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Mexico to open bidding for Punta Colonet port

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  • Pacific Merchant Marine Council, NLUS
    This council has been a voice striving to bring attention to looming competition to our United States West Coast ports - especially California ports. This
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 31, 2008
      This council has been a voice striving to bring attention to looming competition to our United States West Coast ports - especially California ports. This article says it all - Prince Rupert to the north and soon to be constructed Punta Colonet in Mexico.
      Billions spent and more to be spent on state of the art port facilities - the article spells it out below. Not mentioned is the massive facilities in Freeport, Bahamas and more elsewhere in Central and South America. You can be assured these ports will not have a state government claiming 24 mile territorial waters and issuing a mandate to require merchant ships, railroads, and trucks to use clean burning fuels.
      The North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA, was not in the United States best interests and it still isn't. Previous posts mention the NAFTA Superhighway from Mexico to custom facilities in Kansas City then on to the Northeast and Canada. If all of this proceeds as planned, you can count on clean air in our California ports but you can also count on reduced cargo being moved through them, a lot less workers, and a lot less income for our citizens and our state!
      Hong Kong-based Hutchison Port Holdings has close ties with the Communist Chinese government - the Peoples' Republic of China. It is more than a partnership; Hutchinson is more like an arm of the government. Working within the partnership is the China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company. COSCO. It is believed it has ties to the Peoples Liberation Army (Navy).
      More on Punta Colonet, Hutchinson Port Holdings, and COSCO in the links below. Also an interesting link to a Long Beach setback to Hutchinson and COSCT in 2007
      Phelps Hobart
      President, Pacific Merchant Marine Council
      Navy League of the United States
      American Shipper magazine 

      Latest issue’s cover


      Mexico to open bidding for Punta Colonet port
      Mexican President Felipe Calderon opened bidding Thursday on the largest maritime development in the nation’s history, a massive Pacific port complex at Punta Colonet that is intended to compete directly with Southern California ports.
         The first phase of the Colonet project, to be located in an undeveloped Baja California bay 150 miles south of the U.S.-Mexico border, is projected to cost $5 billion and handle up to 2 million TEUs per year when completed in 2012. Additional phases could ultimately see the complex grow to the size of either Long Beach or Los Angeles, handling more than 7 million TEUs annually.
         Designed specifically to lure away Asian cargo now heading through the Southern California ports to the U.S. East Coast via overland rail, the Punta Colonet port complex is envisioned as a nearly all-intermodal operation, with containers being transported via rail to the American mainline rails near the intersection of the California, Arizona and Mexican borders.
         In opening the bids, Calderon predicted that the Colonet port complex, when completed, would become the most important in Mexico -- five times larger than the Port of Veracruz and 10 times larger than the Port of Manzanillo. “The Colonet port has the potential to become one of the key ports in the international shipping world,” he said.
         Calderon specifically pointed to Colonet rivaling the Southern California ports, the two busiest container ports in the Western Hemisphere. “The physical space of Colonet is four times greater than the Port of Los Angeles and represents more than five times the space of the Port of Long Beach, in California,” he said.
         Colonet’s location will allow the port to offer “greater dynamism and efficiency” for containers moving from Asia through the U.S. West Coast ports to Atlantic Coast markets, he said.
         “Colonet is going to tie together the productive chains of Asia and North America,” Calderon said. “We are going to connect Mexico with the world and continue opening the door of solid growth for our economy -- one that allows us to not only compete, but to win in the global economy in which we live.”
         The contracts up for bid by Calderon include development of terminals at Punta Colonet as well as the rail component. The developer is also expected to operate the developed facility under a 45-year concession agreement. Mexico is expected to award the bids next year.
         The Mexican government, which in January committed slightly more than $1 billion to the project, plans to obtain the rest of the financing through a public/private partnership with the eventual facility operator.
         Several large consortia have indicated they would bid on the project, including:
         • A partnership between Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim Helu and the New Jersey-based terminal operator Ports America Group.
         • Mexican construction firm Ideal.
         • U.S. marine terminal operator SSA Marine.
         • A consortium formed by former Ensenada municipality president and Baja California Gov. Ernesto Ruffo.
         Ruffo’s group, Puerto Colonet Infrastructure, has secured what none of the other potential bidders have been able to: the support of the Punta Colonet locals and titular landowners.
         The largely undeveloped future location of the Colonet port is surrounded by farmland tracts owned by established local families. Called ejidors, these communally owned farm tracts were deeded to the local families by the Mexican government in the late 1940s and are passed down from family member to family member.
         In addition to the prime coastal real estate at the projected site of the port, a large dry riverbed -- in some areas more than a half-mile wide and running from its outlet at the Colonet Bay through a gorge in the Sierra Juárez Mountains 40 miles away -- is also ejidor land.
         While Hong Kong-based port operator, Hutchison Port Holdings originally purchased the riverbed outlet on the bay from a small group of ejidors, the firm’s Colonet property is now surrounded by property either owned by Ruffo’s PCI or ejidors that are willing to sell to him.
         As head of PCI, Ruffo has also developed a very detailed plan that takes full advantage of his property commitments, land he owns and the local terrain.
         Ruffo’s and PCI’s long-range plan for the port envisions a megaport that would rival any in the world, with 18 berths that would each accommodate the largest of container vessels. Each berth, according to Ruffo, would be able to handle 850,000 TEUs annually. The port would ship about 60 percent of the containers inland via rail, handle about 30 percent as transshipments, and send the remaining 10 percent out on trucks.
         Regardless of who wins the contracts, any potential bidder will have to negotiate with U.S. rail giants Union Pacific or BNSF, which control the mainline tracks running through the U.S. Southwest. UP had originally been a potential bidder, but pulled out of a proposed partnership with Hutchison last May. On breaking the Hutchison partnership, UP indicated it was still open to bidding with another partner on the Colonet project.
         U.S. West Coast ports handle more than 60 percent of the Asia-to-Atlantic Coast cargo, with the all-water route through the Panama Canal capturing another 38 percent.
         Last year, the Canadian port of Prince Rupert also began operations, offering a direct rail connection for cargo from the Canadian Pacific Coast to Chicago in about 100 hours.
         In addition, the Panama Canal, set to open a new set of larger locks in 2014, expects to capture up to half of the Asia-to-Atlantic Coast traffic by 2025.
         If the canal predictions hold true, this sets the stage for Punta Colonet, the U.S. West Coast ports and the Canadian ports of Prince Rupert and Vancouver to vie for the remainder.
      — Keith Higginbotham

