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Invitation: California Maritime Transportation Month Infrastructure Symposium May 2nd

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  • Phelps Hobart
    Dear Pacific Merchant Marine Council, NLUS, Members and Friends, Representing the Council, I attended this event. Excellent presentations all around! Title:
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 26, 2007
      Dear Pacific Merchant Marine Council, NLUS, Members and Friends,
      Representing the Council, I attended this event. Excellent presentations all around!
      State of the Ports in Northern California Luncheon
      Date: Tuesday April 17, 2007
      Time: 11:30 am - 1:30 pm
      Location: California Chamber of Commerce
      Street: 1215 K Street, 14th Floor
      City State Zip: Sacramento CA 95814
      Phone: (916) 447-9827
      Notes: The Northern California World Trade Center and the Pacific Transportation Association present the State of the Ports in Northern California Luncheon. The event will include a panel discussion about the future of goods movement in our region. Panelists include:

      Yolanda Benson, Deputy Secretary for Jobs and Economic Development, Business Transportation & Housing Agency

      Ray King, Manager of Marketing & Operations, Port of Oakland

      Mike Luken, Port Manager, Port of Sacramento (NLUS Member)

      Ric Aschieris, Director, Port of Stockton

      Navy League members: $20, non-members $25

      Additional information: Phelps Hobart, (916) 739-6949
      There the California Maritime Transportation Month Infrastructure Symposium was announced - details were sketchy. Here is the latest on the Symposium.
      Living just 30 blocks from the State Capitol, makes it easy for me to represent us there. I will definitely attend. Be assured leadership from California's ports, the shipping lines, and the unions will be in attendance. They are quite concerned about the cost and other ramifications of Governor Schwarzenneger's "Green Initiatives." Possible costs could end up being $20B; yes billion. Then there are the expenses associated with heightened security measures - state wide, billions more. A host of other costs are rising as well.
      I invite you to attend at least some of the Symposium with me. Activities Wednesday, May 2nd, are at the heart and center of what is going on. If you can make just one day - that is the one.
      Anchors Aweigh!
      Phelps Hobart
      Vice President
      Pacific Merchant Marine Council, NLUS

      April 26, 2007

      Dear friends and colleagues:

      Just a simple reminder ONLY 5 DAYS REMAIN! GET ON BOARD

      This is the time to celebrate and advocate. Now that so much attention has been placed on the maritime industry it is even more crucial that the halls of state government will be filled on May 2-3.

      We will, together, honor the Port of Los Angeles for their century of service to the maritime community, the city of Los Angeles, the Southern California region, the entire state and certainly the nation, during the reception to be held in the rotunda of the capitol.

      On Wednesday morning at the SECRETARY OF STATE BUILDING, located on the corner of 11th and O those attending will hear from a panel of California Marine and Intermodal Transportation System Advisory Council (CALMITSAC) members unveiling the summary of its report to the legislature: “Growth of California Ports: Opportunities and Challenges”. Following this discussion we will hear from several critical representatives heavily immersed in matters relating to the infrastructure bonds. These significant guests will be representing the California Transportation Commission, Caltrans and legislative leadership.

      Our afternoon seminar, (at the same location as the morning session) will zero in on two federal initiatives. First we will hear from the Government Accounting Office on their Freight gridlock study. Following this, Section 1909 (Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Commission) commissioner, Tom Skancke will provide a dynamic update of the commission’s work.

      Topping off the day will be an exciting reception in the beautiful lower level Capitol rotunda. At this reception you will have time to network and participate in the formal program honoring the Port of Los Angeles.

      We’ll cap off the evening with an informal networking opportunity at the Hyatt Hotel across the street from the capitol.

      Thursday we hopefully (should one of the legislative houses be in session) will officially recognize POLA for their hundred years of service to the state of California.

      The CALMITSAC quarterly meeting will take place immediately following the ceremony (should one take place) in Room 2040 of the Capitol.

      Don’t miss this exciting and important opportunity to bring our collective messages to these legislators. Never has it been so critical to voice the needs and priorities to folks here in Sacramento.

      We all look forward to participating in these productive days.

      Norman Fassler-Katz, Senior Consultant, Assembly Select Committee on California Ports


      Meeting California’s Growth Challenge

      By 2050, California’s Population Will Nearly Double to 55 Million. That’s the Equivalent of Adding Two-and-a-Half Cities the Size of New York. Preparing the State’s Infrastructure to Meet This 21st Century Challenge Is Already Underway. Success Mandates Sustained, Strategic and Systematic Cooperation Between the Public and Private Sectors.

      Learn More About What Is At Stake - Join Us For The California Maritime Transportation Month Infrastructure Symposium,

      State Capitol, Sacramento May 1– 3, 2007




      May 1, 2007

      Morning Open for Private Meetings

      Afternoon Open for Private Meetings

      3:00 – 4:30 P.M. “How to Navigate the Halls of Sacramento” Workshop

      6:00 – 9:00 P.M. Private Dinners

      May 2, 2007

      7:30 – 8:45 A.M. Breakfast Briefing on Activities & Roundtable discussion ($30 per person)

      9:00 – 11:30 A.M. California MTS Seminar/drop-ins by Legislators and Constitutional officers

      1:30 - 1:00 P.M. Lunch open

      2:00 – 5:00 P.M. Individual meetings with Legislators

      3:30 – 5:30 P.M. Federal Seminar

      6:00 – 8:00 P.M. Reception celebrating California Maritime Transportation Month with honoree in the Rotunda

      May 3, 2007

      8:30 A.M Proclamation Presentations. (tentative)

      10:30 A.M. California Marine and Intermodal Transportation System Advisory Council (CALMITSAC) Meeting

      Please fill out the form below and email or fax to: 916-324-7081 Email: Norman.Fassler-Katz@...

      Reservation Form: ____Yes, I/we plan to participate in the Sacramento Visit May 1-3, 2007

      Name(s)____________________________________ Firm______________________________________

      City & Zip___________________________________ Phone____________________________________

      Fax _______________________________________ Email_____________________________________

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