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Fw: Grant Maritime Sunk

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  • Phelps Hobart
    Members and Friends, Though not a graduate of the former Grant Maritime Technologies Program, I on rare occasion make a post on the graduates Yahoo group
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 16, 2008
      Members and Friends,
      Though not a graduate of the former Grant Maritime Technologies Program, I on rare occasion make a post on the graduates' Yahoo group website. Below is my recent communiqué.
      I am still quite upset about this program shutting down. It was beneficial for the graduates but expensive for the school board. Class size would diminish as the training progressed - enrollees simply had a change of heart or lacked the wherewithal to complete the program and move on to a position afloat. Their lost opportunity is the nation's loss as well - we need new and qualified personnel to enter the merchant marine service. I understand the Norwegian Cruse Lines took a financial loss with its two passenger vessels operating in Hawaiian waters. Constant crew problems were experienced.
      In any case, the council has to move on.
      Let me encourage you who are not Navy League life members to renew your Navy League membership before the end of the end of June and encourage you to enroll your friends. Three years for $100 amounts to a steal and life for $450 shows commitment. Fr. Jim Wade, our council chaplain, age 89, signed up for a life membership at the June 9th luncheon! He appreciates the Navy League's service to the sea services and our council's influence on those we touch.
      Thanks for your understanding as this new council continues to move into uncharted waters.
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      Sent: Monday, June 16, 2008 8:49 PM
      Subject: Grant Maritime Sunk

      It is with regret and sadness that both the Sacramento Council and the Pacific Merchant Marine Council, Navy League of the United States, learned of the closing of the Grant Maritime Technologies Program at Grant High School.
      I hope that the new school board did not hold a hearing prior to their decision because if so neither council was so notified in advance. We would have definitely testified not to sink the program but to move it forward with increased vigor and impact.
      You at sea well know career positions are available to all qualified to fill them. The Navy League strongly supports the US flag Merchant Marine, the nation's academies for officers and training programs for crew members. We have so stated in our maritime policy statement, http://www.navyleague.org/legislative_affairs/Maritime_Policy.pdf, and at hearings on Capitol Hill. Locally councils elsewhere show their support. The current copy of Sea Power, http://www.seapower-digital.com/seapower/seapower_sample, our respected national monthly magazine has two articles focused on maritime education and council support. 
      A number of individuals associated with the Grant Program joined the Navy League upon learning of and experiencing first hand our councils' desire to further maritime training. Two you know are Captain Jim West and Tericia Andresen. Graduates include David Gagne, Carrie Gillette, and Howard Baker.
      I invite you to join the Navy League. We have through the month of June what amounts to a membership enrollment or renewal special: 3 years for $100, http://www.navyleague.org/membership/index.php. Council affiliation is optional but encouraged. Please contact me about joining or if you should have a question about the Navy League.
      All the best to all of you - fair winds and following seas as we like to say.
      Phelps Hobart
      National Director - Merchant Marine Committee and Membership Committee
      President, Pacific Merchant Marine Council
      Director, Sacramento Council
      Navy League of the United States
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PMMC-NLUS < our council's active website
      PO Box 191403
      Sacramento CA 95819-1403
      (916) 739-6949 | (916) 955-3972 Cell | PMMC@...
      The Navy League of the United States, founded with President Roosevelt's encouragement in 1902, is a civilian organization with more than 60,000 members. The League is focused on reminding the American public and government officials that the United States is a maritime nation and that its national defense and economic well being are dependent upon strong sea services - the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and U. S. flag Merchant Marine. NLUS and its 270 councils sponsor activities, events, and awards along with supporting military and Sea Cadet units. Its monthly magazine Sea Power focuses on United States maritime defense news. The council publishes its newsletter Captain's Call quarterly.
      The Pacific Merchant Marine Council was chartered 11 December 2006. Luncheon meetings, frequently aboard the National Liberty Ship Memorial S. S. JEREMIAH O'BRIEN, Pier 45, San Francisco are the 2nd Monday in March, June, September, and December. We invite you to attend.
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