      Chinese and Korean companies are lobbying for a new Pacific freight port in Baja California at Punta Colonet. From the Baja California Insider.
      www.bajainsider.com/environment/port-punta-colonet.htm - Cached
      ... it as large as the U.S. ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach combined. The projected multimodal maritime center would make Punta Colonet the largest port ...
      en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punta_Colonet,_ Baja_California - 57k - Cached
      However, it make sense to place a major mega-port and intermodal rail freight facility in a less populated area such as Punta Colonet. Obviously, appropriate ...
      en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bahia_Colonet,_ Baja_California - 54k - Cached
      Top 3: Mexican officials discuss Punta Colonet port, colonet, port, punta, rail, officials, project, pacific, baja, government, route
      www.yumasun.com/ onset?id=33323&template=article.html - Cached
      Top Story: Tale of two towns: Yuma and Punta Colonet, port, punta, colonet, communities, railroad, talks, proposed, connect, residents, began
      www.yumasun.com/ onset?id=33324&template=article.html - Cached
      ... in creating a port at Punta Colonet has sprouted in ... an Ensenada citizens group, identified Punta Colonet as a suitable port site after a six ...
      www.signonsandiego.com/news/mexico/ 20050814-9999-1n14port.html - Cached
      Mexico's federal government plans to publish bid specifications for the massive Punta Colonet container port and rail project south of Ensenada by the end of ...
      signonsandiego.com/news/mexico/tijuana/ 20080724-1928-bn24colonet.html - Cached
      Port of Punta Colonet, Mexico. Mexico's government is preparing to open bidding on the largest infrastructure project in the nation's history, a $4-billion seaport ...
      seaport.homestead.com/files/colonet.html - Cached
      ... to the construction of a mega-port in Punta Colonet, 150 miles of San Diego, a ... the ambitions of transnational companies to build a port in Punta Colonet ...
      wildcoast.net/site/ index.php?...&task=view&id=355&Itemid=132 - Cached
      Mexico to open bidding for Punta Colonet port ... overland rail, the Punta Colonet port complex is envisioned as a nearly all ...
      www.americanshipper.com/SNW_ story.asp?news=102779 -
      1. Leaders of collective farming groups whose land will be needed for a huge new container port at Punta Colonet say they're in the dark about plans for the Mexican ...
        www.banderasnews.com/0609/re- puntacolonet.htm - Cached
      2. A new port at Punta Colonet, a deserted bay in Northern Baja located only one ... goes through, Punta Colonet will become a maritime port of great importance ...
        www.banderasnews.com/0708/re- newport.htm - Cached
      3. Bunkerworld - the leading resource for the ... The Mexican government is poised to open bidding for the $4 billion Punta Colonet deep-water port project. ...
        portworld.com/news/2008/04/ 71201?gsid=c42057c9fd9fb339f878d6085b382...
      4. ... Baja California Punta Colonet run problems award mining concessions threatened delay important project country. project attracted interest Hutchison Port Holdings ...
        www.accessmylibrary.com/coms2/summary_ 0286-16062202_ITM
      5. Plans have been finalized by Mexico to develop Punta Colonet as a West Coast Mexican alternative to the U.S. ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach. The proposal ...
        www.wnd.com/ index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=59973 - Cached
      6. 35k - Adobe PDF - View as html
        the Punta Colonet port and railroad development will be built from scratch, Jáuregui noted. ... Punta Colonet's first phase of development, the port could ...
        cbre.com/NR/rdonlyres/.../0/ MegaportArticle.pdf
      7. Differing versions of the Punta Colonet port plan have ranged in cost from as ... make Punta Colonet about the size of the New York-New Jersey port complex, ...
        www.americanshipper.com/CPC/CPC_ story.asp?news=67095 - Cached
      8. Punta Colonet Baja California Mexico. Proposed International Port. Preliminary. Public Health, ... Punta Colonet Port Community & Public Impacts. Public ...
        www.coalitionfase.org/ puntacolonetreport-english.html - 51k - Cached
      9. "The way I read it, Mexico is intending to have a major investment in Punta Colonet and making major investments to improve the port at Lázaro Cardenas," he said. ...
        www.marfatx.com/uploadedfiles/ laentrada62807.html - Cached
      10. At Punta Colonet, however, Calderon is seeking private bidders to build ... "There's clearly going to be port demand that Punta Colonet could serve," said Paul ...
        www.msnbc.msn.com/id/26438904 - Cached

