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Re: New maritime security courses | USCG Maritime Security Industry Day

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  • scclg
    It was quite a day. In addition to Ed and myself, Admiral Johnson was there. Topics addressed brought attendees up to date on several items. The USCG in the
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 2, 2008
      It was quite a day. In addition to Ed and myself, Admiral Johnson was
      there. Topics addressed brought attendees up to date on several items.

      The USCG in the 11th District maritime security structure was
      explained. Several speakers as expected were USCG personnel.
      Noteworthy was Chief Rob Busby (USCG Port Safety & Security).

      Not too much in port security hardware gets installed without federal
      funds. The $$$ are flowing to the ports via grants. An important USCG
      District 11 individual on funding and other security matters is
      Captain Paul M. Gugg, USCG, Captain of the Port and Federal Maritime
      Security Coordinator.

      Captain Bruce Clark spoke on the new security training programs at
      CMA. He was appreciative of the coverage we gave to his courses and
      the USCG Maritime Security Industry Day.

      An awful lot of this security business seems to float on a sea of
      paper - reports, plans, guidelines, etc. Little actually is simulated
      disaster events. Ahead the major exercise Golden Guardian November
      2009 will involved at least 11 of California's 24 ports. Damage
      control training sessions aboard ship are a common occurrence; ashore
      not so. Security Recovery Units was a topic - it is critical that
      ports return to operating condition.

      The most lively dialogue centered around the Transportation Worker
      Identification Credential Program. The whole day could have been
      devoted to TWIC. There are a lot of questions and many remain
      unanswered. There is no way I see this program being implemented by
      its due date of 15 April 2009. About 300,000 have applied for the
      card; about 100,000 now have the card. It cost $123 to get a card and
      not everyone has an employer paying for it! So far only 19
      individuals have been rejected. A looming expense for ports and ships
      is getting individuals to and from a docked ship and outside the port
      gate. Passenger vessels and ferries have their own challenges. One
      estimate is 1.5 million will need TWIC cards. Chief Busby fielded
      most of the questions and this seems to occupy a good deal of his
      time at his desk as well.

      The USCG's information portal Homeport, http://homeport.uscg.mil was
      reviewed. Take a look; the next Captain's Call will highlight

      It was good to meet and network with men and women who deal on a
      daily basis with port security.

      Chevron Oil picked up the tab for everyone's lunch. Most appreciated.
      Telephone me or Ed if you should have questions on the day.

      Afterwards I visited with Captain Shirley Kohwles in her office. At
      the end of July she retires from CMA. As Director, Career Services &
      Industrial Relations, she knows scads of important individuals in the
      maritime industry. CMA is her second career; she was with Crowley
      before coming to CMA. In any case she is now our newest council
      member and she has accepted the invitation to join as a Director. We
      are most grateful; industrial relations and membership will be her

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      Members and Friends,

      We commend Captain Bruce Clark, Maritime Security Director, John
      Ostrander, Maritime Security Program Manager (Curriculum & Services)
      and the rest of the California Maritime Academy team for developing
      the curricula and now receiving the state and federal approvals. All
      are needed in these times. For a bit more information see the media
      release we received today.

      Tuesday, July 1st at the California Maritime Academy is a full day on
      the very subject. Our newest council member (he joined today) Ed
      Hughlett advised me of the USCG Maritime Security Industry Day at the
      Academy. About 150 are expected to attend; the start time is 0700 and
      it wraps up about 1700! He and I will be attending.
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