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San Francisco debates keeping JROTC in high schools; Declaration of Policy on ballot!

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  • Phelps Hobart
    http://choicesf.org Remember Remember The Fourth of November... Vote YES on PROPOSITION V Choice for Students believes the choice should be left up to students
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2008
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      Remember Remember The Fourth of November...



      Choice for Students believes the choice should be left up to students and their families, not politicians as to whether students can attend the JROTC program. The JROTC has the support of 85% of the students polled (JROTC and non-JROTC), as well as all of the Parent Teacher Student Associations, and all of the principals at these schools. JROTC does not discriminate and does not abide by the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy. Please help us keep JROTC a choice for students. Help us Save the JROTC. Vote YES on V!

      * IN THE NEWS *

      Prop. V retains JROTC for San Francisco students
      S.F. Chronicle | October 3 | by Michael Bernick, Quincy Yu

      Guest Editorial: JROTC and the Left in San Francisco
      BeyondChron | October 2 | by Michael Bernick

      For SF school board: Wynns, Norton, Murase and a pick to be named later
      S.F. Examiner | September 25 | by Caroline Grannan

      Pitched Battle over ROTC in S.F. Schools
      San Francisco Chronicle | September 21 | by Jill Tucker

      The San Francisco Paradox: Another Antiwar Leftie for JROTC
      S.F. Education Examiner | September 19 | Caroline Grannan

      Barack Obama Supports Students' Right to Choose ROTC
      Chronicle of Higher Education | September 12

      Prop V, Pickles in a Pickle
      S.F. Examiner | September 12 | by Melissa Griffin

      JROTC Could be a Force of Positive Change
      S.F. Examiner | September 11 | by Melissa Griffin

      Come Join us September 13 for the YES on Prop. V Kick-Off Rally!
      September 11, 2008

      Senator Dianne Feinstein's Ballot Statement in Support of JROTC
      August 26, 2008

      Mayor Gavin Newsom's Ballot Statement in Support of JROTC
      August 26, 2008

      Statement of Michael Thomas, former JROTC cadet, to the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee
      August 13, 2008

      District 11 Candidate Asha Safai Supports S.F. JROTC
      San Francisco Sentinel | July 24, 2008

      LGBT voters should support JROTC in city’s high schools
      The Examiner | July 22, 2008 | By Jamie Whitaker

      Here’s the War Plan; First JROTC, Then Football
      Fox & Hounds Daily | July 22, 2008 | By Joel Fox


      National President calls for support of San Francisco area JROTC Program


      Dear Navy Leaguers,

      Our fellow Navy Leaguers in the San Francisco area need your help in saving the area schools’ JROTC program. The San Francisco Unified School Board passed a measure that would terminate the JROTC program in San Francisco public schools at the end of the upcoming school year citing among other things “that JROTC programs on campus constitute a form of military recruitment and are in violation of our policy governing fair access for recruiters on campuses.”

      The San Francisco Navy League Council and several other local program supporters have been very active in trying to save the program.  They are asking for your help in getting the word out to your relatives and friends in the San Francisco area to join the movement to save the program, including putting the issue on the ballot for the upcoming elections in November.  

      Many of our councils sponsor JROTC units and the Navy League has already taken a position in support of recruiter access to school campuses. Unfortunately, few students and parents are getting the full story about the tremendous opportunities available from the services. While many involved in anti-military efforts are well-intentioned individuals who are turned off by the war in Iraq, it is imperative that Navy Leaguers and other service support groups tell members of Congress, school administrators and parent groups about of the benefits of the JROTC program, reminding all that today’s military is a totally volunteer force.

      School administrators, teachers and PTAs that would eliminate the military option and programs such as JROTC are being unfair to their own students. We believe students and their parents can weigh the options and make the right choices. Please read this fact sheet outlining the benefits of the JROTC program.

      So if you have relatives and friends in the San Francisco area, I urge you to encourage them to join our fellow Navy Leaguers and the Choice for Students Committee’s movement to save the JROTC program. 

      For more information, contact Chuck Shea, President of the San Francisco Navy League Council, at captcshea@... or (530) 416-2083.

      Remember, there is strength in numbers and your voice and vote do count!

      One Mission – One Team


      J. Michael McGrath, Navy League National President

      J. Michael McGrath



      Here is a recent Associated Press piece that is a prime example of not reporting the whole story.

      San Francisco debates keeping JROTC in high schools

      SAN FRANCISCO - In this city long associated with the peace movement, some teens are taking an unlikely stance - campaigning to keep the armed forces' Junior ROTC program in public schools.

      If a school board decision stands, San Francisco would become the first city to remove a Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps program. But supporters, including many college-bound Asian-American students who make up the majority of cadets here, initiated an advisory measure on the November ballot. They hope it will persuade a new school board to save JROTC.

      Board members who decided to kick JROTC out of town see it as an arm of the military that reaches into schools, discriminating against gays by enforcing the "don't ask, don't tell" mandate, and recruiting teenagers for an unpopular war.

      "It's a broader issue about the Bush administration and military recruiting through JROTC," said board member Eric Mar. "It's clear with the military, if you're gay and out, you don't get the same opportunities."

      He was among board members who voted two years ago to phase out JROTC and replace it with programs not linked to the military. The deadline was set for 2008, but the board extended JROTC later until next June.

      Participants, called cadets, study military history, practice marching and drilling and can win awards for things like marksmanship. Armed forces retirees serve as instructors, and cadets can get academic credit in fields such as physical education.

      If the aim is recruitment, however, JROTC in San Francisco is a failure. Only two of the 1,465 cadets there signed up for the armed forces after graduation in 2006-2007.

      Supporters view the elective course as valuable self-improvement - teaching them discipline, responsibility and leadership skills they say they do not get in other classes.

      "It's helped me stand up for myself, have more confidence, and to fight for what I want," said Trina Mao, 16.

      They also say the arguments about the war in Iraq and the Pentagon's policy toward gays miss the point. The program in San Francisco is inclusive, with 90 percent minorities and 40 percent women, they say.

      For more on this subject see:
      and you will fine at a long list of San Francisco porpositions Declaration of Policy Item V, Policy Against Terminating Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC) Programs in Public High Schools. It qualified for the ballot 15 July 2008 and Michael Bernick is indicated as the Proponet. The telephone number is 627-1446. The text may be found at http://www.sfgov.org/site/uploadedfiles/elections/candidates/Nov2008_LT_JROTC.pdf.
      I notice right above it Declaration of Policy Item U, Policy Against Funding the Deployment of Armed Forces in Iraq with five supervisors as proponents.
      For candidates running for office in the Department of Education and Board of Supervisors the list is long but may be seen at http://www.sfgov.org/site/uploadedfiles/elections/candidates/Nov2008_QualifiedCandidateList20080929.pdf.
      For more on this topic any search engine will do. I like www.dogpile.com. Check this out - not a web search but a news web search:


      I also like Arfie, the pooch, on the front page. He is always doing something.

      Phelps Hobart
      Web Yeoman
      Pacific Central Region, NLUS




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