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Invitation: Greatest Generation Cruise, SS JEREMIAH O'BRIEN, Saturday, May 18

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    SS Jeremiah O BrienAhoy Members and Friends, This is an annual SS JEREMIAH O BRIEN cruise and we are always aboard. Previously we had a wreath in remembrance
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      SS Jeremiah O'Brien
      Ahoy Members and Friends,
      This is an annual SS JEREMIAH O'BRIEN cruise and we are always aboard. Previously we had a wreath in remembrance of our nation's mariners and veterans who have "passed over the bar." Last year and again this year its a lei with a banner.
      As in years past we are again teaming up with our friends in the American Merchant Marine Veterans ~ Sacramento Valley Chapter for the lei and banner. Ken Blue, the chapter's president and I will be among those aboard for the ceremony. Note WWII Veterans sail FREE. Call (415) 544-0100. Other adults $87.69, http://memorialcruise2013.eventbrite.com.
      In addition we will team-up with the American Merchant Marine Veterans ~ Sacramento Valley Chapter May 22 for a National Maritime Day Ceremony at 1100 at the Merchant Marine Memorial - Old Sacramento, CA, http://www.waymarking.com/waymarks/WM4PBB_Merchant_Marine_Memorial_Old_Sacramento_CA. We will read the Presidential Proclamation, remember all who served, and discuss the present and future. A luncheon will follow at the Embassy Suites afterwards.
      Heave Ho,
      (916) 739-69
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      Subject: Join the Greatest Generation Cruise, May 18

      MAY 18, 2013 - 12PM to 4PM


      An annual tradition for the O'Brien, honoring the Merchant Marine and the US Navy Armed Guard. Come memorialize the brave men and women of WWII and beyond who built, sailed and maintained Liberty Ships by joining us for a Bay cruise.


      or memorialcruise2013.eventbrite.com

      WWII Veterans sail FREE. Call (415) 544-0100 to order.

      How is the O'Brien different from other bay cruises

      The O'Brien is a full size freighter from WWII. She is a 1943 time capsule with few concessions to modern technology. She is largely unaltered from the way she looked and operated in WWII in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Ocean War Zones. Some of the crew are WWII veterans of the Merchant Marine and Naval Armed Guard. She is maneuvered as a full size ship and passengers can see what it takes to move a ship in actual conditions, interacting with weather and traffic.

      Where does the ship go?

      The cruise goes out the Golden Gate to Bonita Cove for memorial services, then back in the bay to cruise the San Francisco waterfront. Sometimes we go as far down as Pier 96, sometimes we go to the Port of Oakland. Usually we go behind Treasure Island (east side).

      What is there to do on the cruise?

      The whole ship is open to explore, including watching the engine operate and the deck officers maneuver the ship. There is live music on deck by the San Mateo Elks Concert Band, with dancing if so inclined. As the ship cruises the bay there is a historic narration. Food is available for purchase. Complimentary beer and wine, and non-alcoholic beverages.

      What does my ticket pay for?

      The cost of operating the ship, including tugs, fuel, insurance, etc. The crew are volunteers. There are short term capital expenses involved in keeping up the maintenance on a 70-year-old steel freighter. These are long-term capital expenses such as the periodic drydockings and numerous regulatory inspections that must be complied with.

      Questions about the SS Jeremiah O'Brien? Call the office at (415) 544-0100 (Mon-Fri, 9am to 4pm), or email us at liberty@.... Visit online at ssjeremiahobrien.org.
      Find us on Facebook at facebook.com/ssjeremiahobrien

      The National Liberty Ship Memorial, Inc.
      1275 Columbus Ave Suite 300
      San Francisco, CA 94133-1315

      The National Liberty Ship Memorial, 1275 Columbus Avenue, , Suite 300, San Francisco, CA 94133

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