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California Maritime Academy news

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    If you find on the internet or can write about the CMA officer commissioning Saturday morning, please reply. Phelps ___________________________ Maritime
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      If you find on the internet or can write about the CMA officer commissioning Saturday morning, please reply.

      Maritime Academy to award admiral an honorary degree


      Posted: 05/02/2009 01:01:00 AM PDT

      Naval Admiral Robert E. Kramek will address the 2009 California Maritime Academy graduates in a commencement ceremony today at the Vallejo campus.

      Nearly 1,000 students, faculty, staff and families and friends of graduates will gather under a large tent for the 2 p.m. ceremonies.

      In recognition of the swine flu scare, school officials are advising anyone with flu-like symptoms to stay at home, Cal-Maritime spokesman Doug Webster said.

      The school will have portable sinks for campus visitors to wash their hands at the ceremony and the ceremony will be posted on the school Web site at www.csum.edu for those unable to attend, Webster said.

      Some 157 students will graduate today, and honors and recognition will be given for outstanding students and scholars. Students headed for U.S. Navy, the Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine service will also take part in morning commissioning ceremonies.

      Kramek also will be presented with an honorary degree for service to the maritime industry.

      Formerly the U.S. Coast Guard commandant, Kramek retired from that post as a four star admiral. He most recently served as president and chief operating officer and board member of the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).

      Since departing ABS, Kramek has led the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers and helped establish new society chapters in Canada and Greece. He currently serves as a maritime advisor and consultant and is a member of several corporate and nonprofit boards.



      Doug Webster W: (707) 654-1720

      Director of Public Relations C: (707) 328-1887

      California Maritime Academy E:


      200 Maritime Academy Dr. Vallejo, CA 94590-8181



      (Vallejo, CA – May 1, 2009)… On Sunday, May 3, 2009, the day after commencement, the California Maritime Academy’s 500-foot Training Ship Golden Bear will depart the campus dock in Vallejo at 7:45 a.m. on its way to South America. The ship will carry a contingent of over 200 cadets, faculty and staff on the first of two two-month training voyages with stops this year in Panama, Chile, Ecuador and Mexico*. The ship will return to Long Beach at the end of June for "changeover." At that time, a second contingent of cadets (including over 100 students from the Texas Maritime Academy in Galveston, TX**) will go aboard and repeat the ship’s South American itinerary before returning to Vallejo August 30th.

      Every student at Cal Maritime, a part of the California State University (CSU) system, takes part in at least one training voyage during their four-year undergraduate education. During the voyage, students essentially run the ship, under the supervision of experienced faculty and staff. The University is now celebrating its 80th anniversary, and the training voyage has been an integral part of the school’s training program since its founding in 1929.

      For students pursuing degrees in Marine Transportation or Maritime Engineering, a special license is required, certifying that they have met international maritime training standards which include required hours at sea and in shoreside simulation. Maritime track students take part in at least two training voyages and often are involved in summer co-op learning experiences with commercial businesses during their summer "off time" as well.

      For students enrolled in mechanical and facilities engineering, global studies and maritime affairs or international business and logistics, classes in their fields continue aboard ship and ashore. Global studies and business majors, for example, will undertake field trips to learn more about the cultures, business policies and infrastructures of countries visited.


      2009 SUMMER TRAINING VOYAGE Page 2 of 2

      "Cal Maritime’s training cruise program offers our students a unique ‘global perspective,’" explains University President William B. Eisenhardt. "I often tell people that it can be an eye-opening experience for a young student to walk off our ship into a foreign country where they are no longer in the majority and may not speak the local language. They get a better understanding of the diversity of the world and how other countries view the U.S. and their own neighbors. Couple that positive experience with our rigorous academic and leadership programs ,and we believe we are producing some of the most mature, focused and committed graduates in the CSU system."

      Modern shipboard communications technologies now enable the public to "ride along" throughout the summer via the Internet. A visit to www.csum.edu, and a click on the home page link to Follow the Voyage 2009 will open the door to daily reports and photos, sent from the ship for posting on the campus web. The postings include reports of daily activities, candid photos, reports on the ship’s overall itinerary, its daily position and weather, and background reports on countries visited. Visitors can even set up RSS alerts when new information is added to those parts of the FTV site they are most interested in. Videos taken during last year’s training cruise can be found by visiting the site’s Campus News section.

      "This year," explains Golden Bear skipper Capt. Harry Bolton, "the training voyage will begin with a day-long set of maneuvering exercises on San Francisco Bay on Sunday the 3rd. TSGB will conclude the day by docking at San Francisco Pier 27 for the night where it will host a reception for Cal Maritime alumni and friends." Monday morning the 4th, the ship will sail through the Golden Gate as it heads out on its four-month, 22,000 mile voyage of education, learning and discovery for another generation of Cal Maritime cadets.


      *The Mexican call at Puerto Vallarta is set for late June. In light of the outbreak of swine flu in the area and its spread, ship staff will regularly monitor the latest local conditions and make final decisions about specific calls at the appropriate time.

      **Cal Maritime and the Texas Maritime Academy are among seven four-year maritime academies in the U.S. and Cal Maritime is the only such facility in the western U.S. As not all U.S. maritime academies have their own operating training ship, Texas cadets travel aboard Golden Bear each summer as part of a cooperative agreement enabling them to obtain the time at sea required for their licensure.


      At the Maritime Academy students use simulators to learn how to deal with piracy.
      KGO-TV Bay Area - Apr 16 7:48 PM
       Maritime Academy teaches to evade pirates
      Pirates have become a part of reality, and the curriculum, for sailors.

      KGO-TV Bay Area - Apr 10 7:20 PM

      Elective tailored to students who may one day work aboard ships that get hijacked
      Oakland Tribune - Apr 16 6:23 AM
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