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MARAD Releases Web Based MTS Information System

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    Message U.S. Department of Transportation Office of Public Affairs Washington, D.C. www.dot.gov/affairs/briefing.htm News MARAD 24-08 Contact: Shannon
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      U.S. Department of Transportation

      Office of Public Affairs

      Washington, D.C.



      MARAD 24-08     Contact: Shannon Russell       
      Friday, October 03, 2008        Tel.: (202) 366-5807   

      Maritime Administration Unveils Comprehensive Web-Based Information System

      WASHINGTON – Information on the condition and performance of the Marine Transportation System – including U.S. ports, vessels, waterways and intermodal connections – will be available on a Web-based, data-driven set of tools developed by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration, announced Maritime Administrator Sean T. Connaughton today.

                  The information system, called MarView, provides access to more than 2500 links to transportation data sources, giving statistics on intermodal freight transportation and on trained and licensed mariners.  It provides real-time tracking of vessels, plus physical attributes information on national and international ports, vessels, and related facilities.  MarView provides real time information on waterways and facilities and background facts about domestic and foreign shipbuilding and repair yards.

      “Through MarView, we know instantly how much traffic is going through a port on any given day, plus how much goes through in a year and what kind of facilities a port has,” Administrator Connaughton said.  “When Hurricane Ike approached the Texas coast, MarView enabled us to keep an eye on a ship that was in trouble.  We knew where it was, its physical capacity, and who owned it—instantly.  Without MarView, such information might have taken several days to get.”

      Access to MarView is granted through a free subscription only. For more information or to subscribe, please visit www.marview.gov.  For another perspective on MarView, see the Maritime Administration blog, http://one.dot.gov/marad/news/newsletter.

                                                                          # # #

      Welcome to MarView
      The U.S. Department of Transportation Maritime Administration is the proud owner of MarView, an integrated data-driven environment providing essential information to support the strategic requirement of the U.S. Marine Transportation System (MTS) and its contribution to the economic viability of the Nation.

      MarView provides the ability to fuse data together to create models and simulations for capacity planning, economic impact analysis, on-demand forecasting, plans for mitigating and reacting to emergency situations.

      Available information includes:
      • Over 2500 links of transportation data sources
      • Most comprehensive collection of vessel tracking information through Automated Identification System (AIS) and Voluntary Observation Ships (VOS) program
      • Physical attributes information on national and international ports and related facilities
      • Vessel characteristics
      • Information on U.S. Waterways and facilities
      • Waterborne domestic and foreign trade (cargo, passenger, and vessel movement)
      • Intermodal freight transportation
      • Information about domestic and foreign shipbuilding and repair yards
      • Statistics on trained and licensed Mariners

      Capabilities include:
      • Crisis Tracking and Emergency Notification (CTEN)
      • Geospatial information on the MTS and Intermodal Transportation
      • Distance calculator
      • Innovative electronic collaboration room
      • Business intelligence tools for data analysis and data manipulation.

      This rich and varied array of data can be rapidly combined and recombined to assist meaningful analysis throughout the MTS, from end to end. Registration is required.

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