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Council luncheon Monday, June 15 in Oakland

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  • Pacific Merchant Marine Council, NLUS
    Dear Members and Friends, If you attended our luncheon on the O BRIEN March 16 you know we and our many guests had an enjoyable time. The council was able to
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2009
      Dear Members and Friends,
      If you attended our luncheon on the O'BRIEN March 16 you know we and our many guests had an enjoyable time. The council was able to give our beloved and adopted ship our largest check yet - $400 - for her upkeep. Also presented was our mint sheet of Liberty Ship stamps, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PMMC-NLUS/message/318. We did it in the name of the American Merchant Marine Veterans - the luncheon was in their honor. Both Captain Mark Shafer and Captain Patrick Moloney spoke. Same for representatives from the Golden Gate and Sacramento Valley AMMV chapters. The sheet cake was inscribed, "WE SALUTE THE AMMV!" Then there was the lively discussion on the Sea Scouts at the San Francisco National Maritime Park's Hyde Street Pier. The drawing successfully supported the O'BRIEN contribution, the luncheon expenses, and even enabled us to further enhance our council treasury.  
      Our next luncheon will be Monday, June 15, at Quinn's Lighthouse Restaurant and Pub, 1951 Embarcadero East, Oakland, south of downtown; 1130 social, noon lunch, $25. Come hear our panel of guest speakers discuss short sea shipping on the Bay-area marine highways. If you know someone eminently qualified to speak on the subject let me know - there remains an opening on the panel.
      Looks like our quarterly Captain's Call newsletter will be a double issue - the first and second quarter of 2009 issues combined. Expect it in early May. Contributions welcome - same for our website.
      The introductory text of our council website has been updated; visit or see below. I encourage you to check the site's Links section to "surf the net" for things maritime.
      Keep in touch.
      Anchors Aweigh,
      Phelps Hobart, President
      Pacific Merchant Marine Council, NLUS
      The Navy League is the foremost citizens' organization to serve, support, and stand with all of the U.S. sea services - the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and the U.S. flag Merchant Marine.  The Navy League has a network of 270 councils with nearly 60,000 members.  The Pacific Merchant Marine Council, chartered December 11, 2006 is one of the newest! Membership is well above its 44 charter members; retention is the highest in the League.
      The council hosts quarterly luncheon meetings with noted guest speakers aboard the National Liberty Ship Memorial S.S. JEREMIAH O'BRIEN, Pier 45, San Francisco and elsewhere. The dates are the third Monday of March, June, September, and December; 11:30 am for the social and noon for the luncheon. The next luncheon will be June 15 at Quinn's Lighthouse Restaurant and Pub, 1951 Embarcadero East, Oakland, south of downtown. Come hear about short sea shipping on our Bay-area marine highways.
      Our recent luncheon meeting was Monday, 16 March 2009 aboard the O'BRIEN. We honored the American Merchant Marine Veterans.
      We enthusiastically welcome new members and invite participation as "Citizens in Support of the Sea Services."  Being a sailor or veteran is not a prerequisite.  Be as active or inactive as you choose.  The emphasis of this council is to support the U. S. flag Merchant Marine, U. S. citizen crews, the nation's maritime industry and the maritime trade organizations.
      Online, visit the Navy League's website, http://navyleague.org.  For the Pacific Merchant Marine Council this award winning website (#1 NLUS 2007) is a primary means of communications with the membership and public. It is complemented by the council's quarterly newsletter, "Captain's Call."
      Phelps Hobart is President; his telephone number is (916) 739-6949 and E-mail address is PMMC at cwo dot com.
      Correspondence may be addressed:
      Pacific Merchant Marine Council
      Navy League of the United States
      PO Box 191403
      Sacramento CA 95819-1403
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