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From Don Hale, PCR President: PCR Report

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  • Phelps Hobart
    To the Californians and Nevadans of Pacific Central Region, As we move into this new year I can report that the Pacific Central Region is healthy and we are
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 24, 2008
      To the Californians and Nevadans of Pacific Central Region,
      As we move into this new year I can report that the Pacific Central Region is healthy and we are working on a lot of projects - many not yet quite ready for publication.
      Our Treasurer, Lorraine Hughey, has just completed the first-draft to update of our Directory.  We should e-publish that within a week after she tweaks it a bit.
      Several councils are going great guns while a couple are rather moribund. The region has people that can assist those councils having difficult times, if you'll ask.
      The Pacific Merchant Marine Council had a happy first birthday 10 December.  I swore in the new slate of officers and directors. New president Phelps Hobart and I were most pleased that RADM Frank X. Johnston became a Navy Leaguer and a member of the council's board upon retiring from his MARAD post. A very welcome new member to be sure.
      On our horizon we have Sacramento Navy Week with the Blue Angels during the second week of March.
      Sea Air Space is 18-20 March at Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, DC.
      The only remaining "off campus" Naval War College Symposium will be held 29-30 March at San Mateo Junior College.  The two day event is open to Navy League members. You can get an e-mailed registration from me by asking. The $50.00 cost includes a box lunch each day and presentations by knowledgeable faculty speakers from the War College. Program details are in the registration materials.
      Our next Region Meeting will be held 9-10 May. Details are not yet confirmed as to location, however we hope to be at Cal Maritime Academy, Vallejo.  Our new National President, J. Michael McGrath, will be there.  We'll have a social time Friday night and a Saturday meeting.  The details will be promulgated ASAP.  Plan to be there to meet and honor Mike. 
      The return to two NLUS Board of Directors Meetings annually will occur 22-24 May at the Crystal Gateway Marriott, Arlington VA - adjacent to Washington, DC.
      There is a Festival of Sail in the Bay from 23-28 July, and our League will be involved.  Over a dozen tall ships, including the USCG Training Bark EAGLE will be participating.
      We are heavily involved in fund raising to support our commissioning of the first large asset the Coast Guard has brought on line in the past thirty-five years.  USCG BERTHOLF(WMSL 750) will become a warship on 4 August.  Be a part of making history - please give generously.  She is beautiful !
      San Francisco Fleet Week is back and the "Blues" are too. Mark 3-5 October on your calendar.
      The NLUS National Convention 27-31 October at Westin Crown Center, Kansas City, Missouri will be the second meeting for national directors. All members are welcome to attend!
      We are working on a project with others to produce a commemoration of the Centennial of the Great White Fleet visit to the Bay, as they wrapped their circumnavigation of the world.  If that comes together we will provide details.
      Valerie Falk, (past Area President, current Reno Council President, National Director), will soon begin publishing a Pacific Central Region Newsletter.  I am looking forward to adding that into our region. 
      This report is at the behest of our dear Phelps Hobart.  In addition to establishing and moderating the PCR's new web site, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PCR-NLUS, he is the Pacific Merchant Marine Council President, a new National Director and the Region Vice President, Veterans Affairs, as well as Chairman of the Region Merchant Marine Committee.  Michele Lockwood wanted to step aside to attend to other duties; Phelps has stepped up to the plate as relief. With all these "hats" he needs a few more heads...
      As always, we need you all to be active members.  Support our League with your time, talents and treasure.  The life-blood of any volunteer organization, like the Navy League, is the membership.  Ask a friend to attend a meeting and join us.
      Actively solicit donations from most every source.  The more we have, the more we can do to support our nation's dynamic young people who volunteer to go into harms way.  They deserve our support.
      There are busy times ahead and we need everyone to help out.
      Warm regards to all,
      Don Hale, President
      Pacific Central Region
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