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California Maritime Security Council (CMSC) Meeting, April 25th Report

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  • Pacific Merchant Marine Council, NLUS
    Dear Members and Friends, As indicated in a previous announcement and in the January - April Captain s Call newsletter, I again attended the CMSC meeting in
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 27, 2008
      Dear Members and Friends,
      As indicated in a previous announcement and in the January - April Captain's Call newsletter, I again attended the CMSC meeting in Sacramento, Friday, April 25th. It was the 5th such meetings and my 3rd.
      CMSC members and attendees were briefed of  the progress of six of the seven subcommittees since the December 14th gathering. Progress was reported on all fronts and cooperation to strengthen collaboration between federal, state, and local maritime security partners continues to improve.
      Possibly the big news was the approval of the California State Maritime Security Strategy - a 10 page document. Mathew Bettenhausen, Director of the California Office of Homeland Security and Rear Admiral Craig Bone, Commander, USCG District 11 were very pleased. Actually since there was no dissent everyone was pleased! Nationwide, California it appears is a leader in organized maritime security. The document has not been posted but I anticipate it will be shortly.
      There are four regional maritime security committees or centers. Information and action tends to flow and occur at this level. A little distress was expressed in that the major ports are being vulnerability assessed for capabilities and readiness by several entities: U. S. Office of Homeland Security, this group, the Army and California National Guard, the Coast Guard, and locals involved like police and sheriffs.
      For a disaster situation, a drill exercise, Golden Guardian, the response to a serious earthquake (simulated hopefully) is scheduled later this year. A simulated port security major event is planned for 2009.  These drills started in 2004. Training and Exercises fall under the direction of Navy Leaguer B.Gen. Jack Hagan, CMR.
      The Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) program seems to continue to have problems. 27,000 have applied for a card but don't count on this being done on schedule by September 2008 or background checks being thorough. In San Pedro for example the registration office is an in-town storefront with no parking for truckers and a taxi ride to and from ships for mariners.
      Before the meeting closed I spoke up and invited all to our 9 June Midyear Symposium Luncheon at Quinn's Restaurant on the Oakland Estuary. Printed invitations were distributed to several individuals. I will post a copy and include it in the April - June Captain's Call newsletter.
      It was good to meet Mr. Bettenhousen and chat for a few moments as well as visit with R.Adm. Bone again. Interest was expressed having me serve on a subcommittee.
      I also met Ed Hughlett, manager with the Marine Terminals Corporation in Oakland. He said he would be delighted to give me a personally guided tour of the Port of Oakland! Anyone else interested?
      Below is some information pertaining to CMSC. The approved strategy report will likely be posted in the near future.
      The next meeting will be 1000, Friday, July 18th, in the auditorium at the California Employment Development Department, 722 Capitol Mall.
      Port security is a priority concern nationwide. Funding for strengthen it is provided by the Safe Ports Act, the Maritime Transportation Security Act, and at least five plans and strategies.

      Governor's Office of Homeland Security 
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