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Pacific Transportation Association hosts Annual Steamship Night, Thursday, September 18

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  • Pacific Merchant Marine Council, NLUS
    Members and Friends, We have an invitation to a San Francisco maritime tradition. I would like to see several of us attend. This is an outstanding time to wear
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 25, 2008
      Members and Friends,
      We have an invitation to a San Francisco maritime tradition. I would like to see several of us attend. This is an outstanding time to wear our Navy League lapel pins to show our colors in a manner of speaking. 
      We might have enough for a table but it might be better - at least for communicating our Navy League / Pacific Merchant Marine Council message - if we sat a various tables throughout the banquet room.
      Please advise -
      • Are you eager to attend?
      • Willing to bring your spouse? 
      • Pay the tariff - $100 per person + parking
      Only replies in the affirmative are necessary. Your comments are appreciated - this is new territory for us.
      I am not going to go solo - I feel much more comfortable in the company of other Navy Leaguers.
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      Subject: Re: PTA Annual Steamship Night

      Phelps - the Port of San Francisco has two tables for Steamship Night, but
      all the seats are taken. PMMC members would be most welcome to attend this
      event, which you described very well below. Individual tickets are $100.
      Business attire. PTA board member Jane Wisdom can assist with reservations:

        Jane Wisdom
        PTA c/o Hyundai Merchant Marine
       455 Market Street, Suite 2050
       San Francisco, CA 94105

      The event details are as follows:

      Pacific Transportation Association Annual Steamship Night
      Thursday, September 18, 2008
      San Francisco Marriott, 55 Fourth Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

      6:00 PM                 Hosted Cocktails
      7:00 PM                 Dinner Served
      8:00-11:00 PM     No-Host Cocktails and Entertainment
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      Sent: Monday, August 25, 2008 7:27 AM
      Subject: PTA Annual Steamship Night

      Are you accepting Pacific Merchant Marine Council members as guests at your table?
      Details on this event? Cost? Dress?
      Sure would like to get some of your fellow board members on board the Navy League and our council. I will E-mail you the invitation to the luncheon 8 September.
      All the best,
      Annual Steamship Night Thursday, September 18, 2008
      PTA's Annual Steamship Night  
      The Pacific Transportation Association will be staging its annual Steamship Night dinner on Thursday, September 18 at the San Francisco Marriott. For those not familiar with this event, it’s the biggest social gathering of the year for Bay Area professionals working in the transport and trade community. Founded in the 1920s when San Francisco was regarded as a major seaport and gateway to the Far East, the PTA now functions chiefly as a networking group for executives in every aspect of the industry. The current board of directors, for example, includes leaders from container lines (or "steamships" in the old vernacular); railroads; seaports; insurance; freight forwarding and customs brokerage; trucking; container leasing; and even trade publishing. Given the concentration of market intelligence and demonstrated competence, part of the PTA’s mandate is also to stage informational seminars and to heighten public awareness of issues related to shipping and international commerce. Check out www.pacifictrans.org for more details, including contact information for the group’s annual party. Meanwhile, it’s important to add that "Steamship Night" does not involve speeches or any other nonsense related to work. It’s a great party with plenty of good food, adult beverages, live music, and fellowship.


      History of the Pacific Transportation Association

      San Francisco, the great traffic center of the Pacific Coast and natural gateway to the Orient, is the home of the original organization known as THE PACIFIC TRAFFIC ASSOCIATION OF SAN FRANCISCO, INC.

      It was here, on February 19, 1920 that a group of serious-minded students at the University of California Traffic School formed the nucleus of the Association under the name of University of California Traffic Association. The first officers were M.B. Baker, President; R.C. Bray, Vice President; Rose Hillman, Secretary; and W.C. Patterson, Treasurer. Originally the offices and clubrooms were in the Pacific Building later moving the Monadnock Building where an office in the charge of Miss Helen Shamp was maintained until January 1, 1939.

      Near the end of 1920, when the original membership of 37 had grown to 200, though was given to a new name for the organization and at a meeting held in November, 1920, the name Pacific Traffic Association was agreed on; this meaning literally an organization of traffic professionals of the entire Pacific Coast. M.B. Baker was elected president of the new organization; an honor accorded him for his fine work as President of the University of California Traffic Association.

      The objective of the Pacific Traffic Association was to study transportation problems, to foster cooperation and better understanding between shippers and carriers and
      to assist in developing and maintaining efficient and economical transportation services so that the community at large could receive the benefits thereof. These principles have been adhered to by the organization ever since.  

      Under able leadership and with full cooperation of the members, the Association grew rapidly and by September 1924 boasted a membership of over 500 and was a recognized factor in the T
      ransportation field, not only in San Francisco and Oakland, but generally along the Pacific Coast.  

      Originally, the Association met every Tuesday evening, changed to every alternate Tuesday evening and later, for the convenience of the East Bay members, to one meeting each month at Oakland. This arrangement continued in effect until 1926 when the East Bay members formed the Oakland Traffic Club. Many retained their membership in this Association and are members of both organizations. In recent years, the Association has met monthly and mails an official monthly bulletin, Western Transportation.  

      In 1935, due to the fact that traffic clubs had been organized in many communities along the Pacific Coast and because the membership of the Association had become localized to a large extent, our name was changed to Pacific Traffic Club of San Francisco.  

      Three years later, the Association was formally incorporated under the laws of California.  Many traffic clubs throughout the country have copied the Association’s educational program laid down by the founders. The Association sponsored traffic courses with members of the Association as in
      structors and awarded scholarships to qualified applicants.  

      On January 1, 1988 our name was changed to the Pacific Transportation Association, Inc. The word Transportation better depicts the roster of prominent companies and persons from the Bay Area who utilize steamship, air, rail and truck transportation.  

      The goal of the Association continues to be to establish and promote transportation and allied services and patrons of such services to the public. We also continue to seek to strengthen the Association with new members from within the industry who have an interest and work in the transportation arena.  

      The Pacific Transportation Association of San Francisco, Inc. is still one of the leading traffic clubs in the Country, faithful to the ideals of its founders and a valuable link to the transportation industry. Credit for this must go in large measure to the presidents and honorary members who have served the Association since its inception.  

      We are ever grateful to these men and women.

      Board of Directors - 2008

      Patrick Ryan
      MOL America, Inc.
      Dennis Bohm
      Florens Container Services
      First Vice President
      Barbara O’Neill
      Levin Richmond Terminal
      Second Vice President
      Robin McEntee
      Roanoke Trade Insurance
      Third Vice President
      Michael Nerney
      Port of San Francisco
      Executive Secretary
      Bill Diggs
      China Shipping Container Line
      Monte Boscovich
      BNSF Railway
      Michael Arbunich
      Kintetsu World Express
      Jean Banker
      Port of Oakland
      Marge Baldwin
      CellMark, Inc
      Pat Burnson
      Logistics Management
      Dave Enberg
      EFI Logistics
      Terry Hirsch
      Marine Terminals Corporation
      Jennifer Klein
      BNSF Railway
      Steve Muir
      Globe Runners
      Jane Wisdom
      Hyundai Merchant Marine
      Barbara Alexander

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