      30-JUL-07 - The Prince Rupert Port Authority expects China Ocean Shipping Co. to account for half of the initial handling capacity of 500000 TEUs a... | Free With Signup
      www.accessmylibrary.com/coms2/summary_ 0286-32467697_ITM
      Canada's marine gateway to Asia, located North of Vancouver, British Columbia.
      www.rupertport.com - Cached
      Our Mission: To develop and grow the Port of Prince Rupert in an aggressive, economical, safe and environmentally sound manner. ...
      www.rupertport.com/about.htm - Cached
      The Port of Prince Rupert was built upon the completion of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway in 1914 and its development had been promoted by Grand Trunk Railway ...
      en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prince_Rupert_Port_Authority - Cached
      Passenger ferries operating from Prince Rupert include BC Ferries' service to the Queen Charlotte Islands and to Port Hardy on Vancouver Island, and Alaska Marine ...
      en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prince_Rupert_ Harbour - 84k - Cached
      ... Prince Rupert. CityWest. Chamber of Commerce. Prince Rupert Port Authority. Prince Rupert School District 52. Maher Terminals Canada. Prince Rupert Communities ...
      www.princerupert.ca/index.php?id_ section=7 - Cached
      A bald eagle stands watch in a cedar tree overlooking the Prince Rupert harbour. Video about the container port development and its effects on Prince Rupert. Windows ...
      www.unbc.ca/ssrmlab/research/rupert/ index.html - Cached
      By Leanne Ritchie The Daily News Friday, February 22, 2008 The Port of Prince Rupert is turning its focus toward attracting and developing
      princerupertnews.com/?p=3 - Cached
      Prince Rupert is the Closest North American Port for Chinese Imports ... Prince Rupert is a small British Columbia town which is gaining fame in the China ...
      supplychain.establishinc.com/public/ item/96976 - Cached

      US Industry Today - Prince Rupert Port Authority - Charting Growth
      Almost 100 years later, Prince Rupert, the closest port and trade corridor in North America to China, is now simply in the right place at the right time in history. ...
      www.usitoday.com/article_ view.asp?ArticleID=F319 - Cached
      Prince Rupert Port Authority - Prince Rupert, Canada. Purchase and instantly access company contacts, subsidiary relationships, phone, fax, sales, ownership...
      corporateaffiliations.ecnext.com/coms2/ summary_519701_ITM_Prince-Rupert-Port...
      Prince Rupert casts a wary eye on Chicago Much of port's success hinges on CN's fight to bypass Illinois bottleneck DON WHITELEY Special to The Globe and
      princerupertnews.com/?p=42 - Cached

