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Arkansas Division Sea Cadet Report: PMMC Luncheon and Awards

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  • Pacific Merchant Marine Council
    RADM Castillo with Cadets ABC Fretias and RC Hernandez accepted the award on the behalf of ABC Stacy Nunez. Council President Phelps Hobart also in the photo.
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 12, 2012
      RADM Castillo with Cadets ABC Fretias and RC Hernandez accepted the award on the behalf of ABC Stacy Nunez. Council President Phelps Hobart also in the photo. That's the admiral's challenge coin the cadets display. The certificate, along with the NLUS ribbon with "Gold Boot" was presented to ABC Nunez.
      Pacific Merchant Marine Council Vice President - Youth Activities Karen Freitas saying a few words about PO2 Stephan Sobolev just prior to him receiving the Navy League's Theodore Roosevelt Youth Award with medal and ribbon presented by the Pacific Merchant Marine Council, sponsor and supporter of the Arkansas Division Sea Cadets. Karen is an Instructor with the Division.

      That's PO2 Soboley's dad Alexey with the camera. He serves as a council Director on the Youth Activities Committee.
      RADM Castillo had just pinned on the Theodore Roosevelt Youth Award Ribbon.
      Additional captioned photos on the Council's Facebook photo album page, https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151209690048337.461074.159519498336&type=1.
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      Sent: Wednesday, December 12, 2012 10:37 AM
      Subject: Fw: PMMC Luncheon and Awards

      Here is our report Phelps - Thank you for all that you do for us!
      Karen Freitas
      Vice President - Youth Activities
      Pacific Merchant Marine Council
      Navy League of the United States
      (209) 862-1371

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      From: ENS Gabriel Mikulich, USNSCC
      Sent: Tue, December 11, 2012 3:41:18 PM
      Subject: PMMC Luncheon and Awards

      PO1 Freitas, PO2 Sobolev, PO2 Freitas, SA(T) Freitas, ABC Freitas, RC Hernandez, SR Cullen, SR Kosta INST Bui and INST Soblev:
      Although he wanted to attend the meeting personally, because he was out of town, Captain Cogan asked that I attend today to support you all and our unit.  After attending the meeting, I wanted to relay that you guys looked awesome, and say thank you to each of you for attending the PMMC Navy League meeting today.  I know it was a lot to ask of both you and your parents to have to take time off of school (and work) for it, but doing so made our unit (and the USNSCC) look very good to a lot of high profile people.  It really meant a lot to the Navy League, and it means a lot to me.
      To all of our Shipmates, Parents, and Supporters:
      As a recap to everyone, before the meeting commenced, the unit decorated the tables with table cloths and nutcrackers, and then under the direction of PO2 Sobolev, SR Cullen, SR Kosta, and PO2 Freitas provided the opening color guard, PO2 Freitas directed the pledge of allegiance,  INST Bui provided coverage for the Navy League table, INST Freitas sang and played violin, and INST Sobolev and PO1 Freitas provided direction and behind the scenes management. 
      During the luncheon, the Cadets made the association of some very high profile people, including the guest of honor, the USCG's Deputy Commander, Pacific Area, Rear Admiral Joseph "Pepe" Castillo, and the California Maritime Academy's new President, Rear Admiral Thomas Cropper, USN (Ret).  It was quite an honor to see our Cadets doing a great job interacting with both Admirals.
      Even more positive, two of our own Cadets were honored at the meeting.  PO2 Stephen Sobolev and ABC Nunez were both the recipients of the Theodore Roosevelt award.  The Theodore Roosevelt Youth Medal is awarded to outstanding JROTC cadets and Naval Sea Cadets.
      PO2 Stephen Sobolev was selected because of his devoted and strong leadership with Arkansas Division over the course of the last year.  He has done a great job filling in where needed, especially as acting ALPO.  PO2 Sobolev has  provided mentorship to junior Cadets and has continually progressed in his coursework. Great job PO2 - keep up the great work in continue to be a great example for all of us.  Also of note, PO2 Sobolev has been formally promoted as the unit's ALPO. 
      ABC Nunez was selected because as a League Cadet, she has developed tremendously over the last year.  ABC Nunez has consistently been promoting greater confidence and initiative in her duties.  I am very proud of her achievement and look forward to her continued development in the future.
      The Roosevelt Medal was presented by Admiral Castillo.  PO2 Sobolev accepted the award on behalf of himself, and ABC Fretias and RC Hernandez accepted the award on the behalf of ABC Nunez.
      In summary - great job today everyone!  This was a really impressive showing.  Thank you very much for making it happen.  Also, the next time you see them, please take a moment to congratulate PO2 Sobolev and ABC Nunez on a job well done. 
      ENS Mikulich
      ENS Gabriel Mikulich
      Division Officer
      Arkansas Division, PCR 12
      U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps
      Mailing address:
      P.O. Box 24902
      Oakland, California 94623-1902

      Drill site:
      1 Yerba Buena Island, Building 2
      US Coast Guard Sector San Francisco, California 94130

      From: Bob Featherer
      Sent: Wednesday, December 12, 2012
      Subject: Joint Meeting USMMAAA SF Chapter, Navy League et.al. A Success!

      Ahoy, Alumni & Friends of KP,
      We had a good turn out at yesterday's combined meeting on the JOB. If you missed it, you missed a terrrific luncheon and program. Thanks to Phelps Hobart of the Navy League for helping with this meeting. We didn't have a accurate count but there were 60 more in attendence.
      Special thanks to Randy Ramos "Caterer Extroidonaire" for the Great Lunch. If your travels take you to Benicia, be sure to stop for lunch or dinner at Randy's 907 Grill on 1st Street. Do not get confused, the restaurant is the 907 Street Grill and not Randy's further down the street.
      Our next luncheon Meeting will be on the RED OAK VICTORY in Pt Richmond.
      Bob Featherer '68'
      USMMAAA SF Chapter

    • stanellexson
      Phelps. WELL DONE !!!!!!!!!!! For your information, when you re talking about Sea Cadets, there some very important statistics you may wish to remember. 1. 12
      Message 2 of 2 , Dec 13, 2012
        WELL DONE !!!!!!!!!!!
         For your information, when you're talking about Sea Cadets, there some very important statistics you may wish to remember.
        1. 12 to 13% of the Midshipmen at the Naval Academy are former Sea Cadets. This has been the case for many years. AND -- This is more than all other Youth Groups combined.
        2. Making Chief in the Sea Cadets is equivalent to making Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts.
        3. Every Sea Cadet that goes on Active Duty as an E-3 saves the Navy $10,000.00 That's their figures.
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