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Bethlehem Shipyard Museum: Update #34

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  • Pacific Merchant Marine Council
    Ahoy Members and Friends, Pacific Merchant Marine Council Director Bill Perez is one dedicated guy! Follows in the footsteps of Director Dennis Koller and the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 26, 2012
    Ahoy Members and Friends,
    Pacific Merchant Marine Council Director Bill Perez is one dedicated guy! Follows in the footsteps of Director Dennis Koller and the team associated with the SS JEREMIAH O'BRIEN, Director John Coleman and the Bay Planning Coalition, Marti Burchell with the USS POTOMAC. And... I could go on.
    We are the only Navy League council to support these and other maritime endeavors. Thank you for being a council member and if who we support and associate with matters to you, tell others and encourage them to join this council.
    Heave Ho,
    (916) 739-6949
    PS If you are planning to cruise with the O'BRIEN during Fleetweek, make your reservations post haste! Our Arkansas Division Sea Cadets will be assisting dockside on Saturday, October 6. They also have an information booth near Pier 39. Just confirmed, the Arkansas Division Band of the West will perform center stage, Pier 39, Saturday, 1300 - 1400. Recently added to Saturday's parade of ships is the former USCG Cutter Morris - largest vessel in the Sea Scouts inventory. She is homeported in West Sacramento and has a mixed crew under the direction of Skipper Nate Eckler, Sea Scout Ship Neptune.
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    Subject: Update #34

    Bethlehem Shipyard Museum

    “Connecting the Past with the Future”



    Update #34

    September 26, 2012


    Before I get to update 34, I’d like to explain the reason behind my recent lack of communication.  First and foremost, I consider it critical that you receive factual information.  Sometimes, this means waiting for situations to fully develop before sharing them with you.  Our goal will always be to accurately report on what goes on in the background to our core membership.  That said, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call me at the office 415-467-3410.


    Follow the link below and enjoy the great photos of the Golden Gate Bridge provided by Gene Kahn at GreatKolor.com.  Gene has been a good friend to our museum and we are grateful for his ongoing support. 








    --Andy Tarantino has arranged for a meeting with a gentleman from the Business Development Division of Orton Development.  They are in charge of the construction of the Pier 70 project.  We have now opened lines of communication with all the principals involved in the Pier 70 renovation (i.e., Orton Development, Forest City (Architects/Engineers), the Port of San Francisco and the local artist/business community).  We will work together to make Pier 70 the most innovative project of its kind.  


    --Our new website will be going live later this week.  Please visit our site at: http://bethlehemshipyardmuseum.org


    --The Sea Princess (Princess Cruise Lines) is currently docked at BAE Systems for repairs.  Andy Tarantino and Marc Marino went aboard her today (9/18/12) and took pictures of the ship and also photographed the control room of  dry dock number 2.  I’ll post a few pictures in a future update.


    --I recently spoke with Dennis Koller, the Executive Director of the SS Jeremiah O’Brien in regard to the upcoming Fleet Week Cruise today.  He told me that the Saturday sail is almost full and the Sunday trip will fill up fast.  So far we have about 10 members who have confirmed for Saturday, October the 6th.  Several members of the Pier 70 development team from Forest City may also be attending on Saturday. If you want to join us, please make your reservations right away. 


    MAKE RESERVATIONS: http://www.ssjeremiahobrien.org



    --September 15, 2012 (Saturday) Gary Moss and I spent the afternoon taking pictures along the San Francisco waterfront.   For you old-timers I’ve included a few pictures of 20th Street (across from building 101).  I’m sure many of you have fond memories of the friendly waterfront dive.  Anyway, the construction zone where the Main Mast Bar & Restaurant once stood is being transformed into a mixed use building.  There will be 16 residential units above a commercial space and an underground garage.


    (see the attachment above)


    --The wonderful exhibit at the California Historical Society is coming to a close later this month.  This will be the last chance to see the historic artifacts we have loaned them for this exhibit.  I encourage all our members to take the time to visit our friends at CHS.








    I’d like to personally thank the staff at the CHS for allowing us to showcase our artifacts and allow them to become a part of their presentation.


    Jessica Hough, Lead Curator

    Anne Lansdowne Rees, Curatorial Assistant

    Robert David, Erin Garcia, and Trubee Schock, Curatorial Advisors


    --A book with a series of pictures from the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge by the Bethlehem Steel Corporation is now on sale at their store.  I thank Andy Tarantino for coordinating the loan of the book, from our archives, to our friends at the Bridge. We have worked with the bridge on several occasions and have always found them to be professional and supportive of our cause.   


