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Update: San Francisco Fleet Schedule

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  • Executive Director, Pacific Merchant Mari
    Ahoy Navy Leaguers and Friends, Due to military budget issues, most San Francisco Fleet Week 2013 public events planned for October have been cancelled. The
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      SS Jeremiah O'Brien


      Ahoy Navy Leaguers and Friends,


      Due to military budget issues, most San Francisco Fleet Week 2013 public events planned for October have been cancelled. The fleet is not coming to the Bay Area. Here is what is scheduled according to http://www.fleetweek.us. Of special note further below is the scheduled National Liberty Ship Memorial SS JEREMIAH O’BRIEN Bay Cruise Saturday, October 12. You are encouraged to spend time aboard with members of the Pacific Merchant Marine Council (she is one of our council’s two adopted vessels), the Sea Cadets, and the ship’s volunteer crew.


      Heave Ho,



      Phelps Hobart

      Executive Director

      Pacific Merchant Marine Council

      Navy League of the United States








      Humanitarian Assistance Disaster Response


      Since 2010 San Francisco Fleet Week has been the venue for Bay Area First Responders and the U.S. Military to meet, train together and discuss the latest lessons learned from recent Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response operations. All of these activities help raise awareness and better equip the Bay area to cope with future disasters. 


      The 2013 list of activities include...


      1. Oct.7 Medical Exercise at SF General Hospital.

      Specifics: 2 to 3 Marine Corps MV-22 Ospreys will deliver Marine Shock Trauma Platoons to the Emergency Helipad at SF General. A medical triage exercise will follow with hospital staff, the military and first responders.  Not open to the public.


      2. Oct 8 Port Defense Support Table Top Exercise & Drill

      Specifics: Local, state, federal and military officials will be joined by invited private sector personnel to discuss reliability of piers, access to port for emergency services, etc in the  event of a major earth quake. Will be held at the Marines Memorial Club in SF. Navy and Coast Guard dive teams will also give a demonstration of pier inspections.

      Not open to the public


      3. Oct 9. Emergency Medical Training Conference at Marines Memorial Club in SF.

      Specifics: Conference for ER doctors, nurses and first responders.


      4. Oct 10-Oct.11 Senior Leadership Seminar at Marines Memorial Club in SF.

      Specifics: Bay Area political leaders will join first responders, military leaders and medical community for discussion of catastrophic event in the Bay Area.  Reception will follow the Oct 11 seminar. By invitation only.


      5.Oct 11 Urban Search and Rescue Training at SF Fire Department Training Center on Treasure Island.

      Specifics: This  is training for military personnel by the San Francisco Fire Department for rescue work in the event of a major earthquake. There will be a barbecue following, but no alcohol. Not open to the public.


      6.Oct.7 through Oct 11 Veterans Art Display at the Cannery in SF.

      Specifics: This an art display of regional veteran artists sponsored by the SF Academy of Arts. Open to the public.


      7.Oct.10 Military and First Responders Canine Display at Cannery in SF.

      Specifics: Dogs trained in urban search and rescue, bomb and drug sniffing and as aides to veterans with post traumatic stress will be displayed by their handlers. Open to the public.



      From: The National Liberty Ship Memorial [mailto:mailer_response at emailcounts.com] On Behalf Of The National Liberty Ship Memorial
      Sent: Tuesday, August 06, 2013 3:42 PM
      Subject: Important Update to the Fleet Week Cruise


      Fleet Week Lite

      An important update regarding October Cruise/Fleet Week 2013


      Due to military budget issues, the Fleet Week 2013 public events planned for October have been cancelled. Since the fleet is not coming to the Bay Area, the O'BRIEN will take cruising fans to the Bay Area's fleet. Unless there is overwhelming demand, this will be a one day, Saturday, October 12 cruise.


      The Maritime Administration Ready Reserve Fleet is a group of ships waiting for a call to action. They occupy the piers of the former Alameda Naval Air Station in a 5 day standby call up status. They are part of the nation's quick response sealift capacity; former commercial ships with a new government mission. See them up close and hear of their past lives and current mission. No one else offers this tour.


      The cruise is planned to take a scenic swing under the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco waterfront, thence to Alameda. The return to Pier 45 will take the ship under the new Bay Bridge span. The time will be from 10am to 2pm for a nice weather window.


      Natural Gas Jazz Band will provide the tunes, dancing is encouraged. Hot dogs, deli-sandwiches, salads and cookies/ice cream are available for purchase with complimentary beverages to keep you hydrated.


      Don't sequester your fun; come cruise with us in October.

      A quick overview of Fleet Week cruise changes

      • Cruise name has changed to "Fleet Week Lite"
      • We're still cruising Saturday, October 12, 2013. Sailing from 10am to 2pm. Boarding begins at 9am.
      • At this time, we will not be cruising Sunday. It's possible we may cruise depending on demand, but not likely.
      • There is no air show or parade of ships.
      • If the fleet can't come to us, we will go to them: We will cruise out around Alcatraz, out to the Golden Gate Bridge, back along the SF waterfront to the Ready Reserve Fleet in Alameda, then return under the new Eastern span of the Bay Bridge.
      • Music will be provided by Natural Gas Jazz Band.
      • Hot dogs, sandwiches, salads and ice cream will be available for purchase.
      • All drinks (water, soda, beer and wine) are complimentary. Please drink responsibly.
      • Tickets are $125 for all passengers.

      Check out Fleet Week Lite

      Questions about the SS Jeremiah O'Brien? Call the office at (415) 544-0100 (Mon-Fri, 9am to 4pm), or email us at liberty at liberty at ssjeremiahobrien dot org. Visit online at ssjeremiahobrien.org.
      Find us on Facebook at facebook.com/ssjeremiahobrien

      The National Liberty Ship Memorial, Inc.
      1275 Columbus Ave Suite 300
      San Francisco, CA 94133-1315

      The National Liberty Ship Memorial, 1275 Columbus Avenue, Suite 300, San Francisco, CA 94133

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