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Wrap-up: Navy League Shipboard Luncheon Tuesday, June 11, 2013

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  • Executive Director, Pacific Merchant Mari
    Ahoy Members and Friends, I think everyone who attended agrees we had a great program - the update on America s Cup and San Francisco Fleet Week at our Spring
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    Ahoy Members and Friends,
    I think everyone who attended agrees we had a great program - the update on America's Cup and San Francisco Fleet Week at our "Spring into Summer" Luncheon aboard the National Liberty Ship SS JEREMIAH O'BRIEN.
    In my opinion we can't do better than gathering aboard our adopted vessel for lunch together and an informative program. Our speaker Tom Ehman, http://www.scyc.org/corinthians/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/TFE-AC-bio-3-Jul-11.pdf, has joined us a member. We were able to give the O'BRIEN half of the proceeds of the drawing.
    Please let me know if you can arrange a dockside shipboard hot catered meal along with an open bar with complementary parking for $20. We planned for four additional members - they made reservations but were no shows. That hurts since we work on the honor system - no money up front - your word is your bond. What resulted is that we left a bit more food for the ship's volunteer crew than planned for.
    A short to the point business meeting was conducted upon the conclusion of the luncheon. Nominations were opened for various positions and by unanimous vote the following were elected and installed for the remainder of this year and all of 2014 unless someone comes forward to take the positions.
    • Phelps Hobart - President. He remains Executive Director.
    • Huong T. Bui (Nancy) steps up from Director to Secretary.
    • Eve F. Castello steps up from Member to Director. She will be getting the council's telephone committee up and running.
    • Senior Vice President and Judge Advocate regretfully remain vacant.
    We need active leadership - more volunteers who believe in our mission and are willing to run with a project. We can't carry out our mission tasks as well as we possibly could without a full complement of active officers and directors. Your suggestions on this critical matter are appreciated.
    Here are three photographs from the luncheon - you will find them on our Facebook and Twitter pages as well...
    Phelps Hobart with Tom Ehman, our guest speaker for our Spring into Summer Luncheon aboard the National Liberty Ship Memorial SS JEREMIAH O'BRIEN.
    He gave a cutting-edge presentation on the America's Cup races scheduled for San Francisco Bay this summer. Tom is our newest council member.
    Phelps Hobart with Captain Patrick A. Moloney, Acting Executive Director of the National Liberty Ship Memorial SS JEREMIAH O'BRIEN. Our council charter and our O'BRIEN adoption certificate have always been aboard; they now a new  position of prominence in in Hold #2. Captain Moloney is a NLUS life member and a member of our council.
    We always like to raise $$$ for the O'BRIEN. Tuesday's Spring into Summer Luncheon again provided the opportunity. In the photo is Phelps Hobart with the cash along with Captain Patrick Moloney representing the ship. Also shown is the man with the lucky ticket. The ship received half of the funds collected in the opportunity to win drawing and Roger Bazeley the other half. He wasn't so lucky driving over to the ship - somehow he did a bit of damage to his SUV.
    Our Navy League burgee. Our council is fortunate to have a large NLUS banner similar to this - all gold background.
    We also have a 15" NLUS wall hanging emblem; it was on display at the luncheon.  
    From this history books:
    The American Merchant Marine
    In the beginning...
    On June 12, 1775 the seamen on a merchant ship commanded by Jeremiah O'Brien armed with axes, pitchforks, swords, and handguns, rammed the British schooner Margaretta, captured the ship's heavy guns and refitted them to the private sloop Unity. This became the first warship of the soon-to-be United States of America. By the end of the Revolutionary War over 11,000 Merchant Mariners had given their lives for the cause of freedom.
    The War of 1812 also was fought mainly with Merchant Marine ships. The Merchant Marine was there in the Mexican-American War, the War between the States, the Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, The Korean War, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan.
    In peace and war the Merchant Marine provides sea transport vital to our economy and national defense.
    Heave Ho,
    Phelps Hobart
    (916) 739-6949
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