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Navy League National President to visit with us Tuesday, September 11

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  • Pacific Merchant Marine Council
    Finally, I want to say that interfacing with the individual members and councils of Navy League continues to be one of my highest priorities. I truly do enjoy
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 10, 2012
      "Finally, I want to say that interfacing with the individual members and councils of Navy League continues to be one of my highest priorities. I truly do enjoy getting to know you and how you contribute to Navy League as we continue to execute our mission and support the men and women of our sea services." Phil Dunmire, Navy League National President 

      Heads up Pacific Merchant Marine Council Members and Friends.
      Phil and his wife Linda will be with us in San Francisco 1130 - 1330, Tuesday, September 11! The two of them will be our guests of honor when we will again have lunch with the San Francisco Council at Scoma's Restaurant, Fisherman's Wharf, www.scomas.com.
      By we I mean the first members to make reservations, $35 per person, with Angus Blackwood, San Francisco Council President, Angus at ourwhitespace dot com. Angus indicates reservations will be in chronological priority of those who E-mail in reservation requests. He may require advance payment - let's see what he composes for the luncheon flyer. Go ahead and make your reservation now and beat the crowd.
      Possibly Phil and Linda can schedule something else on the 11th as well. I would like to show them the O'BRIEN and POTOMAC. I'll keep you posted.
      Being a member of the Navy League is exciting!
      Heave Ho,

      1800, Tuesday, August 14 ~ Vin d'Elegance San Francisco Fleetweek Fundraiser, Academy of Art University Classic Car Museum, 1849 Washington Street (at Van Ness), San Francisco. $100. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PMMC-NLUS/message/1232
      1800, Wednesday, August 15 ~ Pier 70 San Francisco Development Briefing with the Bethlehem Shipyard folks. Free. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PMMC-NLUS/message/1228 
      1130, Friday, August 24 ~ Pacific Central Region USCG District 11 Luncheon and Awards Presentation, Point Welcome Room, Coast Guard Island. $12.50. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PMMC-NLUS/message/1233
      1700, Friday, August 24 ~ Pacific Central Region Welcome Aboard Evening, Mexican Buffet, The Warehouse Bar and Grill, 4th and Webster, Oakland. $5.  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PMMC-NLUS/message/1233
      0800, Saturday, August 25 ~ Pacific Central Region Continental Breakfast, Meeting and Luncheon, Alameda Elks Lodge, 2255 Santa Clara Street. $27. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PMMC-NLUS/message/1233
      0800, Monday August 27 ~ Oakland and Alameda Council Navy League Golf Tournament, Alameda, $95. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PMMC-NLUS/message/1221
      1630 Tuesday, September 4 ~ Pacific Central Region Inter-Council Fleet Suport Team Meeting, Sinbad's Restaurant, 141 Embarcadero, San Francisco. Free. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PMMC-NLUS/message/1229
      1130 Tuesday, September 11, Pacific Merchant Marine and San Francisco Councils Luncheon with NLUS President Phil Dunmire and his wife Linda, Scoma's Restaurant, Fishereman's Wharf. $35 http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PMMC-NLUS/message/1234
      1130 Monday, September 17, Pacific Merchant Marine Council Luncheon, SS JEREMIAH O'BRIEN, Pier 54, San Francisco

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      Subject: [PCR-NLUS] Navy League August 2012 National President's Message

      Navy League National President's Message, August 2012


      Significant progress has been made in accomplishing one of our prime objectives.  The subject of stopping sequestration is currently in the national debate.  Thanks to the efforts of many Navy Leaguers, editorials have appeared in major newspapers and Members of Congress have gotten in on the discussion.   However, Congress has now adjourned for a month and still hasn’t taken action.  You will see them in their home districts and this will be one of your most important opportunities to convince them of the need to take action when they return to Washington for the short period before the election.

      Recently, I was interviewed by Frank Gaffney for the second time on the nationally syndicated Secure Freedom Radio.  You can access both interviews through the Navy League web site.  Among other things, I stressed that having a strong defense doesn’t favor one segment of society over another and that Navy League is a non-partisan organization dedicated on getting this message out.  Also on the web site, is my Op-ed  in the Washington Times headlined “Sequestration set to damage defense as no enemy could.”

      In the past month we have hosted both a Shipbuilding Caucus breakfast and Navy-Marine Corps Caucus breakfast.  Senior members of both parties as well as senior leaders from the services were in attendance and later provided statements that were covered  in the media.    

      Budget season for national headquarters is approaching.  As in other years, a fresh look will be taken at the way in which Navy League resources will be applied to execute our mission.  In April, Sea-Air-Space, which is one of the largest sources of revenue for Navy League, achieved  successes on many fronts.  With 142 Admirals and General officers in attendance, along with triple the number of senior executive service civilians, they participated in 45 panels, forums, and speaker sessions.  This was a significant increase over prior years.  At the same time, the revenue remained about the same as the prior year, while facing tough headwinds and high seas battling sequestration. Management of this important event throughout the year is a high priority.

      The headquarters staff continues to work diligently to support the members and the mission of Navy League.  They worked with the Honolulu leadership and council to execute the national convention and are now focused on continuing priorities.  Please take note of the profiles of many of our staff when you see  “Reef Points” from the Executive Director.

      As many of you may know, Past President Dan Branch has been dealing with a serious medical issue this summer.  Fortunately, he is receiving the best possible treatment at MD Anderson Center in Houston and my understanding is that his prognosis is good.

      Former CNO and Navy League member, Admiral James Watkins, passed away on 26 July.  Al Herberger and I were among the many in attendance at his funeral.   

      On 23 August, many of us will be at the interment at Arlington National Cemetery of former National Vice President, VADM(ret) Joseph S Donnell, III. 

      Our sympathy goes out to the families and friends of these two distinguished Americans.

      It is not too early for you to make plans to attend the national meetings in Arlington to be held from October 17 to 21.  Registration information is on the national web site.

      Finally, I want to say that interfacing with the individual members and councils of Navy League continues to be one of my highest priorities.  I truly do enjoy getting to know you and how you contribute to Navy League as we continue to execute our mission and support the men and women of our sea services. 

      Enjoy the rest of your summer.  Thank you for all that you do in support of our Sea Services!

      Phil Dunmire

      Navy League National President

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