      1. Hutchison Port Holdings

        Port Executive Programme. About CSR. Educational Initiatives. Social Services. Environmental Protection. HPH Global Community. Contact us | Sitemap. Copyright ...
        www.hph.com - Cached
      2. This, combined with the company's access to HPH's worldwide port network, allows Hutchison Logistics to offer its customers a unique set of operational capabilities. ...
        www.hph.com/globalbusiness/ business.aspx?gid=158 - Cached
      3. One of the world's leading port operators, Hutchison Port Holdings manages more than 40 facilities in some 20 countries around the globe. In addition to port and...
        hoovers.com/hutchison-port-holdings/-- ID__128965--/...
      4. ... Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH) is the world's leading port ... is owned directly by Cheung Kong Holdings, the holding behind Cheung Kong group to which HWL ...
        en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hutchison_Whampoa - Cached
      5. 13-FEB-07 - Hutchison Port Holdings of Hong Kong has received a $260-million license to build a new container port in southern Vietnam. The Ba Ria-... | Free With Signup
        www.accessmylibrary.com/coms2/summary_ 0286-30615817_ITM
      6. Hutchison Port Holdings Limited - Kwai Chung, China (Hong Kong). Purchase and instantly access company contacts, subsidiary relationships, phone, fax, sales...
        corporateaffiliations.ecnext.com/coms2/ summary_315068_ITM_Hutchison-Port-Holdings...
    • Pacific Merchant Marine Council, NLUS
      In the meantime, the project s most immediate effects will be felt in tiny coastal villages near Punta Colonet. About 5,000 people live there now, but the
      Message 2 of 2 , Aug 31, 2008
        "In the meantime, the project’s most immediate effects will be felt in tiny coastal villages near Punta Colonet. About 5,000 people live there now, but the port is expected to create a new city of 150,000 or more."
        Even the Boston Herald / Associated Press picked up on this monster project!

        With an eye on US shipping, Mexico seeks new port

        29.08.2008 With an eye on US shipping, Mexico seeks new port
        President Felipe Calderon was opening bidding today for construction of a huge new seaport that could eventually rival the twin ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, the largest port complex in the United States.

        Mexico’s US$4 billion Punta Colonet project would transform a wind-swept Mexican bay 150 miles (240 kilometers) south of the U.S. border into a booming city, drawing freighters from Asia and funneling manufactured goods north.

        A planned railroad would link the port to the United States, allowing freight to skip Southern California traffic and head directly to points across the Midwestern U.S., including Chicago. Port designers have yet to determine where the tracks would cross the border.

        Punta Colonet should begin operations in 2012, with the capacity to annually process 2 million TEUs, or 20-foot equivalent units, a measurement used to estimate container traffic, said Jose Rubio, project director for Mexico’s Baja California state, which is working with the federal government to develop the port.

        Later expansions could grow Punta Colonet to several times that volume, he said.

        Los Angeles and Long Beach processed a combined 15 million TEUs in 2007 — some 40 percent of all freight entering the U.S., including 80 percent of imports from Asia.

        Mexico’s bid for a slice of the U.S. shipping market hangs on the continued growth of Pacific shipping traffic — now stalled by high fuel costs and a struggling U.S. economy. But long-term forecasts are bright: Long Beach expects its freight traffic to double by 2028, according to port spokesman John Pope, and the two ports plan to spend more than US$2 billion on infrastructure improvements to prepare.

        Punta Colonet hopes to steal away some of that new business.

        Yet while the California ports struggle to squeeze more traffic into their congested surroundings, their location in one of the continent’s largest urban areas is also an advantage. Roughly half of the freight that passes through Los Angeles and Long Beach is delivered right to Southern California.

        "There’s a certain amount of cargo that’s locally destined that really doesn’t make sense to ship out anywhere else," Pope said.

        The relatively remote desert around Punto Colonet, however, has no natural customer base. The port will rely entirely on its proposed rail line to the U.S. — which could stretch as far east as the Mexican state of Chihuahua, across from New Mexico and Texas, Rubio said.

        Punta Colonet would serve "more like a relief valve for us than a direct competitor," said Theresa Adams Lopez, spokeswoman for the Port of Los Angeles. "There are plenty of boxes to go around."

        In the meantime, the project’s most immediate effects will be felt in tiny coastal villages near Punta Colonet. About 5,000 people live there now, but the port is expected to create a new city of 150,000 or more, Rubio said.

        Providing infrastructure and services to those people will pose a challenge for Baja California, a state already struggling to keep up with staggering growth in Tijuana, where jobs in electronics and auto parts assembly plants draw about 90,000 new residents every year.

         Source: Boston Herald.com
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