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Festival of Sail wrap up

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  • Phelps Hobart
    We thank Joanne Fedeyko and her team! What a production! Phelps PS Desire to be on a sailboat on the bay? Check out
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2008
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      We thank Joanne Fedeyko and her team! What a production!
      PS Desire to be on a sailboat on the bay? Check out http://www.sanfranciscotours.us/tours/tourtype.cfm/ttid2/2559.
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      Subject: Message from the Executive Producer

      July 29, 2008 

      Message from the Executive Producer
      I wanted to extend one last very special thank you to the Festival of Sail participating vessels, sponsors, partners, volunteers and staff that worked to make this event possible.

      The weather was spectacular on Wednesday with 32 local and visiting vessels participating in our grand Parade of Sail. Whether you were one of the lucky ones sailing on a Tall Ship, or landside like me, it was a beautiful sight to see.

      Over the next four days attendees were encouraged to visit our Festival Villages and tour the participating vessels. The weather was unbelievable for almost the entire Festival which is something even our two years of planning could not have guaranteed.

      The event extended along the entire waterfront and presented unexpected challenges. Vessel locations were established according to vessel needs, pier safety issues and availability. We tried to place the land venue sites so that they would complement the vessel locations and attract family participation. As the event proceeded there were procedural and logistical problems that we attempted to adjust as well as we could. We have taken note of where improvements are needed and attendees can be rest assured they will be applied the next time.

      The Tall Ships visit the West Coast once every three years and in 2008 the Festival of Sail San Francisco was produced for the first time by the San Francisco Maritime National Park Association. We wanted to introduce, and re-introduce San Franciscans and visitors alike to the historic vessels and education and maritime programs offered at Hyde Street Pier, as well as encourage people to come down and visit our beautiful waterfront. We hope the Festival of Sail has sparked that interest and you will join us and other waterfront partners more often in the future.

      Festival of Sail San Francisco worked closely with the other West Coast ports of Victoria, Tacoma, Port Alberni, Channel Islands, Los Angeles, San Diego and Dana Point and hope to make the West Coast an attraction for more Tall Ships, including foreign Class A vessels, in 2011. Planning for the next Festival of Sail event will begin early and we encourage you to get involved and help us make improvements.

      We wish the vessels fair winds as they sail back to their home ports or onto the next host city.

      Thanks to all of those that came out to watch the Parade, tour the ships and enjoy our Villages. We hope to make it even better the next time.


      Joanne Fedeyko
      Executive Producer

      To join our 2011 Festival of Sail Committee please contact us at: info@....

      Thank you to our Sponsors

      Thank you to our Partners & Media

      Festival of Sail
      PO Box 470310
      San Francisco, California 94147-0310


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