information or discussion at the meeting of the Committee at that time. 
      CAPT Hertz's intent is to raise this matter to the radar screen/agenda of the Maritime Policy and Resolutions Committee, with an eye towards its inclusion in the "U.S.-Flag Merchant Marine" Section of the 2010-2011 NLUS Maritime Policy Statement.  At this point, I will be pleased to step aside and cut out the middle-man, and suggest direct liaison with CAPT Hertz regarding any background, details or logistical considerations. 
      If I have gone about this the wrong way, I do apologize and would ask your advice on how to properly proceed.  In any case, I look forward to seeing you in Washington in June!  Warmest regards,  RICK
      RICK KENNEY, Executive Director
      New York Council, Navy League
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      From: Steven Hertz
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      As discussed this morning we seek the active participation of Navy League in getting relevant Congressional consideration regarding the issues and opportunities surrounding Merchant Marine Sail Training. MARAD's existing provisional program,run aboard USCG EAGLE, is splendid in principle,and has been supported by MARAD and Coast Guard for two years. But without specific MARAD mission for sail training,we struggle.
      Any provisional program ,however generously supported, must find a proper home if it is to reach potential and avoid ultimate termination. Navy League support for change must rest with Congress. As mariners and League members, we are convinced that the active collaboration of Navy League will be critical to getting the attention of relevant congressional committee members and staff.
      Windjammer sail training ships act as seamanship and leadership simulators. By their very nature windships inculcate appropriate awareness, a forehanded mind-set, and the habit of proactive resonse to external environmental conditions. Such habits are vital for seamen. Sail training changes behavior for life.
      In our effort we have secured the support of the Americn Sail Training Association (ASTA). ASTA stands prepared to support a Congressionally mandated study in cooperation with MARAD,Coast Guard and other interested parties.
      MARAD mission-expansion is needed to establish responsibility for managing a permanent program that 'covers' cadets, but also provides for other volunteer participants recommended by the Maritime Academies-specifically young licensed officer graduates and admitted students who are about to enter school.
      We have begun our information effort with our own representatives. I attach a copy of a recent letter sent to Senator Kerry and I expect similar constituent letters of support to come from ASTA shortly. ASTA members, including EAGLE, operate the ships on which MARAD must rely for training within a permanent ,expanded program.
      While constituent letters are being written, they alone will not be sufficient to affect meaningful change. A coherent, co-ordinated approach to the key Senate and House Committees awaits Navy Legue's active support, a policy matter. I therefore also attach a briefing memorandum addressed to the Navy League Policy Committee for your use.
      Please contact me with questions and comment at 508-255-5265, or by e-mail. We are relying here on the central fact that Navy League's mission includes the Merchant Marine among the Sea Services as an element of seapower, and that the League will appreciate this opportunity to support sail training for American Mariners.
      Very respectfully,
      Steven Hertz
    • capt.ob@comcast.net
      Dear Phelps, I got my start in sail. At 14 I was in a training schooner. I grew up pulling and sailing whaleboats on SF Bay. I had sailed in two square riggers
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        Dear Phelps,

        I got my start in sail. At 14 I was in a training schooner. I grew up pulling and sailing whaleboats on SF Bay. I had sailed in two square riggers before joing the Navy at 17.

        When I retired from Masters,Mates & Pilots on Mar 1 2007, I was only one of three men in the Union who held a US Coast Guard License endorsement as Master of Sailing Vessels upon Oceans.

        Those of us who were fortunate to be trained in Sail, usually become first rate ship handlers, and more conscious of the elements. There are other esoteric benefits like building self confidence, team work,    mental and physical toughness.

        Several of the South American countries and Japan have sail programs..The US has the training vessel "Eagle"

        I'm all for sail training.  Captain K.C. O'Brien

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