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    Roger Bazeley, President Elect 2013 Ahoy Members and Friends, Roger Bazeley, President Elect 2013, shared some personal thoughts about the Navy League and the
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 13, 2012

    Roger Bazeley, President Elect 2013
    Ahoy Members and Friends,
    Roger Bazeley, President Elect 2013, shared some personal thoughts about the Navy League and the council upon being elected at our brief business meeting, our "Annual Meeting" December 11, aboard the National Liberty Ship SS JEREMIAH O'BRIEN. He stayed afterward to share ideas with other elected officers and directors.
    The meeting followed the luncheon we held aboard with attendees from the San Francisco Council, Sacramento Council, National Maritime Academy Alumni, Northern California Propeller Club, California Maritime Academy (including President RADM Thomas Cropper, USMS) and elsewhere. Everyone seemed to enjoy their time together. We knew it would be well attended and for the first time we started the social hour / networking opportunity an hour before the lunch. The Kings Pointers arranged for the splendid caterer and kept the bar stocked with beer, wine, sodas, and water. We enjoyed working with them and look forward to our next activity together.
    Roger's first task, an enjoyable one, is attending the Bay Planning Coalition Annual Membership Meeting and Luncheon at the St. Francis Yacht Club December 13, http://bayplanningcoalition.org/category/annual-meeting. The council has been a member of and is engaged in the BPC, http://bayplanningcoalition.org. In fact the Founder and former Executive Director Ellen Joslin Johnck is a council director (environmental affairs) and the current Executive Director John Coleman is a director as well (Bay Planning Coalition).
    We welcome comments about the luncheon, the meeting, the Navy League and our Pacific Merchant Marine Council. To see where we are currently, our relationships, and activities, see the attached single page PMMC About Us 2012. Our guide for operations is the Navy League Operations Manual, http://navyleague.org/councils/operations_manual.html.
    Within the council I am moving laterally to a newly established position, Executive Director. The job description has yet to be written but essentially I will be assisting where needed -coordination, communications, and assorted other tasks not under the purview of other officers and directors. One task ahead is to prepare the 2012 Council Annual Report to submit to Navy League Headquarters, the Pacific Central Region President, and the San Francisco Area President.
    I know I can speak for our officer and director team and say we are going to continue to move the council forward. We encourage and welcome your participation. Share your concerns with Roger and me anytime.
    Heavy Ho,
    Phelps Hobart
    President, 1998 - 2012 
    Executive Director 2013
    (916) 739-6949
    PS If you need the telephone number or E-mail address or postal address of any member let me know and I will provide it.

    Pacific Merchant Marine Council Officers, Directors, Advisory Board Members 2013



    Roger Bazeley, President

    Karen Freitas, Vice President – Youth Programs

    Don Hale, Vice President – NLUS Region & National Affairs

    Sam Sause, Vice President – Industrial Relations

    James Wade, Vice President – Chaplain

    Adrienne Yee, Secretary

    Roger Reinke, Treasurer

    Edward Dangler, Judge Advocate



    Phelps Hobart – Executive Director

    Huong T. Bui (Nancy) – Youth Programs

    Sarah Carter – Non-profit Organizations

    John Coleman – Bay Planning Coalition

    Guilherme Freitas – Youth Programs

    Ellen Joslin Johnck – Environmental Affairs

    Dennis Koller – Non-profit Organizations

    Stas Margaronis – Marine Highways

    Michael Nerney – Port of San Francisco Relations

    William D. Nickson – San Francisco Marine Exchange Committees

    David A. Nolan – Marine Engineers Beneficial Association

    Kerry O’Brien – Master Mates & Pilots

    William Perez – Bethlehem Shipyard Museum

    Mark Shafer – Ancient Mariners, MOAA, SS JEREMIAH O'BRIEN

    Alexey Sobolev – Youth Programs


    Advisory Board

    Mr. William F. Anonsen

    Mr. Evan S. Baker

    CAPT Roger Bing

    CAPT Raymond Blanchet

    CAPT John A. Konrad

    Mr. Davis Freitas

    Mr. Joe Giambrone

    VADM Albert Herberger

    RADM Frank X. Johnston

    CAPT William Kelley, Jr.

    CAPT Shirley Kohlwes

    VADM Dick Macke

    CAPT Alexander Mackenzie

    CAPT Mark Neeson

    Lt. Col. John A. Panneton - Advisory Board Chairman

    CAPT Al Woods

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