    --On December 17, 2012, we are inviting all our members to attend the Christmas Party of the US Navy League and the Pacific Merchant Marine Council (PMMC).  It will be held on September 17, 2012 aboard the historic SS Jeremiah O’Brien Liberty Ship Museum and will provide a great opportunity to see the ship up close.  Vice Admiral Paul F Zukunft, USCG, Commander, Pacific Area, Commander Defense Force West, is an invited guest of honor.  I will send details and directions in early December.




    --We recently made a valuable connection with a program that regularly takes children on Kayaking trips.  They can also connect us with certified instructors who can oversee our organization’s future Kayak adventures on the bay. This fills the second part of our three phase (water based) exercise program of swimming, kayaking and sailing for kids.


    --Our Treasurer, Aida Moss, is in the process of initializing our new accounting software, transferring our chart of accounts and insuring our regulatory reporting system is in place.  In addition, Aida and Tim (our web designer) and I have completed the integration of Pay Pal into our ecommerce system. Our new website will be unveiled in the next couple of weeks. 


    --David Hanson has just provided us with an update on the model of the dry dock his dad is building.  We intend to use the model as a teaching aid in our learning program.  I hope to soon provide pictures of the completed model.


    --Harvey Rifkin, who writes a column for an east bay newspaper, has offered to write a story about our about our efforts to create a maritime museum that connects every community with land that borders the bay.  I am grateful that he has offered to write about our all-volunteer project and will keep you updated on his progress.


    --We have been speaking to an artist with a studio at Pier 70 who has worked on numerous murals and has even designed album covers for well-known musical groups.  He has shown interest in working with us and Jim Celedon will be coordinating a tour of his studio in the next week or two. This is a critical contact since we will need a steady stream of artwork to fill the many locales our “Partnership with Art” will create (see business plan for details). 


    --Finding unique pieces of artwork will be critical since we‘ll have exhibits all along the 500 miles of the Bay Trail.  Additionally, our Kiosk program, QRC Network (Quick Response Code) and expanding partnerships will also require numerous sources of art.


    --We continue to have ongoing discussions with the city of Benicia in regard to our Kiosk project.  There will be an update on this project later this week.


    --Michael Sibbio has been in negotiation with several businesses we are researching for potential partnerships and/or affiliate relationships.  I will be sending a special update outlining our long term plan for our kiosk project and our QRC Network in the next week. 


    --We continue to work on our second presentation to the Port of San Francisco. They have offered us an open-ended invitation to return and detail how our missions intersect.  In preparation, we have been in communication with the Port of San Francisco through our contact, Mark Paez.  Mark has been very helpful in providing us with the Port’s point of view and is assisting us in preparing for our upcoming presentation to the Port Commission.  We are also very thankful to Port Director, Monique Moyer, for her leadership and assistance in furthering our project.  l also want to thank David Beaupre (Senior Waterfront Planner – Port of SF) and Kathleen Diohep (Pier 70 Project Manager – Port of SF) for their continued assistance. 


    --We have scheduled a meeting in early October with Forest City; they are developers in charge of the Pier 70 renovation project.  This meeting with the “Pier 70 team” will provide us with a tremendous opportunity to explain who we are and the many ways we can connect them to the community.  Our goal is to work with our affiliates to an innovative and unique maritime exhibit in San Francisco.


    --I have signed a contract with Gene Kahn of GreatKolor.com for us to advertise on a number of Kiosks reserved exclusively for nonprofit organizations like ours.  They will be placed throughout downtown San Francisco and will contain our 4 foot by 4 foot poster at 10 separate locations for at least the next year.    We are devoted to the success of this project and are committed to expanding our brand at every opportunity.  In upcoming updates, I promise to fully explain the synergies we’ve built and how they fit into the big picture.  Feel free to email or call me with any questions you may have.


    --Our newly renovated website should be ready to go live in early October of 2012.  The site will be an ecommerce site we can use to promote our brand and raise funds to expand our kids program.  I expect to send core members a link to the “site demo” by the middle of September.  I request your input and will integrate a few suggestions into the final product.


    --Several of us recently met with a writer for the Potrero View, to discuss the second article in a series he is or writing about our organization.  The View is a neighborhood newspaper that is distributed to the local community around Pier 70 (our future home).  I sent a link to the first article and can resend a scanned copy to anyone who has not seen the July 2012 issue. 


    Keith’s second article will focus on the efforts of the Bethlehem Shipyard Workers Organization back in 1982.  Many of those involved in that group are the founding members of the Bethlehem Shipyard Museum.  I will scan the December 1982 issue of the Potrero View and send it to anyone interested.  We hope to create a mural about 1982 events that generated so much publicity back in the day.



    --Matt Campbell has been working very hard on getting additional containers and marine equipment for us. He has been in contact with friends at American President Lines and Triton Containers.  I expect to bring good news in future updates.


    --We have moved our newly purchased 8’x20’ storage containers to Harvey Rifkin’s warehouse where we will store artifacts and equipment.  Many thanks to Harvey for the generous donation of a secure storage space and to Dave Hanson and Andy Tarantino for coordinating the move.


