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Re: A rare opportunity to meet with David T. Matsuda, Maritime Administrator 1900 - 2100 October 11

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  • usaseapower
    Please note the message below from Dave Matsuda, Maritime Administrator, about an informal meeting we had at the Marine Memorial Club in SF last week. Thanks,
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 16, 2012
      Please note the message below from Dave Matsuda, Maritime Administrator, about an informal meeting we had at the Marine Memorial Club in SF last week.
      Bob F.

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      From: David Matsuda
      To: Bob Featherer
      Subject: RE: Thank You!
      Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2012

      Bob, and to all of you who took time to come out and meet me in the interests of KP--

      I enjoyed spending some time atop the 12th deck last week to chat with each of you and learn about the exciting adventures you have had and are having since you matriculated USMMA. It was clear you have a passion for service that never left you, and I know many more of your colleagues who could not be there on Thursday share that passion. I hope you will continue to stay engaged and help build the badly-needed collaboration between government and industry to make the US Merchant Marine Academy the jewel that we all know it can be and are working toward.

      Please feel free to come say hi to us at MARAD should you find yourself in Washington.

      And good luck to your Giants,



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      Ahoy Members and Friends,

      Something special just came up and you are among the first to know.

      Mr. David T. Matsuda, Maritime Administrator, will be in San Francisco Thursday evening, October 11! Member and Council Director John Hummer, MARAD Northern California Gateway Director and all around good guy, made the announcement and our friends in the Maritime Academy, Kings Point, Alumni Association, have set up the time for an informal gathering with Mr. Matsuda at the Marine's Memorial Leatherneck Steakhouse & Lounge, http://www.marineclub.com/dining.php, 1900 to 2100. Drinks at the bar are on your own. The evening's meal will be individually ordered off the restaurant's menu.

      You are welcome to attend, whether you graduated from Kings Point or Podunk U. One stipulation. Let Eric Lindberg know. Eric Lindberg, President, USMMA Alumni, San Francisco Chapter, Mobile: 415-531-5331, Email: ericlindberg at gmail dot com. The primary focus of discussion will be the Maritime Academy.

      You definitely should brief yourself on the Administrator and the recent developments at the Maritime Academy before going.

      http://gcaptain.com/wheres-marad-administrator-david/ http://gcaptain.com/merchant-marine-academy-superintendent-towel?32424

      We are excited about our luncheon on the O'BRIEN December 11. The Maritime Academy Alumni, Master Mates and Pilots, and the Navy League's San Francisco council all have this event on their calendar. Vice Admiral Paul F. Zukunft, http://www.uscg.mil/flag/pacarea.asp, is our guest of honor and speaker.

      Our council is engaged in the industry - encourage others to join. Lunch December 11 will be complementary if they do. Have them contact me if you like.

      Heave Ho,

      (916) 739-6949

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      From: bobf12@...
      Sent: Wednesday, October 10, 2012
      Subject: USMMAAA SF Chapter Schedule for the Rest of 2012


      Still can hardly believe that I spent the day at the Blue & Gray Golf Classic with Annika! What a beautiful and gracious lady. Blue Angels flying over the event at the Presideo.

      Thursday Evening (Oct 11th) tomorrow night you can meet with the Maritime Administrator Mr Matsuda at the Marine's Memorial Leather Neck Restaurant.1900 to 2100 hrs and dinner to follow the meeting. Please RSVP if you plan to attend. Eric Lindberg has the information on this event. This is a wonderful chance to discuss the future of the Academy with the Maritime Administrator.

      Our next luncheon meeting on the JOB Pier 45 in SF is on the 2nd Tuesday (Nov 13th). The usual proceedure, free parking on the Pier, Lunch is $10.00 includes Beer & Wine and soft drink bar. 1130 to 1300. Guest are welcome!

      Same venue for the 2nd Tuesday in Dec. (Dec 11th). The final meeting of the year will be a combined meeting with the Navy League and the Propeller Club. Live music by Rick Harris & Silverado and we will have a guest speaker.

      2013 promises to be a great year for USMMAAA SF Chapter so please send in your dues or bring them at the next event you attend. You know the drill if you mail it in: Make checks payable to USMMAAA SF Chapter and mail to Bob Featherer PO Box 341, Benicia,CA 94510.

      Please check the e-mail list above and if you see that I missed a SF Bay Area Grad, please forward this to them and let me know if they want to be added to my e-mail lists. Thanks to all those who supported us this past year!


      Bob F. '68'
      USMMAAA SF Chapter

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