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PMMC Captain's Call Newsletter - April-May 2007, Part 2

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  • Phelps Hobart
    Here is part 2 of the text of the Pacific Merchant Marine Council s April-June 2007 Captain s Call newsletter. If you have news, events, photos for the website
    Message 1 of 1 , May 10, 2007
      Here is part 2 of the text of the Pacific Merchant Marine Council's April-June 2007 Captain's Call newsletter.
      If you have news, events, photos for the website or the newsletter please send them on to me.
      Phelps Hobart, Editor and Webmaster

      SS Jeremiah O’Brien Bay Cruises

      1000 - 1600, Saturday, May 19th, National Maritime Day Memorial Cruise - meals, entertainment, beverages, live 40’s music. Memorial service with wreaths placed on the Bay, $150

      1000 - 1600 Saturday, June 16th Fathers Day Cruise - meals, beverages, 2 jazz bands, $150

      Both depart Pier 45, north of Fishermen‘s Wharf. Arrive early. Reservations: (415) 544-0100 or 544-0101.

      Grant Maritime Technologies Program Graduation Invitation 1800 June 14th

      Dear Pacific Merchant Marine Council Members,

      You are cordially invited to attend the 1800 June 14th graduation ceremony of class # 8 - 6 students in the Able Seaman program, 12 in the Qualified Member of the Engineering Department program. The training program, www.grantmaritime.com, is located at Grant High School in Sacramento but the graduation ceremony will be in the District’s nearby Adult Center, 3222 Winona Way, North Highlands.

      We greatly appreciate the Pacific Merchant Marine Council recognizing our most motivated deck and engineering students with your first certificates of merit. We welcome participation by council members on our advisory board. Phelps, first with the Sacramento Council, and now with PMMC has been a big help.

      Jim Griffis, Administrator

      (916) 275-0701 |


      MSC Presentation 0930 June 18th

      Sarah Little, PMMC member, and MSC recruiter will be on board the O’Brien June 18th to give a presentation on what it takes to be hired by MSC. For going to sea with excellent benefits, MSC is top notch.

      Sarah’s presentation is not anything formal but for straight information on licensing, physical requirements and demands, the ships, etc., etc., it can’t be beat. Pass the word on this presentation.; the start time is 0930 and will conclude before our 1130 luncheon. Please e-mail or call her for presentation reservations or questions,

      sarahl@... | cell (314) 568-7650. On-line visit www.sealiftcommand.com.

      O’Brien To Be Adopted 1130 June 18th

      Certificate of Adoption

      Whereas the Navy League of the United States for over one hundred years has expressed its patriotism, commitment, strength of spirit, and support for the Sea Services, and

      Whereas one of the most important objectives of the Navy League is to improve the understanding of and appreciation for those who have served and are serving in America’s forces, and

      Whereas to further these objectives, ships, squadrons, and stations are “adopted” by Navy League councils, be it resolved:

      The Pacific Merchant Marine Council of the Navy League of the United States hereby adopts and will support the National Liberty Ship Memorial SS Jeremiah O’Brien.

      __________________________________ 18 June 2007

      Kerry C. O’Brien, President

      Pacific Merchant Marine Council

      Navy League of the United States

      Acknowledged and accepted with gratitude.

      __________________________________ 18 June 2007

      Carl Nolte, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer


      Liberty Ship Memorial SS Jeremiah O’Brien

      May - California Maritime Transportation System Month

      Did you know that State Senator, former Assemblyman Sam Aanestad and now retired State Senator Maurice Johannessen both from Northern California were both merchant seamen? In office between them they came up with California Senate Concurrent Resolution 66 back in 2002. It unanimously passed the Senate declaring May California Maritime Transportation Month. There was even a flag created to unify California’s ports under its banner. Through committees and legislation, the state support for maritime commerce remains strong. Recently passed proposition 1B is funding $20 billion of improvements to the state’s infrastructure, much of it supporting international and domestic maritime commerce.

      May 3rd Phelps represented the PMMC and the Navy League at the California Maritime Transportation Month Infrastructure Symposium - activities centered in the Secretary of State’s auditorium and the State Capitol’s rotunda. The Port of Los Angeles was honored on it’s 100th anniversary.

      On the 14th of April, he attended a luncheon and panel discussion on the State of the Ports in Northern California Luncheon. Gradually, the PMMC and Navy League will become more involved in the state’s maritime affairs. If you have a current role in industry or government in such matters or you desire to become more involved please contact President Kerry O’Brien.

      Navy League - 105 Years of Service

      The Navy League has a wonderful history in support of our nation’s sea services and the youth program the Sea Cadets. In fact, two history books and countless essays have been written about it. The new NLUS history book, Navy League of the United States: Civilians Supporting the Sea Services for More Than a Century is available for purchase.

      The actual anniversary date is June 12th but our council will celebrate it with a toast at our luncheon meeting June 18th. Another good reason to join us aboard the O’Brien.

      Council Website Nominated for Award

      For the first time, the Navy League will be recognizing stellar council websites with an award. First and second place recognition will be given to large, medium, and small councils. For 2006 we register in the small category. Our website,

      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PMMC-NLUS, is just as new as our council. We were chartered December 11th; the website went on-line December 22nd. Phelps Hobart is the Webmaster.

      Please visit our website - it and this newsletter are primary means of communication. To keep abreast of late-breaking council news,

      invitations, ship visits, etc. please provide Phelps, nlsac@..., with your e-mail address.

      Phelps Hobart Receives PCR Award

      At the Pacific Central Region meeting, March 31st, Don Hale, President, presented a signed, sealed, and framed Certificate of Merit to Phelps “In recognition for “Outstanding Service to the Navy League of the United States.” It reads, in part, “For service to the Pacific Central Region as Vice President of Veteran Affairs 2006-2007 and for outstanding efforts in recruiting and membership retention. You are the region’s most prolific recruiter and are among the best in the nation, Congratulations!”

      He also reports to Pamela Ammerman, President , Pacific Southwest Region as that region’s Vice President - Veteran Affairs. When he visits senators, assembly members, their staff in the Capitol, confers with officers in the California Department of Veteran Affairs, and with officers in the California National Guard, he represents the whole state for the Navy League. Each year there are a number of legislative bills affecting active duty, reserve personnel, and veterans as well as their families.

      Council Directory Available

      We are up from 44 charter members to 56 currently. If you would like to know who is on board, ask for a directory at the luncheon June 18th. Please keep Phelps current on changes in address, telephone, and e-mail.

      California Maritime Academy Graduation Ceremonies April 28th

      CMA held its 77th annual Commencement Saturday, April 28th, at the campus in Vallejo. Philippines Council General Maria Sanchez was the guest speaker. Most appropriate since the Golden Bear has headed off to Subic Bay for the students summer cruise. The Academy also saw the graduation of the first cadets to major in “Global Studies and Maritime Affairs.” The program has an emphasis on maritime history, security, law, environment , and organizations.

      In the morning there were the commissioning ceremonies for graduating seniors planning service in the U. S. Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine. In addition, there are presentations of honors and awards for outstanding academics and service achievements. The formal commencement began at 1400 with proud family members and friends gathered on the campus quadrangle.

      In 2008, count on the Council to give a certificate of honor to a top grad headed toward commissioned service in the US Flag Merchant Marine!

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