    --WE NEED VOLUNTEERS TO HELP RENOVATE OUR NEWLY ACQUIRED OCEAN GOING CONTAINERS.  PLEASE CONTACT ME 415-309-2950, OR GARY MOSS AT 707-580-9078.  The containers are currently stored at board member Harvey Rifkin’s warehouse in Benicia and need to be cleaned and painted.  Vice-President David Hanson will be adding weld to the hinges and performing other security improvements.


    --We have scheduled a meeting in early October with Forest City; they are developers in charge of the Pier 70 renovation project.  This meeting with the “Pier 70 team” will provide us with a tremendous opportunity to explain who we are and the many ways we can work with them to create a distinctive maritime exhibit in San Francisco.


    --I am holding a series of ongoing meetings with a gentleman who has years of experience working with children’s programs in San Francisco.  We are discussing the possibility of linking with an existing nonprofit in San Francisco.  We expect this partnership, or potential joint venture, to provide a model we can use to create other innovative affiliations throughout the 9 counties of the Bay Area. We are very fortunate to be able to draw upon his many years of experience and contacts in city government. 


    --On August the 15th, many of us attended the Pier 70 event held at the WineWorks in San Francisco.  It provided a wonderful opportunity to network with the community, the Port of San Francisco and the project developers (Forest City).  I have been in communication with one of the lead architects and she will be scheduling a meeting with the person heading the Pier 70 project for Forest City


    --August 15 – I met with William Palmer from the California Heritage Council and discussed the synergies between our organizations.  He also explained the type of awards his group provides to worthy groups. 


    We also met with local business owners at the Ramp Restaurant prior to attending the Pier 70 event.  The relationships we’ve built with local business men and women will prove invaluable to us in the not-too-far-distant-future.


    --Marc Marino recently helped us move 5,000 feet of synthetic rope, 2400 of hemp, 600 feet of manila rope and a reel of specialty rope.  Additionally, Marc worked very hard with Gary Moss to prepare the storage containers for their move. 


    --Marc Marino has done a great job of taking photographs of local shipyards and is also working with Andy Tarantino, Lisa Baird, David Hanson, Gary Moss and Bill Perez to monetize our extensive collection of photos and artifacts.  Tim Fleming is in charge of creating the ecommerce website and he expects to complete the website update in early October of 2012.


    --Gary Moss has acquired an extensive collection of flags from around the world.  We will display them for special events at our multiple exhibit sites.


    --Mare Island has a new partnership in place.  They have become much more aggressive in looking for work and we wish them well in the future. 


    --Princess Cruise Lines has announced they will be basing a ship in San Francisco year round.  We hope this will provide more work for our friends at BAE Systems at Pier 70.  We are also grateful to BAE for allowing us access to their yard on several occasions.


    --The Pier 70 Event was a huge success.  We made many new contacts and showed our membership runs deep.  It was very important to show we have many supporters and I can say we accomplished that goal.  I thank everyone who took the effort to join us at the WineWorks in San Francisco.


    --I met with board member Dennis Koller, Executive Director of the SS Jeremiah O’Brien, and Sarah Koller to discuss potential synergies between our two groups.  They have been great friends to us and have been very helpful in advancing the cause of our museum.


    --We are in the process of scheduling a volunteer photographic mission over the ever-changing San Francisco bay.   Volunteer pilot Roy Resendes and Marc Marino will be flying over the Mothball Fleet as part of our ongoing documentation of the dismantling of the fleet.  He has generously offered his flying skills since 2010 and we are very grateful for his dedication to our mission.


    --Our friends at the Spirit of Sacramento, who operate the restored paddle wheel boat, are now based in the Brisbane Marina.  There is now plenty of free parking immediately adjacent to the loading dock and the boat is conveniently located off highway 101.  They expect to hold periodic events as well, so please visit their website at (http://www.spiritofsacramento.us) for details of upcoming activities. 


    --We are planning another fund raising cruise on the Spirit later this year.  Please visit our website for details of this, and other upcoming events.


    --I was recently contacted by the owner of 1st Street building where Union Iron Works was born.  I am very excited about the potential and believe our friends at the Port of San Francisco and at the Museum of San Francisco may help us extend its connection to Pier 70.


    In closing, I want to remind you again that the information contained in this email is not to be shared.  I’ve seen several confidential updates freely posted on the internet.  Consequently, I now keep the updates to about 140 members I can trust.





    Bill Perez


    Bethlehem Shipyard Museum 

    William J. Perez
    President and Chief Executive Officer

    Office: 415-467-3410
    Cell: 415-309-2950
    email: bethlehemshipyardmuseum at comcast dot net
    web: www.bethlehemshipyardmuseum.org

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