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Re: Great White Fleet visited San Francisco 100 years ago

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  • Phelps Hobart
    I don t believe we recognized the anniversary or highlighted it during San Francsco Fleet Week. Phelps ____________________________ Leaders, Community
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      I don't believe we recognized the anniversary or highlighted it during San Francsco Fleet Week.



      Leaders, Community Celebrate Great White Fleet Aboard Nassau
      Story Number: NNS081015-02
      Release Date: 10/15/2008 12:36:00 AM
      Top News Story - Editors should consider using these stories first in local publications.

      By Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Riza Caparros, Fleet Public Affairs Center Atlantic

      NEW YORK (NNS) -- The amphibious transport ship USS Nassau (LHA-4) visited New York City and took part in Navy Birthday, Columbus Day and Great White Fleet festivities Oct. 12, which commemorated the 100th anniversary of President Theodore Roosevelt's Great White Fleet.

      During a reception on board, Donald C. Winter, Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV), spoke about the history of the Great White Fleet and how Roosevelt's vision of a strong Navy is still recognized and utilized today.

      "Our Navy was built on great traditions," said Winter, "including humanitarian aid and building relations between our Navy and partnering navies to work together toward a common goal of maritime security."

      When discussing the Great White Fleet's influence on today's Navy, Winter said America is a respected world power, with a strong Navy leading the way, and "now one hundred years later, the future of the United States as a great nation continues to depend on our continued maritime superiority."

      CMDCM(AW/SW) Stanley Kopiczak, Nassau's command master chief, spoke about the event and what it means to recognize the anniversary of the Great White Fleet.

      "I think the crew should be proud to have the event take place on our ship," said Kopiczak. "We remember the Great White Fleet and the humanitarian relief aid they provided to Italy. We just returned from providing humanitarian aid to our own country; we should be proud to carry on the vision of Theodore Roosevelt."

      Louise Tallarini, president of Columbus Citizens Foundation, a nonprofit organization recognizing Italian-Americans and their achievements, addressed the crowd during the shipboard reception. He referenced the Great White Fleet's humanitarian relief to Italy after an earthquake devastated the city of Messina.

      "We support our military, and we thank you," said Tallarini.


      --- In PMMC-NLUS@yahoogroups.com, "Phelps Hobart" <nlsac@...> wrote:
      > Great White Fleet visited San Francisco 100 years ago
      > Carl Nolte, Chronicle Staff Writer
      > Tuesday, May 6, 2008
      > http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2008/05/06/BA5U10H4RC.DTL&hw=Great+White+Fleet&sn=001&sc=1000
      > The newspapers all said it was the grandest spectacle of the age - that great day exactly 100 years ago today when what looked like the entire United States Navy steamed through the Golden Gate, 16 battleships bristling with guns and trailing plumes of black coal smoke.
      > It was popularly nicknamed the Great White Fleet, sent on an around-the-world voyage by President Theodore Roosevelt, who famously liked to quote an old African proverb: "speak softly, but carry a big stick."
      > Perhaps a million people saw the fleet steam in the Golden Gate, and millions more saw it in South America, Australia, Japan, China, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Suez, Italy, Greece and France...

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